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  1. One day, maybe before I turn 40 or so, I might just make the 1000 posts mark.
  2. Quake 3 is still my favourite death match game. And I still find the graphics appealing. Doom 3 had wonderful atmosphere, but I admit the gameplay just needed to be tweaked abit more. I felt it should have been more like Quake 4, which I thought was an absolute blast, a pleasure to play.
  3. Ballistics - and it's pretty damn fast once you hold down the boost button. Goes as fast as what your computer can handle. Also Company of Heroes and American McGee's Alice, the latter of which is delightfully twisted.
  4. I used to love Yeager Bombs, but that phase has passed now. I think I have built an intolerance to red Bull, because it doesn't give me a buzz anymore.
  5. I love tatts on girls, I think it makes them look edgy and raw. Too many is abit too much, though.
  6. I don't use favourites anymore, because I found I used to favourite sites and then never access them again. And it made my web browser look cluttered. So I just remember the names of my favourite sites and punch them into the address bar.
  7. Nah...especially when you are sleeping next to someone else
  8. 7-8 hours a night, with no naps during the day. I love sleeping in on weekends. I love sleep.
  9. I like the GTA games, so I will be looking forward to this PC release. Although I must admit, when I saw GTA4 on the PS3 it didn't look that much different to GTA3, apart from some updated graphics.
  10. Seconded. I woke up to the news, being in a different time zone to you guys. Mum came into my room. Her english isn't the best, so she tried to say what was happening in her own way, and really, it was closer then she thought. Her words were, "America is being set on fire." Creepy, aye?
  11. Very nice...it reminds me of Samurai Shodown, for some reason. I want a tatt on my arm, but I can never decide on the design.
  12. Hell Boy II - decent movie, but the story isn't special. The quirky characters are well designed and executed, though.
  13. I finished Vampire - The Masquerade: Bloodlines with a Toreador. It was fun chatting people up and manipulating them, as was the Celerity ability. The first three locations have some interesting and fun levels (not to mention characters), but the game slips abit when it reaches Chinatown. However, the game's multiple endings make up for it. The stealth skill can be seriously abused. If you fill even half of that skill, you can crouch right in front of enemies, and they won't see you. I posted before that I thought this game was flawed but also brilliant, and I still feel that way. I want to complete it again as a Malkavian, because they are mad and have cool dialogue options.
  14. Phone + broadband deals are always full of catches. There is no such thing as a free lunch, especially in this industry. It's very nasty, but it's business, I suppose.
  15. Dammit, really? I love Suicide Girls! I will have to tread very carefully.
  16. Come on, d00d! There are so many fantastic FPS out there! I can't remember how many I've finished as it's my favourite genre, but some of my favourites are: NEWER - SORT OF Painkiller Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher's Bay Thief 3: Deadly Shadows Far Cry Condemned: Criminal Origins FEAR Halo 2 (if you have a PC) or Halo 3 (if you have a Microsoft box) Haven't played Crysis or Bioshock yet, but by all accounts they sound good. So do the Rainbow Six: Vegas games. OLDER Sin Thief 2: The Metal Age Deus Ex Duke Nukem 3d Chasm: The Rift Blood Requiem: Avenging Angel System Shock 2 Soldier of Fortune Halo There are heaps more, but my memory is shithouse.
  17. Wishing you, your family and friends all the best through this, K Man.
  18. Have you tried Dawn of War? I suck at most RTS games, but I'm enjoying (and becoming quite successful) at this one because it's more about battle tactics then resource management (the latter which I always find a pain in the behind). You always feel like you have a chance at winning, even when you are on the backfoot, and because your units are grouped into squads and you can reinforce them quickly and easily when you loose a squad member, you never get wiped out without a fight, even when the odds are against you. Oh, and it's incredibly violent, too!
  19. I am going though Half Life 2 again, and finding that, while the game is good, it is not the best game the world has ever seen as many would have you believe. The gameplay is abit repetitive, the music is atrocious and the enemy AI is non existent. I'm also starting Heavy Metal FAKK 2.
  20. I would love 250 gigs to play with, although I have 12 gigs per month and that's usually enough.
  21. I don't think it is a clunky fighting engine, just a different fighting engine to all other fighting games.
  22. 1. I never knew Kano was an Aussie. 2. Princess Kitana looks awesome. 3. The Joker looks awesome, and his gait and moves depict his deranged mind perfectly. 4. I'm actually becoming very excited about this game's release!
  23. The gameplay looks alright to me, and I like how the graphics are gritty rather then comic-book. Although it's weird seeing Batman die.
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