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  1. I thought Dead Space was one of the best horror games I have ever played. It really made me feel on edge, and alone in the depths of space. Masterful stuff!
  2. Ice Man, Hero quest was an awesome board game. I used to love playing as the wizard. I enjoyed playing the imitation Hero Quest board game called Dark World as well. Sometimes, when I used to play Hero Quest with my friends, I would play as a Chaos Warrior - a bad guy you weren't supposed to play with, an NPC of sorts. But I'd make up some stats and strengths and weaknesses for him, and off I'd go. We bought all the expansion packs for the game as well. I purchased Space Crusade a few years later. It was good, but not as good as Hero Quest, IMO, because it focussed just on the action and didn't have the exploratory "seek and discover" element that Hero Quest had. No searching through drawers and no looting of crypts in Space Crusade - just shooting. Still, Space Crusade was a decent board game, if anything just for the cool looking miniatures. The Dreadnaught looked awesome!
  3. Headache, Trouble, Inspector Gadget, Alf, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Hero Quest, Dark World and Space Crusade were my favourites.
  4. Apart from the chick in the second last one, I whole-heartedly agree. It's like Tekken has gone down some Final Fantasy/anime path!
  5. Bioshock. It's a work of art. Still playing FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage, which is fast becoming my favourite racing game ever. Hillbilly racing + destructible everything just roolz.
  6. Serious? I find the NES Megamans frustratingly difficult.
  7. In my experience, girls rarely make the first call. The guys have to do that. We have to initiate almost everything. And if a girl was making it "difficult" for me, I'd just move on. Why waste your time with a headf**ker for?
  8. I'm pro life. Abortion is murder, no matter which way you look at it. Once a human being is brought into life (which happens at conception, IMO) it is NOT a choice. No way. Human life is sacred. This view doesn't stem from my Catholic beliefs; rather, just from common sense. I can see your point about treating rape victims differently, but I still think abortion should only be allowed for said victims, or if the mother is at serious risk due to the pregnancy. Those are the only factors that sway me in this argument.
  9. Given up on Assassin's Creed because I find it boring. Close to giving up on Red Alert 3 because it is too cute and campy for my liking. I'm having lots and lots of fun with FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage.
  10. I'm currently playing through the first one, and it is not grabbing me at all. And I think the sci-fi/medieval storyline isn't very good.
  11. I'm up to the second memory on Assassin's Creed, and I'm already bored.
  12. House NCIS Dr Who Iron Chef South Park Drawn Together Stripperella Law & Order: SVU
  13. AHAHAHA! You could put your lunch in the tupperware one and take it to work!
  14. Hey, nice work, I hate jogging at night. It's kinda scary.
  15. So am I. I really dig the KoF games, even if I'm no good at them.
  16. There are plenty of keyboard warriors to be found in forums. Don't take the internet so seriously.
  17. I haven't used Linux. But I must say, I like Vista. Not only is it pretty, but it is just so easy to use. And most of my old apps and stuff run on it, too.
  18. I thought it was a decent film...not sure what else to say. I haven't read the comic.
  19. Seconded! We need more sunlight in each day.
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