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  1. I thought I saw Tekken 6 in the arcade! I must have just walked by and dismissed it.
  2. I'm not a big fan of gimmicky additional features coming with so-called "collector's edition" releases of games or films. I would just buy the game for the game. As in, buy the normal version.
  3. It looks exactly like Tekken 5, IMO.
  4. Just finished Crysis, now moving on to Dead Space and abit of FlatOut - Ultimate Carnage on the side.
  5. It looks too Nosferatu for me. If it is the real deal.
  6. You don't have to be an alpha male arsehole to attract women. Just get out there, and give it a go. Keep trying. I have never been to see a working girl before, but I see nothing wrong with it. People can spend their money however they want. I wouldn't go to one to graduate from the V plates, however.
  7. I usually go all the way through a game, trying to explore and complete all side quests. This is the case even if I don't really like the game. Once I start, I have to finish it to see how it ends. Oh, and I don't play more then one game at a time. Forces me to complete one game before moving on to the next. That way, I don't get confused between different sets of controls.
  8. I disagree. I think there is a secret to super christian girls... ...in that, on the inside, they are the most dirty of them all! Seriously! It must have something to do with growing up repressing their sexuality or something. Many of today's porn stars were brought up in Christian/Catholic families, too! You just need to know how to unlock them. Which requires trial and error. *sigh* But maybe the religious girls in my end of the woods are different to the ones you yankees have.
  9. Why not have a babes section? Swimsuit stuff only, of course. But I'm sure people posting pics of models and other girls will attract site traffic.
  10. Just talk to women like they are your mates. That's it, really. Don't be too harsh on yourself for feeling nervous around women - 95% of males are like that. Just be yourself, go with the flow, and if you get knocked back, don't take it personally.
  11. I had a good year. Got a promotion, which meant more money, and I have also taken on the responsibilities of my new role well. I have always wanted to write a book, and this year, I decided to take it seriously. And so, I replaced patchy sessions of on again, off again writing with consistent periods. I write almost every day now, and I have also had a few articles published this year. At the start of the year, I became abit distressed because my head hurt so much when I tried to read, and it was taking away one of my passions - books, especially fiction. Again, I pulled my finger out, and went to a bunch of optometrists. The third one told me that I didn't need to buy expensive glasses - I just needed to do some eye exercises for 1/2 an hour every day. I can now read again. I have read more books this year then in the past 5 years. The train ride to and from work has now become enjoyable (I used to loathe it) because I am lost in a book. I also do other exercise everyday - jogging, weights and situps. I travelled to Malta, Vienna, Prague and New York. All beautiful places. I also got some female action in my personal life, and for that I am happy. Right now, I am looking to buy my own house. Life is okay. We all grow slowly, in stages, if we allow ourselves to grow.
  12. GTA4 just felt too "more of the same" to me. But I haven't played the game very much.
  13. I have always wished I could get into that game. I loved BG1. But after finishing, and immensely enjoying, the complexity of Planescape:Torment, BGII just felt so simple and dumbed down to me. And the improvements from BG1 to BGII didn't seem to amount to much more then a facelift and some levelling tweaking. I will try again to get into it - again - one day.
  14. I'll keep you in my prayers d00d. I hope everything turns out okay.
  15. Agozer is one of the foundations of this place. 1Emu wouldn't be 1Emu without him.
  16. You guys go through games like it is going out of fashion! Wow!
  17. I just finished the assault the harbour level in Crysis, and I was giggling like a girl afterwards, as it left me feeling like a combination of John Rambo, Arnie and Steven Seagal. I thought it couldn't get better...and then I got planted into the tank battle level! Hoooleee doooleee what a level! Pure arcade bliss. People should play this game just for this stage.
  18. It's tragic that this happened... ...but what's even more tragic is the mob of losers that stormed the place in their voracious hunt for so-called "bargains." GET A LIFE.
  19. You might be taking internet forums too seriously.
  20. Well, she's never going to post again here after she reads this thread.
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