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  1. Oh man... just wow. What would it take for video game console hardware companies to actually recruit people that truly like games and know what they're talking about?
  2. Everybody knows that GameCop hails from Easter Island. Finicky Interwebs and all. ALSO: Tiki Heads
  3. From what I've read, he was extremely demanding of design staff and such, and a pure perfectionist. Still, his status as Apple's "savior" and arguaby being one of the best CEOs of all time is nothing to scoff at.
  4. From what I've heard and read, the new NHL12 and FIFA12 are really good. I'm certainly not a sports fan, but any developer that gets their game "right" earns my respect.
  5. IIRC, many Seibu Kaihatsu games have been quite difficult to get emulated properly.
  6. In somewhat related news, Bloody Roar 5 is in development. EDIT: And now it's been confirmed to have been a joke, courtesy of Hudson's Twitter page. So much for that, then. :/
  7. Yeah, I felt that Chains of Olympus was just fine in length, although I understand the complaints about it as well. I was a few minutes shy of 6 hours at the final save point.
  8. Thanks. Will give it a try. @L.S.D.: Where exacly does Chains of Olympus fit in GoW canon? It's fairly obvious that Ghost of Sparta happens between GoW1 and GoW2, but Chains of Olympus seems like it's a prequel of sorts to GoW1 -- yet there are some hints that set the game after the events of of the first game. Or then I'm just overanalyzing it. P.S. Persephone is a bitch. Cool battle, though.
  9. I'm stuck in one of the sections where Garcia 'Fucking' Hotspur's "girlfiend" chases him and tries to kill him by kissing. I'm just not fast enough, and she seems to on your ass in a second if you stop running.
  10. Definitely a new Rival Schools game. Want it.
  11. Been playing God of War: Chains of Olympus in HD. It's God of War, so I'm liking it.
  12. I was at an electronics store downtown buying a new Microsoft Sidewinder gamepad when every TV in the store started airing the news that a plane had hit one of the WTC towers.
  13. Are you trying to load the disc image directly? If so, don't do that -- Megaman Legends 2 hates that for some reason. Get some virtual drive software (like Daemon Tools) and mount the image. Then boot it like you would boot from a physical disc.
  14. Trinity Universe + Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition. Good times. Waiting for Sly Trilogy to arrive in the mail.
  15. lol Atari Lynx. Eats batteries like popcorn. Welcome.
  16. Said lame ass had spamlinks in thai and shit. No posting privileges for him/her.
  17. Ias a non-native english speaker, it puzzles me where the word "cumming" originates from. Is it just a weird bastardization of "coming", or do the two words have deeper origins?
  18. Read the pinned topic at the top of this forum. Also, if you are not using VBA-M, use it.
  19. I haven't been reading the news lately, been on vacation. What happened exactly?
  20. I'm almost afraid to ask where you found these. Thanks, though.
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