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  1. Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Castlevania: Lords of Shadow.
  2. Happy New Year to everybpdy here.
  3. The big question is however, why would you want ot bother with something like Final Fight Revenge? You'll sleep better if you don't.
  4. Can I ask, what do you mean by "porn issues"?
  5. Probably the Internet, and everything it embodies and offers. It's become so integrated with my life that I would be a sobbing wreck if I didn't have an Internet connection. I can still handle myself socially, mind you, so I'm not exactly a complete shut-in.
  6. Many games by IGS are not properly emulated or are missing properly dumped ROMs. Blame IGS for making their PolyGameMaster hardware such a bitch to emulate. As far as (at least) Crystal Kings goes, you should seek CrystalEmu, which is spefically designed to play said games. Furthermore, Final Fight Revenge is an ST-V game, so you need the ST-V BIOS for it. Besides, you'll probably have better luck emulation the Saturn console version of it than the Arcade one -- last time I checked, MAME's ST-V emulation is *fairly* decent (read: not perfect by any means) but slow.
  7. Ain't this talk more in line with Gossip Café? Anyway, I got (some of these a few days before Christmas actually): * A pajama made by my aunt * Chocolate and assorted candy * A bottle of deodorant (boy, do I need one) * A Christmas-themed Garfield mini album (seen all the strips years ago :/ ) * Deus Ex: Human Revolution & Killzone 3 Yeah, Merry Christmas to all. Stay frosty, and don't go beating up your spouse while high on paint thinner or anything idiotic like that.
  8. Mr. G, I've found your lack of presence disturbing.
  9. You silly Americans and your game of musical chairs dubbed "Presidential Debates".
  10. Short answer: you can't do that.
  11. I'm quite fond of my current Windows 7 laptop. A muxch needed thep up from XP and definitely Vista. LibreOffice is a very good alternative to Microsoft Office for one, and Paint.NET does a good job as an image manipulation program. As far as MS Security Essentials goes, I'm very pleased with it, and serves my needs just fine. I haven't used Adobe Reaser in ages, switched to Foxit. The only thing my Windows 7 updates daily are the Virus Definition Updates. Windows Update is mostly automated anyway and doesn't really bother my daily activities even if it does something in the background. Of
  12. Big yes for The Manly Corner *only in it for the hot women* /footnote
  13. For me, Firefox 8.0 is a lot faster and more stable than the previous versions. AFAIK, Chrome does not work on Windows 2000, only Windows XP SP2 and above.
  14. The most popular Firefox plugin has been ported to Chrome. I tried Chrome once on my old computer, but there was some weird error, so I sort of gave up on it. I've been using Firefox for so long that I've haven't even seriously considered switching browsers. No doubt Chrome is great and speedy, but I'm simply a Firefox person.
  15. Not an educated guess by any means, but the rendering/layout engine used by the browser affects the overall performance. Firefox uses Gecko and Chrome WebKit (IIRC). Gecko seems to be more robust in design, while WebKit is very lightweight
  16. I like this dark theme, although I hate what it has done to my picture. Also
  17. Truth be told, I don't think there is any. The MacOSX build is nearly three years old, and AFAIK, was more of a curio (it was made just because) -- That said, I really can't say what features the MacOSX build has and hasn't got, since the main focus has been on the Windows build (and to a degree, *Nix). You should try to get a hold of Squall Leonhart over at EmuTalk, seeing how he's the one maintaing the "official" VBA-M site and ask him about it directly.
  18. It's compressed with 7-Zip (.7z). This is mainly a Windows VBA build, so I really wouldn't recommend using a Mac to run it.
  19. Well, here one fairly recent SVN version. http://www.emucr.com/2011/06/visualboyadva...-svn-r1025.html
  20. I dont think you quite understand, that is the one I have. It still doesnt save and I do not have the option to choose "emulator" in the options tab. Then you should have been more specific in your post. You only said "VisualBoy Advance". That could many any of the many VBA builds, not just VBA-M. Anyway. Judging by what you've just said, either you have some very early verson of VBA-M, or you don't actually have VBA-M at all, because I just check mine and the savetype can be easily changed in the menu under Options --> Emulator --> Save Type. And the menu arrangeement hasn't chan
  21. Read post #175 and don't do any unchecking/checking different options unless the problem persists in VBA-M as well.
  22. Well ain't this a perfect time for a cerebral celebration.
  23. Finished Uncharted 3. Fun ride. Not quite as excellent as Uncharted 2, but still great. Also, slowly going through Batman: Arkham City.
  24. I've been reading and hearing aquallly good things about Sonic Generations. As for a playthrough taking three hours, that's fine by me. Are you a good player who just sped through the stages or did you take your sweet time?
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