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  1. Configure Demul to use the gdrImage plugin as the active GD-ROM plugin, and boot your disc image with that in Demul. It's not rocket science, so look around the program's menus a bit and you'll figure it out.
  2. Pretty much, but my job doesn't stress me that much (unless a erally difficult customer comes a long and fucks up my day).
  3. I liked FEAR 2, so I guess I'll like the third as well, although when FEAR 2 came out, people said that it wasn't that scary anymore and the horror aspects took a backseat for the basic action. I suppose this is the case FEAR 3 as well.
  4. Are you sure that the disc image you have is selfboot? have you tried to boot the game in Demul, for example?
  5. Damn shame that emulation isn't as burning of a topic as it was the time I joined. I still fiddle with emulation (and still have all my games for the systems close my heart), but sites like this one have slowed down considerably or shut down. Still, there's a lot of good info to be found in a site like this, so newbies still find help. The main problems facing this site in particular are the dwindling of the emulation scene in general (although sites like Romhacking.net and various high-profile ROM sites try to prove otherwise), and this site being in a constant limbo of supposed restructuring for the past three years. There's been some uproar about Model3 emulation and the strides that Demul is making, but other than that, nothing has managed to make as big of a splash as Neo-Geo, Dreamcast, and CPS-2/3 emulation in the years past. As for making topics of widespread interest that would encourage people to take part in a good conversation once in a while, I suck at it. Well, this topic is going strong, so far anyway. I don't plan on ditching this place until GC decides to close this place down for good. The Internet Archive will most likely handle the rest.
  6. You really should use old VBA builds anymore - use VBA-M. Did you read the first couple of posts in this thread?
  7. I'm waiting in anticipation. I hope that the soundtrack will be as good as Sigma 2.
  8. BioShock 2 is great. Minerva's Den makes it even better. I've never understood the hate the game got from certain gamers. I usually don't care about the multiplayer in FPS games at all (a game having mandatory multiplayer Trophies/Achievements makes me furious + I don't really like FPS multiplayer in general), but BioShock 2's multiplayer is one rare exception. I really like it.
  9. Google and download VBA-M, which is far better than the old builds of VisualBoyAdvance. After this, make sure that the folder VBA uses to to store savestes and battery saves isn't read-only.
  10. I have to admit that I've heard very little bout KOF XIII. KOF XII didn't fare well, IIRC.
  11. I'm working on a few reviews. Other than that, I suck at striking a flowing conversation.
  12. I think it looks rather stunning, and the gameplay seems good enough. You are looking at the game game from behind NG2-tinted glasses, no doubt. And that's fine at this point. If you ask me, NG3 shouldn't have exactly the game gameplay elements as NG2 did, even though those elements worked really well for NG2. Besides, if this is the first stage of the game, and a tutorial no less, then I see no problem with mechanical enemies and soldiers. I really don't think the developers will ditch ninjas and demons, they have always been at the core of Ninja Gaiden since the beginning. As far as Obliterations go (or the lack of them), you need to remember that even in NG(S)2, Obliteration Techniques were also actually QTEs, you just didn't see the button prompt on-screen. Who knows, maybe dismemberments are something that are introduced later in the game. Even if there won't be any true dismemberments, there's enough blood in this demo and good camera angles to make up for that, at least in my mind. Then again, what we may see here is a sort of censorship that was present in the Japanese version of NG(S)2, in which you can't dismember human enemies at all, only the demons. I've never had any problems with QTEs, unless they appear at the frequency of Ninja Blade.I have no problem with tiny stealth sections sprinkled here and there, provided that the enemies don't have superhuman hearing and that the devs don't build entire levels just for stealth. After all, Ninja Gaidens have always been about "in your face" fast and brutal killing of multiple enemies. As for the lower difficulty, the developers started very early on, that NG3 would be more accessible to new players, which usually means lowered difficulty. They also went on saying that despite this, NG3 would feature difficulty levels on par with the prior NG games.
  13. Yes, it's been "a while". Dare I even ask what you've been doing all this time?
  14. You should definitely try it, but my uneducated guess is that you can't.
  15. Just got myself a Platinum Trophy in Heavy Rain. Excelent game all around, save for one glaring plot hole that I found.
  16. -Demul and Dreamcast emulation (thanks to Demul's development) are going strong. Model3 emulation looms in the horizon. -AFAIK, Dolphin has SVN updates every now and then. Of course, partial Wii support is given considering the amount of work gone into Dolphin's development -PCSX2 is still going. 0.9.8. Beta is the latest (March 2011) -Not by a long shot. Besides, some of the arcade hardware out there is brand new. As for the old ones, there are still a bunch of obscure hardware and protection schemes that haven't been emulated due to lack of even the basic documentation. -I don't think there's a clear "top" when it comes to emulation sites. I haven't been checking if there are new ones, since I tend to use the age old trusted ones.
  17. Definitely Assassin's Creed II. Haven't played Brotherhood or the or the first, but from what I've heard, there are a host of design choices in the first game that make it more or less unbearable at times.
  18. I believe I did. But did you listen/read? No. Mass Effect 2 is great. Mining planets for resources, not so much. Well, it becomes less mandatory once you've accumulated an assload of resources. Except Element Zero, which is rare and needed for most of the cool stuff you can research. P.S. I think you're confusing character levels and ability levels. Besides, after a while, you can switch certain abilities.
  19. I'm mad bro, because you're playing the game already and I'm not. He's always playing games before anyone else, because he's a pirate. Same with Inky. Arrrrr mateys.
  20. Street Fighter III: Third Strike running on CPS-3 hardware -- MAME, FBA/Shuffle, CPS3Emulator, etc. run CPS-3 games just fine. I really can't recommend games unless you give me a system and/or a genre to work with. You're thinking of Golden Axe, and its sequels and spin-offs.
  21. Well, the Neo-Geo uses only 4 buttons to begin with, but at least FBA Shuffle let's you bind controller buttons to Neo-Geo buttons combinations, such as A+B, B+C+D, etc. If FBA Shuffle hasn't changed the way inputs are handled or the menus, the original FBA should have all buttons assignments under "Map Game Inputs...".
  22. I'm using the latest non-test build, 110106 IIRC (my virus scanner reported trojans in the test build's libs -- very likely a false positive, but still). Anyway, I use HQ2x or Super 2xSaI, with 1280x1024 fullscreen.
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