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  1. Read the pinned topic at the top of this forum. Also, if you are not using VBA-M, use it.
  2. I haven't been reading the news lately, been on vacation. What happened exactly?
  3. I'm almost afraid to ask where you found these. Thanks, though.
  4. You know, do you really have to use NeoRAGEx in this day and age? It's much less of a hassle to get a Neo-Geo emulator that supports official sets. p.s. Why the bump from seven years ago?
  5. IIRC, Excite Bike 64 isn't very well emulated, no matter what you try. It's not a total loss, but I think youäll have a lot more fun with the original Excite Bike on the NES.
  6. Not even close. Project64 1.7 is more or less in perpetual beta and even that doesn't emulate all the games, with or without bugs. Same with all the other N64 emulators. Well, with Project64 1.6 and Glide64, most games are working just fine.
  7. Define "got there in the end". Moost people say that control-wise, the best is still an N64 pad and an adapter, but personally, I do just fine with a PS2/3-style pad.
  8. You can set the difficulty, the number of lives, blood, etc. from the game's Test Menu in Arcade Mode as well.
  9. You can select the difficult from the game's Test Menu in Arcade Mode as well.
  10. Well, Most fighting games have a Training Mode when run in Console Mode, at least. Other than that, Arcade mode is always the way to go.
  11. Nothing really "happened" to it, which is why NeoRAGEx has pretty much faded into obscurity. Last official release was 12 years ago.
  12. Go have fun. Post if you have more questions.
  13. Like 2eyez hinted at, all Neo-Geo emulators can switch between the Neo-Geo Arcade and Neo-Geo Console, thanks to the hardware being identical. You can switch between Console and Arcade by simply enabling either one in any given emulator's menu, or if you have the Universe BIOS, through its options as well. Take note that playing certain games in Console Mode automatically censors certain aspects of the game, unless you use cheats (built in to the Universe BIOS usually) to enable things like fatalities and blood. Many games are affected by this, ranging from Metal Slug to Samurai Shodown. As far as emulators go, take your pick: MAME, Kawaks, FBA/FBA Shuffle, Nebula. I really wouldn't recommend NeoRAGEx in this day and age, because it uses non-standard sets and does not support encrypted sets (all post-1999 games starting with King of Fighters '99 and Garou: Mark of the Wolves). Like you are undoubtedly aware, it's hopelessly outdated nowadays and its unofficial hacks can't fix its most crippling flaws. I wouldn't recommend Nebula either, because it hasn't been updated in ages and doesn't support games like Samurai Shodown V Special, and has other issues with detecting even official sets. Also, most if not all emulators these days have the option to only show the games that you have, instead of all the games that the emulator supports. Personally, I use FBA Shuffle because certain aspects of other emulators just plain irk me. Your mileage may vary. P.S. Before you go "omg online play!11", AFAIK, said online play in Kawaks is through Kaillera. Said implementeation is poor, not to mention ancient, and only works properly for the select few, which has made me dub it "something Satan coded just for teh lulz". Someone correct me if I'm wrong, though. Few have dared.
  14. Trying to finish Ar Tonelico II so I can finish Ar Tonelico III. Also, Tomb Raider Trilogy.
  15. In somewhat related news Satoshi Koni's Paprika is on TV tonight.
  16. I have the weirdest boner right now.
  17. You should probably use the NoMMU version of the executable. The nullDC team doesn't even recommed using the MMU version, unless you run the emulated CPU in Interpreter mode (hint: no one hardly ever uses the Interpreter mode if they only care about playing games), or run games that make use and really need the Dreamcast's MMU emulated (hint: not that many). Also, you should probably use 1.0.4 instead of 1.0.3 or older.
  18. We don't delete accounts. If you don't want to post here anymore, just leave.
  19. Damn, that's nasty. Have you talked to him, or has the police prevented anyone from seeing him?
  20. No Love for BlazBlue: Continuum Shift?
  21. Most likely there's no way to fix it. "Not implemented" often means that the game tried to do something that the emulator cannot emulate because of missing emulation code.
  22. If Demul doesn't like the image either, there's a good chance that the disc image is not selfboot or it's corrupt. I wouldn't advise trying to turn non-selfboot images into selfboot ones -- way too much work, and somewhat difficult if you don't know what you're doing. Delete the game and try to find another disc image.
  23. Miskie and GameCop need to give their two cents, and miskie doesn't move unless GC greenlights stuff first.
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