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  1. Man, I wish I still had my Commodore 128. I Didn't own an Amiga 500, but my friend did. I was a bit jealous about this fact.
  2. Very rarely. I only ever use it if I need to download something that's only available on IRC.
  3. Yes, I still do. Not as frequently as I once did, but I still do.
  4. There's always resentment towards the EU in some circles, like the True Finns party that was all over the news some time ago. Generally speaking, the younger generation is more accepting towards the EU. The talk is not so much about EU these days, but rather should Finland join NATO. That's the true minefield right there. We're stll too wary of Russia. As far as the immigrant issue goes, I don't personally see it as a problem (yet), but certain areas of Helsinki have started to profile themselves as "immigrant areas". This I find very problematic, because it leads to true segregation within
  5. I'm not exactly backing any party, because it looks to me like the biggest parties just can't seem to agree on anything. If they do agree on something, they still can get a fight out of the small details. Well, financially, Finland is doing fairly well. We're just getting tired of having to bail out countries in southern Europe.
  6. /soretro oh good lord, I suddenly feel old.
  7. Because I'm still running Windows 2000 on 0.5GHz Celeron? Later versions of Firefox will install and run, but they are so bloated the entire machine almost freezes. Chrome won't install, although I've heard that it will work if you hack the installer. I have an old version of Opera installed, but it can't even display the Google logo properly. And, of course, the infamous IE6, which is much less supported than FF 3.6 is, and has major problems with many sites. Ok, fair enough. ... But why such an ancient piece of hardware?
  8. Why the hell would anyone use Firefox 3.6 nowadays?
  9. I have to agree. I can't put it in any other way than "It just sounds wrong". "Wrong" in what way, I can't really say.
  10. Finnish, some swedish, some japanese, very little german (poorly)
  11. Cloud storage for save games on the PS3 is one of the driving reasons for me to have a PlayStation Plus subscription every now and then. I can use it to back up copy protected saves, which is a more than welcome feature. This also saved me a lot of grief when my profile got corrupted. Other than this, I don't use any cloud services.
  12. Uh, Hi guys, I'm new here. Champion of the Internets by day, stiff sexy corpse by night.
  13. My last "Back in Action" was... erm, sort of a dud. More like a status update than an honest to god commitment to a cause. Too much shit to deal with, too many sites to visit, too unemployed to make an effort both in the former and in the latter. I'll do better, since I've been neglecting my duties here for far too long. For reals. I'm super cereal. Don't expect me to take part in that in that Forum Attack System, though. We don't get along anymore, him and I. In somewhat better news, I'm starting a new job this coming monday, although it's only for the next six months. Well, better to have
  14. Huh, leave it to Cinder to make my day better.
  15. Trying to finish the 2013 Tomb Raider as well as replaying BioShock 2 (god I love that game).
  16. Got my hands on the game some time a go and desperately trying to make progress in it. The first boss was... a wake-up call to say the least. The game has since nailed my balls to the wall several times since. The most frustrating thing has to be that you're never quite sure if you've accidentally traveled to a place where the opposition mercilessly wipes the floor with you from the get-go (as in, 1 or 2-hit KO). I don't even want to get started on enemies that use status effects which you aren't equipped to deal with.
  17. In the case of Street Fighter Alpha 2, the issue was with a very specific graphics compression/handling used by the game, via a custom chip in the cart. Naturally, Dump units had no support for these special chips. It's the same deal with Star Ocean and a few other titles, like Far Eden of the East.
  18. Agozer

    Back in action

    I'm back. Well, I never really left for good, just lurked around. Might as well start writing something in this blog after.... like what? Seven years? My site is down for the count since I changed ISPs. If there's someone who can lend me ~300+ MB of hosting space for free, then this issue is mostly solved. ... Aah, this blog bogart's my style, so I'll stop writing.
  19. I'm pretty excited about this. I've laways like samurais.
  20. Anyone here have any idea on how to work with a print server (adding a printer with correct settings, mostly) under Windows 7? I have this ZyXel VDSL wireless router with printer server functionality, and an old HP LaserJet 1080 printer with USB connectivity. I usually use the printer by just connecting it directly to my laptop, but I've run into a, let's say, logistics problem, so accessing the printer wirelessly using the aforementioned print server would be so sweet. But alas, no matter how much a scourge the Internet, no amount of tutorials have helped me so far. So any help from you g
  21. Probably should write down some game reviews again for old times' sake.
  22. Congratulations. I've never been even slightly overweight (quite the opposite actually), so I can't begin to fathom the difficulty of losing weight.
  23. I come back and what the hell is this? Erm... I like... it?
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