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  1. What, ligers are not an original breed! that doesn't count, tigers rule, they can swin, and can hunt alone!! unlike lions Tigers all the way, besides my high school animal is a Tiger.
  2. dammit i want a better avatar, one where terry bogard throws his hat
  3. Umm, where exactly are the reviews, link please.
  4. I'm Rick James biatch, Charlie Murphy (Darkness) HA HA HA!
  5. Dammint man, I downloaded all my working roms from that site, i was downloading some cheat dats as i was reading this story, that is really messed up, after this site his was my favorite. Bastard he had no reason to do that his would of caught on just because he hosts all those roms. Now i'm worried i had signed up at his site to download games and his kawaks loader, Man he has my info. what should i do???
  6. I live in Texas and I like it here. Also I like the nickname Tex, therefore I named myself Texas.
  7. hey i tried making teh dat file for the kof2003b that i downloaded it has only 6 c roms and 5and6 are the same and some of the crcs are different then yours, it is the one that is for kawaks 148 dev
  8. what i do react like the move did not come off then i get mad and say i was blocking then yell at the machine "hey i'm blocking you f'ing cheater", then i put on a mean face and act like i was screwed. but that rarely happens 'cuse i practice alot and i think i do very well, except when i play the bosses of kof, i can't win i put the dificulty at 8 so i get the best opposition but the bosses are just a buch of cheap bastards. its like let me keep you away and not let you get close if you land a hit on me i will pull a ridiculous amount of moves till you die, either of blocking or trying to counter, aaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. actually, its cause Columbus encountered "natives" which in spanish translates to "indijenas"(sp?) which sounds kinda like "indians" so..yeah, it was the fault of the british ppl for not understanding a word wait a minute i am sure cristopher columbus was italian shouldn't he speak italian or latin, and i would think that he would understand the language of his shipmates, i was thaught he believed they were indian, the indijenas part came later which is a coincidence to it sounding alike it even looks alike in english indigenous, right, so there i win!!!!
  10. i hate wrestling now i think it died down, i really used to like it though when kane still had his mask and triple h wasn't a prick, and the rock was there, and stone cold was the best, i stopped watching when triple h became a prick. now i watch football, and man does fotball rock!!! ps: the wrestlemania i remember was the one i houston, i went to the wwe access, some guy who was escorting a female wrestler brushed against me, and i wanted to kick his ass.
  11. drakengard for ps2 really curious if it is good
  12. sorry for posting the question here i did not read the part about news link and support only, whoops!!!
  13. I really don't know much, but what is an fba, and is there a way to make a loader for the kawaks 148 dev version, and what is the differece between the dev version and a normal version
  14. michael jackson - rock with you petey pablo - freak-a-leek lil flip - game over afi - death of seasons atreyu - lip gloss and black 50 cent- patiently waiting 311 - love song
  15. i like the changes the game seems faster that way, the only thing i don't like are the super desperation moves for the hero team, they need to follow a sequence like everyone else, not just abcd that stinks
  16. Congratulations, anonymous! Your IQ score is 136 This number is based on a scientific formula that compares how many questions you answered correctly on the Classic IQ Test relative to others. Your Intellectual Type is Visionary Philosopher. This means you are highly intelligent and have a powerful mix of skills and insight that can be applied in a variety of different ways. Like Plato, your exceptional math and verbal skills make you very adept at explaining things to others — and at anticipating and predicting patterns. And that's just some of what we know about you from your IQ results. Find out more in your personalized 15-page IQ Report. You'll discover: Your hidden intellectual strengths How your IQ compares to others Exercises to improve your IQ Complete answers to all the questions i say bull that he got 190 lets see the proof this is what is shown prove it i highly doubt it copy and paste it like i did then i will believe you.
  17. You guys need to learn to rock out hard like with korn (the best band ever)
  18. Me, well i be you guys can't guess where i'm from, he he Texas!!! Houston, Texas. And also mexican Texas rocks, go texans, astros, and rockets, i love sports the superbowl here rocked it was the best pdiddy was charging 175 dollars for his party and i said hell no, f new york houston rocks
  19. korn-alone i break, right now, counting on me, make me bad linkin park-with you, by myself ludacris-screwed up, splash waterfalls lil john & too short-shake that mokey swisha house-it ain't a game--(music from the dirty south) afi-silver and cold
  20. ken is definatly the only one you need, fast and deadly, guile is cooler than charlie but i hate the back to foward motion it takes too long to pull off, i like to charge my opponent not be on the deffensive which fighting with guile feels like
  21. Oh man, it is going to be so cool having the superbowl in my city, yes yes yes, i will go tailgating, hope the Texans will be good next year. My pick is the New England Patriots, i don't see why everyone thinks that the Panthers are reminisant of the 2001 Pats, the Panthers are a ball control running game team, not the same as the Pats who did not have a running game and still don't. Don't get me wrong I like the Panthers, but they lost to the Texans while the Patriots beat us, barely, (overtime). Anyways i am spiteful of Stephen Davis, he could of joined the Texans, the espn analyst thought he would be here. So Go Pats.
  22. i would go for the southern Texas accent, oh wait i got that. (not) actually i would go for the italian cuban accent like tony montana, ahem her womb is so polluted...
  23. I got dizzy when i played ff7 i think it was from staring at the screen for so long it was not a good feeling, but i love that game, it rocked. i want to see the advent children movie, has it come out yet?
  24. Oh yeah, you know Texas is a great state, it is the only state that can raise it's flag at the same height as the nation's flag, we texans love texas, and we beleive that space exploration is important, you know the universe is vast, do you people remember the bacteria found in the matian rocks that landed in antartica, i mean have you seen the special on tv over mars, it has river valleys, like i said it used to be like earth, it is an important part of our beign.
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