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  1. I'm not mad, i don't get mad i get even!! And yes I aslo think Minnesota will win it all. I don't wan't the spurs to win because they would have 3 championships and the rockets only have two, I want houston to be the best in Texas. Also i Hate the Quees as well. I call them Excrament-o queens!!!
  2. i love how you think you know what you are talking about, and that you are fine 'cuse you got three football teams in cali, guess what. They all stink ! And the Lakers are so over, if they make it to the finals, they will lose to the East, either to the Pistons or the Pacers, 'cuse neither of them have to play any tough teams! Your logic does not work since you are drunk and you rabble on about things you think you know, tell me can the lakers survive with that thin a$$ bench they have, no they lost Robert Horry, Horace Grant is injured, they won't wanna play Shaq all the time without size! O
  3. i played that game too, but i had sega , He's on fire!!
  4. This is how i feel!!! I have an identiy now!!!!! ForceX you are really great!!!!!!!!!
  5. so sorry ForceX, it works now thanks alot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel cool now!!!!!
  6. Whoa such anger!! Correction Steve Francis is not selfish infact he doesn't do well at all he barely scores, and Francis plays point kobe plays shooting! you bable on and get angry 'cuse you never responded to the point that the lakers are not going to win, and they are about to fall. I'm not a hick either, i live in Houston, heard of it, of course you have the fourth largest city in the United States, Nasa is here! You know i got under your skin and that automatically makes me the Winner. Aslo you are mad you did not get the football expansion team (Texans). And you wen't on to insultw, while
  7. But the link works i checked it the pic shows up!
  8. Umm, not to sound like a i'm wyning or anything but, the link work, but the pic does not show up! or maybe i just can't see it can you?
  9. you talk big BuRRdRinkA, (whatever that means), but i said i win first, Bill Plaschke even said the lakers have too many problems to win, they shoulda lost the pacific title, but instead they have to take on two texas tems and them minnesota or dallas or sacramento, and that is it they won't win!!! You just say what you think, but you have yet to back up your points!, you see I WIN!! (again) Shaq has kobe to help him, Olajuwon had no one and spanked Shaq, now the lakers try to cheat, and get Karl Malone and GP, and you asume they will win, i feal sorry for you. KM and GP are cursed like Barkle
  10. I hope you are not talking about me! I love sport and i watch espn all the time!! I watch around the horn, pti, and basketball games!!!! Kobe only comes on when he feals like it, did you forget the game at Sacramento!! Proves my point! Thats it, I win!!!!!
  11. ok! thanks i will send it now, give me an e-mail to tell me where to get it! thanks!!
  12. Yes, yes i have. He is unstable and a jerk, not a team player, maybe a rapist! and has not scored 64 points in a game, let alone lead his team to the title, he has Shaq to take off the pressuer and Hakeem, well that's just Houston bias!
  13. Yeah well drinking ashes of the dead is disgusting! It's not really vampires either, more like hauntings!
  14. got an e-mail i can send it too? i don't have Aim or msn, i only have Yahoo
  15. I've been to San Antonio and i don't like it, it's too small, and San Antonio is, I adnit it, boring to watch, and i hate Dallas now, Mark Cuban has made too many chages, he is ruining his team. Houston needs a bench, So i pick the Minnesota Timberwolves, all they got to do is have Michael Olowakandy step up! Ohh, and Kobe is number three to me, First comes Micheal Jordan, Hakeem Olajuwon, then Kobe and all he is doing now is slipping down, maybee Lebron James and Carmelo Anthony will catch him before their career is over.
  16. i Guess i will have to take you up on that, i found some pics and scale them down, but they get larger. Tell me where to go please.
  17. I have done so, it is 20kb exactly maybe i should just look for one that is small, that kramer is preatty large looking, i mean i should really turn down some of the resolution to get it in, it looks microscopic though, Arrg, oh well say tuned soon i will change it
  18. Foosball!!!!!!!!!!!, unrespectable, i would be impressed if you said football instead, foosball is not a sport!
  19. I want a good avatar to suit me but i'm having problems uploading it!, Arrg i want a state flag, or a Terry Bogard facing backward to show his jacket which has one star like the texas flag! The lone star state!
  20. Oh man these will be really great playoffs! i love all the matchups in the west! 1Minnesota 8Denver 4Sacramento 5Dallas 3San Antonio 6Memphis 2L.A. Lakers 7Houston I love Yao vs Shaq!!!, All 3 Texas teams are in the playoffs!! Every series is watchable, and Finally the Rockets make the playoffs! Go Rockets, i think they are going to surprise alot of people, they will come back next year as the favorites for the title, i guarantee it!
  21. I played both the gift system is a waste of time and the camera angles really piss me off especially when i try to level up and i want to gather souls but can't see beside me because of the camera angle and i get hit and it ruins me from attempting to get a good ending, WWWAARRRGGG! Anyways the games were cool, though i wish you had more moves and it was much faster the slow pace really becomes a bore at times.
  22. The writer must not of wanted to do this article because it sucked! It sucked so bad, i mean it was terrible, the thoughts weren't concise, there was no flow to the paper the interviewee did not tell us anything and the thoughts were scattered every where, just terrible, i can't believe the editor let him post such garbage!
  23. deuchebag! George is a deuchebag! he can't run the country and if his father is puppeteering him, then George Sr. is doing a terrible job. I mean George Sr. was a decent president. Too bad his son can't run the country at all. It's a shame he's from Texas, he couln't govern either!
  24. It was the scariest movie ever, i hate clowns so badly!
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