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  1. i need the movelist for power instict maitrimeele, and the cheat file for rage of the dragons, i know about neo-arcadia but the page with the cheat files doesn't load in my computer thanks, you know it would be great if anyone would just post what is in their dat file oh and about the movelist i know about gamefaqs but i can't find it there.
  2. in racing games i shift my weight according to the turn, sometimes i think my neck hurts if i don't do so, like if i'm fighting the physics
  3. Very simple, paste the information into notepad and type the extension.dat after the name
  4. i don't believe its fake i mean look at technology from plastic we can make computers, we can send information through waves, gives me the belief that mars is just the beginnig, actually my geology class told me that mars is was an earth like venus is becoming, mars is earth's future and venus is earth's past.
  5. i want the link too, is there no way to get ms5 to work with kawaks i don't really want to download the game again, please tell me what is in your asr file for kawaks about ms5 thanks
  6. yeah, i remember the other mars landing with the rover, it got stuck on a rock last i heard, so was it fake, i don't want to dicredit nasa since i live in houston and well everyone knows the nasa hedquarters are in houston
  7. does anybody know how to add support for roms, i know about downloading a loader but adding more files than that. i find different loaders load different games i wan't to download all the games i have, like i have kof2001 and it works for one verison kawaks loader but it does not for another, thanks. basically i want to add support for samsho5 which one loader has but the other doesn't and the one that has it can't play my kof2k1. thanks
  8. so please tell me what's in your dat files for kof2k1 and 2k2 so i can try to replace mine, that way i will know if my roms are the problem Thanks
  9. Me too I have the same problem i'm trying the bittorrent download maybe that works but it is too slow i wan't a link from a site hosting it
  10. i'm having some difficulties with kof 2k1 and 2k2, in 2k2 the sound does not play durring the begining movie, not a big deal really it just bothers me besides the sound works in everything else, but in 2k1 when playing in console mode this occurs, well i was gona put in a screen shot, but there is no option for attaching pictures, anyways in the option screen everything looks retarded the colors are off and when i enter into options i can't see anything, wait i just thought of something, is 2k1 cthd that some are talking about?
  11. where can i find ssv_cc1.rom, for samurai showdown v, cause mine is corrupt, and i don't want to download the whole zip file
  12. where can i fing a bootleg version of kawaks that will emulate kof2k2, or is there a way i can make my kawaks v 1.47b make it play the game, i have it working in mamelon, but it runs slow and i don't read japanese
  13. Does anyone know if there is another mugen out there like kof91 but better that will work with windos xp pro, when i start mugen it goes to full screen then the monitor just starts clicking and i get nothing, i tried changing the video under the config file, besides that i can't even access the main site for mugen to work aarrgg! i wan't to play mugen it would be so cool but it looks bleak.
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