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  1. What's wrong with the south??? Liberals and Conservatives are ideals that i don't care about, home is where you make it, Houston!!! Where in the south are you from??
  2. Rock- Afi, Linkin Park, Godsmack, System of a down, A perfect circle, and Korn. I love Rocking out!!! Rap - Swisha House(lil flip, chamillionaire, Paul Wall, Mike Jones), Ugk, Ludacris, Lil Jon. WHAT! WHAT!, OKAY! Music that gets you hipped up!! Alternative - Hoobastank, Evanessence, The Strokes, Chevelle, Smashing Pumpkins, alternative is more mellow, but still good. Oldies-Queen, Michael Jackson, The Cure. Old songs from these artits are still great today I know some are out of place but the main point is there!
  3. Uhm, Duck Tales, I think South Park is a Cartoon so i will say south park too. Futurama, Family Guy, Gundam Wing, Transformers, Voltron, Thunder Cats and TMNT.
  4. Dave Chapelle Larry David Conan O'Brien George Lopez The now deceased Chris Farley Adam Sandler Horatio Sanz Wil Ferrel
  5. I never watched friends, well a few episodes on the wb. but never thought it was really funny, and frasier is not funny in the least bit to me, GryphonKlaw, is probably gonna love me, the best sitcom was Seinfeld, Larry David is a Genius, well comic genius. oh and i also liked Married With Children, Al Bundy is the funniest!!
  6. boy do i hate william hung!! He was at the Rockets game that i went to(game 4 vs lakers) and after his half time performance the Rockets really played terrible. Besides he sings terribly. Oh well, im listening to Swisha House - Rainbow Colors!!! Swisha House is chopped and screwed music, lil flip is one of the artist on it.
  7. I agree with most posts, the control scheme is lousy, and i don't like eidos, they don't have good graphics, and the character models are really screwed up, i don't know the characters just feel distorted to me, and the environments and objects are out of porportion. at least it seems that way to me.
  8. ????????????????????? huh? cookies and milk with cream filled donuts??? Oh, well i got rid of that emulator so long ago and i remembered it as znes so i recalled it wrong. My bad!
  9. I think i should get some analog functions as well since i'm very used to the d-pad on fighting games, i mean i wen't to an arcade and i thought i would dominate, by how much i play on the emulator, but found out that it was very difficult to pull off the moves on a joystick, i was embarrased, well i didn't suck too bad but from what i'm used to, i think i sucked alot.
  10. Please, at least get the emulator name correct. okay??, then whats the name of the emulator???, I was preatty sure it was Znes i think. Oh and the duh, wasn't supposed to be insultary.
  11. The snow location in the Kill Bill Vol.1 movie, where Lucy Lu got het scalp chopped off.
  12. starfox is the first i had, but the first i played was at a friends house, and it was battletoads. both for znes, duh?
  13. Has Anyone received three warnings and been kicked offf yet, just curious?
  14. I know what you guys are talking about, when i first started i did not want to read all those posts so i would ask, but what i'm saying is a section full of info that would help explain things not a sector with all posts relating to those type of questions that is stikied
  15. Why does everyone like M*A*S*H, once that depressing song came on, the intro song, i always changed the channel, that song depressed me and i never watched it because of that reason!
  16. I used to like Tina Fey until i noticed she has a large scar by her mouth. (it doesn't disfigure her but now i can't keep my eyes off it) Beyonce is hot Amy Lee from Evenescence is also hot Catherin Zeta-Jones has the most beutiful face, i love her cheecks! I like Mishal Hussein from BBC News, the persian thing gets me. Bridgette Moyahan she looks amazing The old Shakira before she became big, she had jet black hair and looked very very good! Diana Taurasi (the UConn player) i don't know what it was but i'm addicted to her, i really don't think she is that good looking but i like her for some
  17. I'm a Texan,oh wait I'm Mexican, well they call us Tex-Mex i guess. I don't know any real indians the indians i'm friends with are carib-indians indians that now live in the carribean. Like Trinidad-Tobago. Example: Sean Paul
  18. Primal Rage oh wait that't already posted, darn!
  19. I don't Know if you guys have one, but some questions are asked many times like loaders and asr and dats, i figure that if there is a place where all faqs are stored and step by step instructions would be great for newbies and people who are casual emulator players would learn the tricks of the trade.
  20. I am undecided, i like the concept but movies like these never end up being good, though i'm optimistic, it has frankenstein!!
  21. Okay i just broke my old logitech wingman, what controller should i get? (well, the rubber part that you press and it pops back on one of the buttons has come off and now i can't use one of the buttons, i guess i press the buttons to hard) or should i get one of those, those, those whaddaya call them? things that let you play with a playstation 2 controller, you advice please.
  22. Duck Tales, oh wait sitcom right? HMMM, Knight Rider!!! the coolest car ever!!
  23. Gary Jules - Mad World Lil Flip ft. Bum B, Youngbuck - Game Over Remix
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