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  1. I guess so... I see my future as a Mugen website promoter
  2. Search the most trusted Mugen index site in the whole wide world...: Mugenguild Visit my website too. I'm sure you'll like my creations... MugenPro
  3. Important Note: After knowing how to rip sprites, you should study the Mugen docs folder on how to code your characters. There are thousands of states,triggers,etc. you need to know. Don't worry, most of 'em you can understand... You can get advice from creators at the Mugenguild forum.
  4. Do you really want to make characters right now? You don't really know how hard it is to make one do you? It took me months to even make one for my own. Advice: You need to read the docs just liek you study. Make sure you know all kinds of states,triggers,etc., blah,blah,blah.....these thousands of codes you may get frustrated with...but nontheless, you may learn everything in no time...
  5. Lol! I'll be looking forward to that!
  6. Nice..reminds me of Duracellaur's screenpack...
  7. You could use some of my screenpacks in my site if you want. MugenPro I hope you'll like 'em.
  8. I'm guessing on making an XP patch for some of my screenpacks so expect it soon
  9. One of my screenpacks worked with WinMugen a long time ago but I rather updated it and it won't work with WinMugen anymore.
  10. Momo, that little cute girl from Project Justice, was really a member of the Dark Student Council...eek!!!!SHe reeks pure evil....
  11. Those pics are really scary, I don't want to look at 'em!!!!...
  12. There is no such feature. It's the creators responsibility if he'll put a Press Start text in the title screen...
  13. Just remember, making a char. is like waiting for hours for nothing at all. You'll need to be very patient and know all the stuff especially the hundreds of codes/triggers available...
  14. This news is so outdated...the Dc vs Marvel team have already been around a couple of years ago.....well it' couldn't hurt telling this to people anyways...
  15. Hey man just I'm just saying...heh....lo!!
  16. What I meant was it is not allowed for someone to use others creations as his own.
  17. Nice review....but I have to say these: Roll isn't a new char. she has already been in Marvel Vs Capcom as a hidden character and lastly it's "roster" not rooster...that's a male chicken...heh!!lol!!
  18. This game is illegal!!! It has been in the rules that releasing mugen creations with no permission from the authors is illegal. That screenpack was made by Dr4ch1R'z who has been gone in the mugen scene for years now. The person who made this couldn't possibly contact him and the other creators as well. I just want to tell everyone not to support this since it's an illegal file and should not be shared to the public either.
  19. Oh yes I forgot about him. Thanks for reminding us.
  20. Find Butti's Mature here http://hccweb1.bai.ne.jp/~hda47501/index_e.html. No need to thank me, I always help my fellow Mugenites. ;D.
  21. Yes. I thought of it too. I thought her arguement with the admins, especially Nevermind(the one who started the problem) made her quit Mugen but it was really true that she already has no more time for creating Mugen stuff since she's still active in the forums but not creating anymore.
  22. Like I said,she's not intrested in MUGEN anymore. She said she doesn't have the time for it. Now she's more intrested in her artistry.
  23. Chloe, owner of CuteMugen and one of the greatest creators is not interested in MUGEN anymore but you can still see her in the Mugen guild forum, where she still talks with us. The Mugenguild webmaster, Nunor, is still updating the site. Please wait for a few days. If you would like to know some KOF2003 stuff some creators made, then I could tell you, but only a little and I won't put the links. Shin- made by Nao&M Duolon - made by Baddarkness Billy2k3 - made by J.Lee Terry - made by Hiro-Hiro Malin - made by Sp-vega Ash - made by someone from the Mugen China team, sorry forgot the name Other's have created stages, somenone also made a screenpack. I won't spoil all of them bec. I don't like everyone to be leechers.
  24. As what I have told you don't make your own problems, your'e just letting yourself suffer like that even though there's only one solution..........change your windows ver.!!!!!!!!
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