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  1. Lousy performance made by Man U. Alex only changed whole midfielders with youngsters, but somehow that just didn't work out as planned. Bah! 0-1
  2. Time to play some classic titles. PC Project IGI : I'm Going In Command & Conquer Note : Found out C&C is too hard for me to beat. Help~!
  3. I'm pretty sure that Death Note (TV) is out and running at Japan. Even the movie version of it is out at theaters here. Talking about manga, the story given is too deep that people need to analyze to it to make the manga understandable. Unfortunately that I was unable to read the whole of it. (Majorly skipped and read the end of manga) And start thinking...... Death Note 2? Note : Just found out that the DVD version of the 1-4 episodes is out.
  4. Fanatical..... Note : No one will ever confess that he/she is a not a virgin.
  5. Ofcourse not! It's a crappy city! <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Right, let's boycott the city!
  6. People should stop spreading Rumors like this <{POST_SNAPBACK}> But is still managed to get shown here in this forum. Note : GryphonKlaw, the link is dead.
  7. Look more for the underdogs as they might set a setback to any strong teams.
  8. yes yes that word. the game will not be release and I don`t know why . <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Probably got canned as licensed problem occured. Or perhaps the original creator didn't approve it. But still nice intention plot/pics. Could be FMA : The Alternate Story if it is real.
  9. We had a birthday party thread for him at the other forum.
  10. From who you got the info? Terrorists?
  11. Me either, plus I never have that show in TVs unless I subscrible Astro....
  12. Nice pics you found. Makes me wondering what kind of story it might be on this story?
  13. That's a lesson that we should know. Careful with whom you are talking to, especially pharmacist.
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