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  1. I knew something like this would happen.
  2. Yes, not all countries can go online on consoles yet.
  3. If that's the case then why didn't any of the DBS: Budokai series go online? Even the first one was perfect for online mode.
  4. You could always request at the guild. MugenGuild
  5. Namco said that Soul Calibur is not ready to go onlin yet. There's a really high chance that Soul Calibur 4 will be online though so wait a few more years. In the mean time, I really can't hold on the pain of waiting for the game to arrive in here!
  6. To make things easier, just get a new screenpack that holds the amount of characters you want. BTW, please read the DOCS.
  7. I don't remember the last time I ate at McDonalds because I usually go to our popular local fast food joint but I assure you the McDonalds here has far better service than your place. I never had that experience with them before.
  8. The real name of the character is Omega Tom Hanks. P.S: Ogre is a stolen character ans is really cheap.
  9. Basically karaoke is singing with a video with lyrics.
  10. Giving two dollars already? Not even asking the people who already watched it, like me. But if it's the english voice-overs it's highly unlikely.
  11. Nomura lazy? That's not right... There probably still working on the english dubbing.
  12. It wasn't rumored it was posted on the official site.
  13. Nope too long. So it's either 1mugen.com or 1mugen.net then?
  14. Dubbing always destroy the quality of a movie/show. Take anime dubs for example. Try watching Naruto on Toonami and watch the non-dubbed originals and compare the two. For me it's subs all the way! I'm in to anti-dubbing.... You should definitely play the game to understand it. The movie is targetted to FF7 fans anyways. It was supposed to be released last Sept. 14 but pushd back to November...
  15. He already knows what MUGEN is. He's asking where that stage came from and where to get it.
  16. GC suggested 1mugen and 1arcade. 1arcade won't fit though and 1mugen is kinda plain, IMO.
  17. OK guys I had the time to think of my decision and my decision would be....................... I'm gonna join up as well!!! ...but I'm still gonna make my own site just not Mugen related..more like a site similar to Fighting Generation...
  18. You do know that saying something is boring is very offensive. It's far from being the same with the game. @Drake: Why DBZ? I watched the movie and was very happy! ...and I'm not much of an FF7 fan, FYI... You haven't played the game haven't you? This movie is targeted to fans. Only people who played the game will understand everything.
  19. First and foremost the movie is the sequel to the original game. Second, there's a 0% chance of this being a game since this was meant to answer all the questions that was left out from the game.
  20. I don't but I was thinking of making my site into a fighting games resource much like Fighter's Generation so that it will be different from the rest. I need time to think this through...
  21. You don't know how Mugen coding could be so easy if you just know how.
  22. Why would you help Kung Fu Man out if he's a really good mugen coder? :
  23. Hey K' Dash where were you when you visited our country? I live in Cebu....
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