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  1. Thx so much for ur reply, but that is a separate program that contains Gel Function..but it isn't a brush that i'm looking for to use in Adobe Photoshop in the format of.abr thxthx anyways..~
  2. I've once downloaded this brush while i was crazily searching "photoshop brushes" on google for more than 2 hours... and i still remember this brush named, CAstar.abr contains 3 to 4 sub-star brushes, the star looks more like Apple/Aqua/Transparent style/Crystal. But i lost it however.. and i truly NEED it right now... anybody please...knows where to get it or you actually HAVE it...help me out here, hundreds thx...!
  3. Ok, I understood now... Sorry.. Ok, here: I just chose them randomly.. Screenshots(thanks for telling to use F12): This is when you press F1 to get started. Menu Characters Avaiable The only thing I am struggling is that don't know how to exit the game, I'll have to force to exit it by using the Tast Manager. Well, the link I posted to download the game was the website I found the game. Also, I know chinese.... , but I just can't read them in those.txt because they got messed up in the coding somehow.... Ok, good luck to you all~ Best Wishes Hellyea
  4. Sigh* I really don't want to speak more..after seeing the unfriedly replies... but I just can't by conscience....? I barely hang out in this forum, but I think I should post this up for this time. Because I know this is a forum where is all about Emulation and Games! So I thought I would be welcomed to be post this.... This is a huge accomplishment in the development of the Emulation and M.U.G.E.N society. I think this should be definitely be pinned. Guys, two words: Trust Me.
  5. lol..sorry, guys..i didn't know you all would cared so much about the source... ppl i know always just care at if it's playable/real, that's why i said the big word, "Playable".. well, there isn't a readme at all...i simply unrar it, then played it perfectly.. But, there are some teachings about MUGEN in.txt formats..i dont think you guys would think those are readmes... Basic controls like, Enter, Esc for Exit, F1 to get started at the begining. Answers: What is it? A game that can be played in PC, Capcom Vs. SNK 2 Who made it? Not sure, 90% I guess should be a Chinese MUGEN Organization..since those teaching.txt were in Chinese... Permission: Didn't say I can nor I cannot... Sorry, I wasn't able to take pic screenshot while I played..even using Prt Scr Sys Rq button.. all I can give for pic is the content after unrar: Hope this helps you guys..and enjoy~
  6. MOD Edit: Temporarily removed untill further notice... Unrar, then cvs2WB.exe, enjoy!~
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