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  1. lol m not really new but its been a reeeally long time since i posted... nice to know you guys are still going strong.
  2. jyeah that true, but some people mod their chars life power and attack which is a much bigger problem. i wouldnt be surprised if it makes the chars go back to their default settings somehow. i still cant wait tho
  3. kick in the door - ric ross, i apologize for razorm6's conduct a while back for all those who remember....the fake pc parts n all.....
  4. well the topic kinda explains it....is there a way to change the language into english fr chankast??
  5. im trying to get marvel vs cap to work on chankast alpha, ive seen it on the compatibility list and ive tried to get around the io error....even the capcom hack dunt wrk so i tried to dump it with daemon tools r alchohol....still no luck.
  6. thanks fr ur help guys but i just found a no dvd for battlefront AND QUAKE 4!!!(I found it off some forum when i was about to give up on the idea of playing battlfront LAN with my bro) Happy me!! il just play pop on my pc with the cd.....which i sold....so im back to square one with pop. but thanks anyway. i guess il be rippin those dvd drives, frequently, until I come up with a way to get around the copy protection.
  7. cant i just unplug my cd rom drives?
  8. going back to the 3rd world countries, that is correct. The UN has begun funding for countries who see the value of this innovative project. Distribution shall start shortly in countries such as Ghana, Togo, and Benin. Who was the guy who made this againg? Negroponte r smthin like that?
  9. i already tried using daemon tools and the starforce copy protection. No luck with neither. Help would be much apreciated. ps.i apologize on my brothers bad behavior (razor m6)
  10. What happened to the "what are you listening to Posts" It was funky.
  11. I'm down fr that...thanx fr the link.
  12. lol, its my style to be discreet, GCfk. (Ur goku's down 2 kaioken now) Does anyone know if there were any new releases for cps2 rmz.
  13. im not really new, but i kinda quit emu for pc games fr a while. But now im tryna nodvd battlefront 2 so im kinda getting back to it. I used 2 play samsho5, metal slug and x men vs street and the like. Gonna start ps2 emu so i guess im back...
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