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    MP3z, SoftWareZ, OLD PC Gamez, CPS 1 - 2, NeoGeo & maybe SEGA Genesis :P i'll add more if i discover somthing...oh and cute girls :P

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  1. I resolved the issue...the dc was busted...bought one and a vga box and gotta say dc in vga > ps2, xbox1 wii in their best display modes
  2. Did PAL DCs ever come with a metalic fan or only plastic ones ?
  3. Well here i can't find any s-video for dc...anyother options ?
  4. Hmm...this is supposedly a pal dc but my friend says the casing has been changed by someone with a ntsc one but well now that you said that my tv doesn't support ntsc im not so sure about being pal...tho with the dvd player when i use s-video i can select ntsc and it displays fine even i get to some of the tv's options not available in pal...i tought with lcd pal and ntsc wasn't a problem anymore...ok so if this is a ntsc dc what i have to do to make it work ? And thanks for helping
  5. TV: 32LG3000 and no im using the standard composite cable, but i bought a composite to scart adaptor and it still doesn't work im really baffled...i mean the tv surely supports 640x480 @ 60hz...
  6. If by that you mean plug the dc's video to the dvd video then no it doesn't work ....
  7. Ok so i got a working dreamcast from one of my friends, got home pluged it to tv using the standard rgb cable and surprise...the tv displays 'no signal'...so anyone dc savvy knows what might be the problem? My dvd player works using same rgb type cable.
  8. i use xp sp3 and fba to run cps-3 and eats max 100mb ram, mame++ on kaillera eats max 200mb...so ram problems these days and on nt systems is pretty irrelevant, oh and yeah get rid of vista...windowblinds does miracles on xp
  9. Mame++ 0.117 supports cps-3 and is the prefered emu on kaillera...pretty sad but true. http://www.anti3d.com/downloads.php
  10. Why don't you play the original neogeo version...its better afterall
  11. i just leeched the neogeo cd iso....to test it before ofcourse...is ok.
  12. Don't be mean ...i really apreciate emu devs especially the ones that keep theirs updated...Tux is the man.
  13. Guess Enhanced=CPS3 emulation? and if we are to look at the emu scene aren't they all much or less dead ? cept for MAME and a few others...we need ps3, atomiswave and naomi emus and afaik the last fba build by its creator was in 2001-2002? cant be bothered to check now
  14. i hope the final build will have a non unicode version and direct draw blitter cuz on my old p3 the emu doesn't work
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