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  1. I'm either playing this too late at night when my eyesight's all hazy or I have a keen eye, but has anyone else had the feeling some of Jhun's sprites are kinda..."squashed" ?, he seems shorter in some poses , maybe just my imagination...more play will tell. I like the new Robert though. Ah, yes also, I'm not very impressed with the Character Art. Kim's pose in the After Match um "Gloat Screen" ? [Once again late at night...my terminology seems lacking...! * ], he looks short and plump...and his fingers are disjointed... Enough ranting for now! Otherwise I like the new backgrounds [iffy fog in the Cemetary though...oops, forgot...stop ranting..], and the story seems interesting. Oh, one more thing, someone on the Main Kof2003 thread [in Current Affairs] mentioned getting Mai's boobs to bounce if he turned the language to Japanese? Didn't work for me...any ideas? [i'm not a perve! Honest! I just miss 'em...] * Edit: Just realised it's not late at night, but I haven't slept, so excuse the boob:|
  2. Chances are you may have the correct romset but not a hacked NeorageX, in fact if you only tried to run it in 0.8c, that won't work. Download the ECGC hack and try that [also search for it under NeorageX H1].
  3. Link Works, shove it in getright. Almost 9 megs tho [preview shots included]. Anyway, after a tiring download on a slow server, it ran MS5 with the graphic bugs [Yes, my MS5 is P1 patched and runs on the previously released NeorageX 0.6 hack]. Also, still runs my Garou MOTW PT [prototype?] Romset with graphical bugs, so anyhow sticking with 0.8c for Garou and 0.6 hacked for MS5 still seams best. Would be nice to hear if anyone has any other results. Ta. P.S. Haven't tried importing loads of roms yet to see if it crashes.
  4. Chrono Trigger all the way, got me hooked on RPGs. Oh, and you should try Shadowrun.
  5. Btw, just thought I'd say. Garou was the pinnacle of graphics, not SVC.
  6. http://www.1emulation.com/forums/index.php...?showtopic=4149
  7. This fixed it for me: http://games.westcn.com/emu/neogeoroms/2k1fix.zip download that file, now: Unpack the contents of your Kof2k1.zip file to a temp. folder Extract the contents of the "2k1fix.zip" that you just downloaded and copy them into the temp. folder, overwriting the old files. Zip the roms up back into kof2k1.zip and try again. Adios.
  8. Open svcplus.zip [or whatever your rom file archive is called], using Winzip or a similar program, if some of the files have a minus symbol in the middle i.e. svc-m1.rom then unzip the whole package to a temporary directory on your hard drive. Then change svc-m1.rom ==> svc_m1.rom [i.e. replacing the "minus" symbol with an "underscore" symbol] Also do this for any more files with a "minus" symbol When you're finished, zip them all up and try again. It should work with the EGCG NeoRAGEx hack [Also known as NeoRagex H1]
  9. One last tip for SvC, and this is especially for NeorageX. Open your zip and look at the contents, are they all named : svc_xx.rom etc. ? Make sure none are named differently, ex: svc-xx.rom Make sure ALL of them feature a "_" not a "-" Then zip them up and try again. Good Luck.
  10. No, this is the fix for KOF 2000. To fix the mixed up menu graphics in KOF 2001, go to this site : http://games.westcn.com/emu/neogeo1.htm By the entry for kof 2001, you'll see a link to "FIX FILE", download that and replace the original m1, p1, p2 with those. [not forgetting to allow for renaming etc. of course]. Et voila! Adios.
  11. One more thing, it runs my Garou rom with corrupted graphics, just pink blotches filling the screen basically. It runs fine on all other neorage versions. Wondering whether any of you have experienced similar effects with Garou or other roms??? Btw, it detects my Romset as "Garou: MOTW PT"
  12. Same problem in Windows Millennium actually, so that XP compatability argument is out the window. I did however find that it did it when I asked it to import a lot of roms, I moved most of my roms and left only 7 in the roms directory, and it scanned and imported them correctly without crashing, so the problem's still a mystery.
  13. Currently sharing the working p1 rom + Working neorage on Shareaza. Instructions included. Btw, go easy, I'm 56k. P.S. Just thought I'd add the filename to avoid any confusion "Samurai.Shodown.5.P1.Neorage.Working.zip"
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