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  1. after you hit burn it makes you save an image file...what exactly am i suppose to be doin right there? heh...
  2. anyone have any kind of idea or should i just plug in another keyboard or something?
  3. nope...that didnt work...every other game but kof2003 works fine...
  4. runs much smoother than on my old computer, run perfect actually...and yes it worked with my old keyboard. and yes im playing it with mame....unless someone can direct me to some other version of it...
  5. well i recently got a new keyboard, its a wireless from gateway. This problem only happens when i play kof2003 when i press A+B or any other two buttons together...it doesnt register... no roll...no character switch...its driving me nuts...hope someone can help with this one...blah
  6. 1.Yashiro 2.Shingo 3.Mature 4.Dudley 5.Shen but there are so many more =(
  7. can anyone help me out with getting mame.77 to run online?
  8. alright i got it running on mame.77 but i cant get online with it. Like there is no choice to play any of the games i run on mame.77 online.
  9. heh i just need to know where i put the add.dat after i edited it...
  10. i mean is kal working at all, i cant get on to play anything ehh....nevermind i figured out my problem...heh im such a funny guy...
  11. woooo the last boss was awesome, if anyone is having trouble beating him just do this, never back down, walk forward and call in your partner, if the hit connects jump in and do a heavy kick, now duck and do three light punches, then roll forward again and do three more...rinse and repeat. If he knocks you back walk in again and call your partner.
  12. is kal running? mine says not working right now
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