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  1. I have a old GBA(not SP) I don't even use anymore. I'd let ya use it, but I'm currently really poor and not sure how I'd get it to ya LOL.
  2. As far as I know, there's no english version. Atleast there wasn't when I was checking it out a few months ago.
  3. I've been wanting to see LP for ages. I actually like them alot, so I always thought they did have talent
  4. LOL, which one? Me I got this wierd mix of midwestern and southern since I moved from Iowa to Mississippi. I would either wish for my little bit of southern to go away or scottish. Just like the American movie does. Ah yes. Those usually sound like the more mild midwestern accent unless they want the character to be obviously from a specific part of the country. i for the most part sound like the movie-american accent but with exagerated o's and everynow and then i'll let a "y'all" slip out *cringe*
  5. LOL, which one? Me I got this wierd mix of midwestern and southern since I moved from Iowa to Mississippi. I would either wish for my little bit of southern to go away or scottish.
  6. DBZ Boutokai-Mr. Satan's (Hercule's for you cartoon network geeks) move where he straps some TNT onto the opponent's back and tip-toes away. I hate the series, but seeing that move is so funny.
  7. Phantasy Star is probably my favorite series, excluding the PSO ones. I won't even think of mentioning the FF series as a favorite, it's like anyone plays one and suddenly they're a final fantasy superfan. Kids saying stuff like "i've only played part ten, but it's my favorite series". And X-2 was just stupid, I can't even bring myself to finish it. edit-oops, just noticed the vote was for most SUCCESSFUL not FAVORITE...how can that be be a vote? It's not really a matter of opinion, just look up what series averaged the most sales and such. Ah well, I'd imagine the FF series or Rock/Megaman was most successful. I highly doubt Doom would be anywhere near most successful. Some ppl that play videogames have never even heard of it, but EVERYONE knows what Final Fantasy is and the games span over almost every major console AND has pc versions released. Not to mention a crappy short anime series and an equally crappy Final Fantasy movie. Hell, I think I read that FF X-2 was the highest selling game of 2k3 and it was released at the end of the year and sucked, just the name alone can hype up sales.
  8. It's been awhile since I went to a concert, but I've been to alot and always up for getting in the pit, except Pantera pits..those are just scary. (highschool concerts) Collective Soul Smashing Pumpkins No Doubt Marylin Manson Everclear Slipknot went to "dotfest" 1,2 and 3. was a big thing with lots of big bands in Iowa (after highschool) first family values tour-Korn, Limp Bizkit, censor, Ramstein, Ice Cube ozzfest '00-alot of bands..I passed out on the grass during godsmack though..that sucked There's more, I just can't remember them now.
  9. Yes, it's a Korean game and actually I think it's up to part 3. There is also a PS2 version in the works I believe.
  10. This sooo reminded me of when once apon a time I thought it'd be interesting to try chatting in some "AZN" rooms on I think it was yahoo or something. They were all talking like thugs and I cracked one joke not really trying to offend anyone and then they were all like "Yo, you is a beeeitch. Lucky someone doesn't come in your parkinglot and do a drivebye on you!". It was some comedy...
  11. Connery, no doubt..no question about it. Dammit, Connery IS Bond. All those other guys were just pretending
  12. One time I hung up on one, and he actually called back saying something like "oh, we must have gotten disconnected..now where were we..?" I was actually in the middle of something with a girl over, so needless to say I was very rude in my reply. In another recent event, one called my mom and actually yelled at her because my mother wouldn't give the telemarketer her checking account and routing numbers. This one called once a day for about a week or so.
  13. I'm 24, and remember very well when the NES came out and already had the systems that were before it. And I've been playing ever since..so I consider myself without a doubt to be "old school". Hell, I think it's genetic cause my mom owns at everything from old Mario games to GranTurismo's LOL..for real..she wrecks me on the dirt tracks...
  14. Over all, the psx version of SFA3 is probably my most favorite fighting game ever. I prefer it over the arcade version because of the mode you can choose a character and a style and "level" him up according to how you play. So there's tons of custimizing you can do. Way back when me and my roommate would go all out with our characters everyday, him being Ryu and me being Ken...ahhh..I need to play it now lol.
  15. Skyblazer for snes Pulseman for genesis Landstalker for genesis (before Alundra for psx) AlienSoldier for genesis I was a SegaChannel junkie back in the day
  16. Hell-flockin-yeah Ken. I've been obsessed with using ken since playing Alpha 3 on psx.
  17. currently a Gundam Seed desktop pic. Usually I have all icons grouped into "catagories" like game shortcuts in one corner and downloading apps and folders in another, but lately been using Workshelf to clean things up a bit. My monitor died so I'm stuck with an old 15". So keeping it neat is the only thing keeping ME sane.
  18. -Link removed Read board rules- what i *don't* recommend is ff tactics advance..i've only played alittle, but i think it's damn lame compared to the first one. the little cripple story in the beggining just turned me off the game. i'm sure i'm the only one who doesn't like it, but hey-atleast i'm not saying get it just cause it's from square or something
  19. undernet #ROMS I used to get all my emu-stuff here, but has become more difficult with me being on a dialup. Still good though, just gotta be typing fast to keep from getting booted from ppl's fserves.
  20. Nod, I loved my Dreamcast and just now got a replacement for free (the sports version). Actually, I've been trying to find a Saturn around here locally to no avail. The local used game place tells me their company has sworn off anything Saturn and will not even carry games *sobs*. I'll probably have to find one online somewhere, but I'm not that comfortable with it since the only thing I've ever bought online is a hard drive 3 years ago.
  21. Console gaming I'd have to say Soul Calibur for dreamcast. We'd play for hours, or just sit there watching the demo's, especially Killik's (sp?) But for me nothing beats my old lan parties back in the day playing Quake2 with about 30 of us in one house, we even baked a turkey for the event and had a keg and this green stuff in a bag...it was the bomb-diggety.
  22. StarOcean? Ok it's awesome because... it's pretty it's a rpg that not only has a good story, but is not entirely linear it's half rpg, half buttonmasher the whole talent system is damn nifty the whole "it's cool cause i can't have it" thing. just the fact that i'd been waiting for the translation to be atleast v1.0 before i played it hyped it up for me. it's a snes game made by enix? But, the portraits on the status screen are horrible, Tales of Phantasia definitely has the upper hand there.
  23. here is my japanese rom collection (works in progress) Albert Oddyssey 1&2 Bahamut Lagoon Bakumatsu Korinden Oni Bastard!! Ankoku no Hakai shin Cyborg 009 Darkhalf Der Langrisser Dual Orb 2 Feda Emblem of Justice Hyper Iria Gundam Wing Endless Duel (lame) Lady Stalker Majyuuou Rudra no Hihou Star Ocean Treasure Hunter G Y's 4 Mask of the Sun
  24. There is no translation as of yet, not even close I don't think cause I was looking myself today.
  25. tg-16 is cool simply because of Shockman screw megaman, this guy could shoot up(!!) and charge his shots right out the gate! Robot dogs? Hell no he could turn into a friggin jet/spaceship!
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