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  1. Hyperwolf's list which I agree with completely, but I'd add these too- Beyond Oasis Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine (i love this game) Pulseman if you can find it Alien Soldier Bio Hazard Battle Shining Force 2 and get Gunstar Heroes asap, I'd get a genesis just or that game even though it's really short.
  2. yeah, like alexis said- dejap has the g-pack and translation. i was gonna email it to ya but was a bit big.
  3. The only NES emulator I've used was called Nesticle, pretty ghetto but worked great for me.
  4. translation nation sometimes is a good place to check out, but usually best going with zophar as previously stated.
  5. Tempo for 32X, guys must have trippin' hard when they made this.. and Streetf***er (hack) for genesis...no idea why I really downloaded this, but trust me it's not just unusual it's just plain WRONG.
  6. all you need to run it on zsnes is a graphics pack, it's relatively small. works fine for me thanks for the update too, been waiting for the complete translation for Star Ocean
  7. I won't bother listig the obvious picks (ff series chronotrigger, etc) but here is some not so well known ones that I have. Der Langrisser Tales of Phantasia (awesome game) Rudora no Hihou (may not be tranlsated..) Seiken Densetsu Treasure Hunter G Terranigma 7th Saga 7th Saga 2 (not sure on translation here either) Albert Odyssey 2 Bahamut Dragoon Star Ocean Front Mission Lufia 2 Bakumatsu Korinden Oni 2 (no translation I know of yet)
  8. I have the rom, but I'm on a very slow dialup. I can direct you to where I got it and all my other snes roms if you still need help with it. The translation patch is not yet at 100%, but it does make it "playable"..I'm choosing to wait till it's done to really play the game, check www.zophar.com for other translation news. also-I do have the graphics pack for Star Ocean as well if you can't find it.
  9. I've always had trouble adding.dat files to Kawaks, so I've been using nebula. But, I assume you would use the program rom center, and generate a romcenter.dat (under tools in Kawaks). That's about as far as I've gotten though..
  10. looking for some "newer" arcade roms that are not fighting games. hrmm..anything that's fun and preferably not a beat 'em up final fight type either. racing would be good..
  11. *nods* Graphics and gameplay matter most. I guess the old saying applies here, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it"
  12. yeah, mame.dk did go down-but there's a site EXACTLY like it in spanish - Link removed. Read board rules. -
  13. i found this rom (i think). but it's only like a little more than half a meg zip, so i think it's probably not legit...but i'll check it out anyway. edit: heh, yeah was not the real thing (not that surprising i know)
  14. missing rotd-s1.bin from my rotd zip. i remember seeing a program that could retrieve individual files, but forgot what it was called.
  15. bleh, i've had 2 download attempts go dead on me. anyone have it that could help me out? have sympathy for this dialup user
  16. yeah, thanks kenny. i've been throwing a fit since my first download died and couldn't resume it. unfortunately i can't resume with that link but oh well. i am now relieved lol
  17. gah! found it on a spanish site, and left for some cigarettes..came back and the download died 23% into it. now the file isn't available..
  18. ok, I have a version of nebula someone sent me that runs SvC just fine, but RotD seems to be locked. So I assume that unlocking roms can be done, can anyone tell me atleast where to look so I can do this myself? Or maybe a patch or whatever that would help. Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions.
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