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  1. *nods* I remember that post, Agozer. But anyway..in addition to those mentioned there's also.. megaman battlenetwork series lunar legend phantasy star collection all those freaking pokemon games lufia ruins of lore dragonball z legend of goku games (bleh..) onimusha tatctics shining soul series (is this really an rpg? oh well close enough) tactics ogre balder's gate shining force resurection of the dark dragon (loved the genesis ones) fire emblem boktai 2 zoids legacy dokapon monster hunter car battler joe demikids games If some in that list are not actually rpgs, sorry. I just woke up and still too tired to actually check. I'm sure there's some I missed as well.
  2. Capping would hardly make sense, that's practically a step backwards in everything that's been happening the last few years. Remember back when it was more or less only dialup and you paid for whatever hours a month..basically a cap if you figured the the maximum hours you had and the download speed..blah blah you should get the idea. Now people more or less are able to leave their connection on 24/7 and you can send/recieve faster than you could when online time was more limited. Hell, even cell phones are like that. When I had just moved out of my parents house at 18, my cell costs a buttload for only 400 minutes a month. Now, here atleast you can get unlimited calling with some carriers for roughly $40/month. Anyway, capping to get rid of piracy would be the easy and completely uncreative way of getting rid of piracy. But it wouldn't be a permanant fix..even at 50mb a day people will still pirate what they want. Dialup users probably would be fine still in their "illegal" habits..I know I would. In my opinion, in the world of everyone wanting more and more FASTER..capping won't happen. Especially with companies trying to make money now off downloaded media.
  3. Wow, been kinda out of the emulation scene for awhile and what do i see? A MMZ4 post..got me really excited. Reminds me I have yet to play through the english version of 3..
  4. Just saw now that Emusun.net has the European version but the thing is tranferring like 2k a sec..then dying..then starting up again 5 min. later. Godddd..it's taunting me..
  5. ROFL That's really good. I definitely need to remember that. Anyway..i'm thinking it's mussels..but I'm still looking.
  6. sorry, that wasn't me =P didn't know that word would be censored. it was um...looks like a girls "private area". is that PG enough?
  7. ok..my gf is going nuts trying to find out what shellfish it is that looks like a censor..and i have no idea. anyone here know? she knows what it is in malay, but not english. any help would be appreciated cause she's not gonna quit asking till she finds out
  8. as i said, tried all keyboard ways of getting out of the game- ctrl alt del, alt enter..everything. i was thinking of editing the.ini, but it's all giberish..korean i'm guessing. tried looking around with a hex editor..but not finding anything cause i don't have alot of experience with that and what isn't in code is in korean *shrug*
  9. yeah, that's about all i could think of for an easy way around the issue. ah well, i think i have a spare laptop somewhere
  10. ok..playing pristontale lately, but it's a huge pain because the game can't be run windowed. asking around, i guess they made it fullscreen only to avoid people using hacks and so on. but i only want to window it so i can still chat with people who are not playing. anyone know how i could edit something to get around this fullscreen only stuff or atleast be able to minimize it? i've tried all the keyboard stuff i can think of- start key, alt+tab, ctrl+esc..and also tried putting -windowed at the end of the target for the shortcut even though i doubted that would work either. any ideas would be appreciated
  11. Hey..need some ideas for some games me and my gf can play online together. So far we're going with Quake and Diablo games..but trying to think of something else. I'm clueless at the moment..i think she prefers something "cute" but doesn't have to be though. Anyways..taking suggestions
  12. 1. crumbs in my keyboard 2. people that adjust my car mirrors and whatnot and don't put them back how they were 3. people that say basically the same thing multiple times in once sentence 4. pop-punk 5. thug-wannabe girls that say "hollah atcha girl" 6. comedians that think that cracking a white joke makes them funny 7. self-centered people 8. when the difference between your and you're confuses people 9. DuMB aSs TypInG lIKe ThIs 10. when people rag on newbies 11. George Bush 12. bright lights 13. hearing "good morning!!!" when it really isn't 14. Disney 15. Fred Durst 16. when someone leaves just enough salsa in the jar to tease you with 17. girls that can't stop text messaging on their cell phone when you're trying to have a conversation 18. stupid news..like "J-Lo bought some nachos" 19. dialup connection 20. trying on 30 pairs of jeans when you only wanted to try on one Got more, but I don't wanna complain too much
  13. The ending of Soul Reaver...I sold the game for like a buck the next day I was so pissed
  14. You shouldn´t be worried, you said they hacked the email right?, meybe when ur brother was at using a common pc to them, they managed to keep msm to remember the password and so that´how they hacked it, why haven´t thay hacked anything else yet? wouldn´t you do it if you have the knowledge?, also if they keep bothering just tape them or record any conversation so you can acuse them with proves, else, well, don´t tell anyone but... i know someone that for a few bucks...... just kidding Besides, if you are on dial up, doesn´t dial up change the ip every time you connect? how can they hack a changing ip? that´s you best weapon. Yeah, the ip is dynamic-so it definitely wouldn't be easy. I guess there is one good thing about having dialup right now . Lately things have calmed down, so my paranoia is settling a bit lol.
  15. Yeah it is good. I think I just got myself too eager for it
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