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  1. LOL, well I was on a 28.8 for 8 months, now that's too slow. Now they've redone the phonelines here at my parents house so now I can actually connect at 56k. I miss my house back home where I was on cable.
  2. I've been trying to avoid drinking soda for awhile, so I almost always drink iced tea. As for snacks, depends on how hungry I am. I'll either grab some chips or M&M's, but I try to go light on snacking since I'm cursed with an incredibly slow metabolism.
  3. Yeah, those moments do suck. Just don't get discouraged- keep at it. If after a few dates she doesn't seem to be coming around, that's when it might be a good idea to be more direct and just tell her what you have in mind and that you're trying to see if she feels the same. Might not be what would work for you, but that's atleast how I would go about it. good luck
  4. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA...that right there..just made my night
  5. First off, lemme say I totally sympathise. I had the same problem with actually a few girls I dated which has made me very very picky about women. But who's to say this is a bad thing? People never say you shouldn't be picky about a new car, even if you've driven some old beaters! Ah hem..anyway... Given she is the quiet shy type, I'd say she's more of the old fashion type of dater i.e. the man pursues and the girl maintains the "you gotta work for this" image. I would suggest a subtle approach, like sitting close and maybe starting some small talk to start off (shared jokes are always a plus, like about a teacher you both have..or whatever). When the time comes to approach her for a date, keep it simple and something that would fit her style. Maybe the classic dinner and a movie..or go out for coffee..you get the idea. While always appearing confident is almost a always a good idea with any girl, I would think keeping any macho type antics to a minimum at first. Um..as always, good conversation is a must. Try to be funny, but not like you're doing some standup, and keep it going with open ended questions. Try not to use anything that can be answered with just a yes or no, *make* her have a conversation with you and maintain it. If she's shy, this'll make her come out of her shell. Also, it's just a good habit to have anyway. But, keep in mind ALL girls are tricky little devils. So while working your magic, keep your guard up. I've dated some girls that seemed like real quiet and innocent and turned out to be anything but. Just be sure to show interest, but not too much. Save the "I really wanna be with you" stuff for the right moment. Even if you're not playing the girl, you still gotta play the game lol.
  6. yay Japanese release April 23, '04
  7. I would say go for it, but there's kids involved. So I'm gonna say stay away completely. If it was just her having a boyfriend then I'd be all for it, but complicating the kids' life isn't cool at all.
  8. Yeah, that's what I thought. I can't wait though, after I beat pt. 2 I went and played through the first one again lol. I'm such a megaman junkie
  9. Yes, he wrote them and alot more books (heard of The Hunt for Red October?). Check your local library, they usually atleast have a few of his books or of course the book store. Could check out ebay or amazon.com as well, should be fairly easy to find.
  10. Heh, I've not actually heard that term before. What is it?
  11. Hrmm..don't think my list of favorites has changed much, so here goes.. Megaman Zero 1 or 2 Megaman Battlenetwork series Castlevania Aria of Sorrow Advance Wars 1 or 2 GoldenSun 1 Phantasy Star series The Lunar Legend is cool if you haven't played them on another system already. But I enjoyed them alot more when I played them on PSX. I hate FF Tactics Advance..but it's probably just me favoring the PSX one. Tactics Ogre is kinda cool, but seems really slow paced in my opinion. Ah well, those are the ones that managed to keep my interest long enough to actually finish them. But MMZero 2 and Castlevania AoS are two of my all time favorite games in general...so there ya go.
  12. LOL, surprisingly the only pop I really like is k-pop..weird huh? Otherwise I prefer alittle rap..not much though, and for the most part eh alternative, new rock..whatever you call it these days. I'll have to try out some of the suggestions, I tried figuring out that bit torrent stuff awhile back but didn't quite get what to do after installing it and kinda forgot I even had it till now.
  13. Xenogears was wonderful, FFVII is definitely over-rated, FFX-2 is crap, I refuse to play anything Disney themed 'cause Disney is the friggin devil so yeah..no Kingdom Hearts for me. Basically my favorites would be XG, Legend of Dragoon, FF8 and Chronotrigger...and I have no idea why I'm even typing this because every site known to man that someone can post on has a "What's your favorite RPG poll"...and they ALWAYS say the exact same games.
  14. Anyone here listen to Korean music? I developed an obsession for K-pop a few years ago, but it's always hard for me to find a good source online and paying like $30 or more a cd is a bit much for me. Any suggestions on a good site to check out for this..or maybe a friendly mirc channel to try.. Or just suggestions for what you listen to. I've always liked S.E.S. and been listening to BoA alot lately.
  15. Yeah, that's what I figured. Basically don't need the rom then cause I just got done playing Link to the Past on snes a few weeks ago
  16. Hey, been looking for a dat for Power Instinct Matrimelee but can't seem to find any that would work for the one i got. Basically I think I got it from emurussia..it's all bin files not roms and is 32.4MB. Any help would be appreciated, or just tell me I'm a moron for missing something really simple here.
  17. Thought I'd check to see how it was going. Just remember not to take *too* long, carpe diem or whatever No offense to anyone, but I would have to say popping in with a poem would give her that obsessed stalker vibe. I seriously would just have something lined up to do, like meeting up with friends, a party or anything that makes you look like you're a fun person and whatnot and try to *wink* run across her somewhere "out of the blue" and just be really casual. shoot the crap for a few minutes -keep it brief- then be like "ah well hey I gotta get goin..." then invite her along but make it look like you wouldn't be devestated at all if she declined. Women in general don't respond to need, they respond to challenge. If you come across as the already perfect guy, she's not gonna bite easily. Why do you think girls almost always date some jerk, but have the nice guy that has a crush on her be her friend and she says things like "he's such a jerk, if I could just meet someone like you..you're such a good friend listening..yadda yadda yadda". I'm not saying this is exactly how it is, but I used to always get stuck in the dreaded "friend zone" or just try to hard to where I was TOO nice (yes writting letters, poems and so on is what doomed me before). Not every trick works on every girl, but the best advice is just to be yourself and don't be affraid if it doesn't happen because it's usually the self doubt that kills your chances. Just remember that and also women thrive on competition *grin*. If anything let her see you around some other girls, could make you look more desirable. Ack, this is long so I'm cutting myself off before I start preaching more lol.
  18. OK, it doesn't even matter what words you use. Attitude and confidence are the deal breakers ALWAYS when dealing with women. Simply approach her and politely but not polite like you are under her and ask if she'd like to go out sometime and grab something to eat, drink whatever. Just don't come across like you're intimidated or just the opposite practically commanding her. And have something in mind, and not something like "uh..you wanna do..um..something sometime??". Have a plan, know exactly what you want to do. Asking unprepared doesn't look good. This is the best way I can tell ya because given yours and her ages, you are at a disadvantage for 2 reasons. 1-women *typically* go for older guys. 2-people in general 21 and older don't easily go for someone in their teens..atleast in my experiences. So basically just try to think in your mind that you're equals and you'll come off more mature, sure of yourself and so on.
  19. Is there any hacks or ways to get around playing this only in multiplayer? I wanna play it but I don't see how I can. I know the Four Swords Plus will be able to work single player, but will only be for Gamecube
  20. http://www.amardu.com/news/fullnews.php?id=109 No idea what this even says, but it has me all giddy and such. Anyone else hear anything on it?...I highly doubt the rom is out, but I hope it's out soon.
  21. Did alittle reading. Apparently there is an english patch for War of Genesis 3 part 1. Also, the company that made this game also made Magna Carta which is supposed to be good (just like WoG as I've heard from a few ppl that have played it.). Magna Carta also has an english mode, so you might want to try it out. war of genesis site (korean) http://www.genesis3.co.kr/ magna carta site (english) http://www.magnacarta.co.kr/ alot of info here.. http://www.avalancheonline.com/forums/showthread.php?t=9048
  22. Oh, no doubt I'm in hick country. The guy next door just brought home some roosters for fighting LOL. But yeah, I'm in the southern part about um..45minutes to an hour drive from Biloxi. I drove right by New Orleans on my way back from Dallas when I came back from Quakcon.
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