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  1. Strange. I'm using NullDC 1.03 with XPadder and I have no problems with the controls at all when running Sonic Adventure 2. Or any other game for that matter. I'm using a Saitek Cyborg 13 button controller. Wonder why some people are having this problem and some aren't.
  2. I have XPadder. Use it for NullDC as well as the Dolphin Emu. However, as far as I can tell, and read, you can't config latest versions of Makaron to use keyboard commands. It only lets you config a controller. Which I have, of course, done, and re-tried configuring it multiple times. EDIT: I figured it out. I noticed two options in the Gamepad config - Sega Compatible & Digital Triggers. I enabled both of them and now the controller works in SFA3. I can't believe I missed those the 1st time *sigh* Oh well, if anyone ever runs into that same prob, there's the fix.
  3. Yeah, I have it, but I wanted the Dreamcast version because it's like Street Figher Zero 3 upper with added characters and other enhancements.
  4. Hello, I have been trying to play SFA3 on Makaron and the controlls don't work. Or, at least the Start button doesn't so I can't get anywhere except to watch the intro over and over. I tried using Makaron 11.2 and 9.1 and they both exhibit the same problems. I can play all other (compatible) games just fine.
  5. Well I figured it out. I had to buy a new graphics card. Damn Intel Chipsets. Can't support anything
  6. What did you do to get it working? I'm running into the same prob with NullDC 1.0.3 crashing when I try to run a game, using the NullPVR Graphics plugin. I can get NullDC 1.0.0 beta 1.6 to work. But when trying to run Sonic 2, I get the weird lines throughout the screen. All other games play fine. I'm running Win XP w/2 GB RAM. Dual CPU 2.2 Ghz. The graphics card is a Intel G33 w/256. I made sure it has all the latest updated drivers.
  7. It works fine for me. Granted it runs at only 35 fps because I have a slower computer than what is probably recommended for it. My guess is your image file for Sonic 2 is corrupted and because it's glitching and freezing in different parts depending on the emulator, it has one or more bad sectors it's trying to read, causing odd problems. I'd suggest creating a new image.
  8. Hardly, but ok, your opinion. My opinion is that nullDC beats it, no contest. I guess I'll give my 2 cents. I have to agree that NullDC does beat Chankast hands down. But I do think Chankast still has it's place because some games play better on it than NullDC (for now anyway). But, unlike Chankast, NullDC is still being developed and improved. So I'm sure the bugs it has now will be fixed in future builds. But I do play about 90% of the games I have (which aren't a lot) with NullDC. I can't honestly believe that people would prefer Chankast overall, unless they only have a few of those games that work really well with it. But it doesn't take long to find that NullDC supports A LOT more games.
  9. I had a similar problem with Frogger 2. All the other games will acknowledge the VMU's and let me save, but for some reason Frogger 2 always says that a VMU isn't inserted and that I won't be able to save my progress. I tried re-formatting the 2 vmu's also and that didn't work. It does, however, work in Chankast, so I can play it there. But there are minor graphic and audio glitches with that emulator. Not to mention I just like NullDC a lot better. Hopefully there will be a fix for some of these games later down the road.
  10. Hello, I'm running Frogger 2 on NullDC 1.0.0 b6 and for the most part it works perfectly. The only problem I noticed is at the beginning of the game, it doesn't recognize that I have a VMU attached to the gamepad, connected in Port A. So it keeps telling me that I can proceed, but won't be able to save my progress. I made sure that a vmu is attached to both ports in the controller under Plugin settings, and the emulator and all other games recognize that they are attached and let me save and access the data blocks just fine. Does anyone know if there is a way to get Frogger 2 to recognize them also? Or is this just a bug yet to be fixed? Thanks for any help
  11. Thanks for the reply Is there a Makaron emulator at all? Or is the whole thing just a hoax? And if there is one, where can it be located?
  12. Okie, so it was just a joke that he was yanking it? If so, is there anywhere that you can download Makaron T10? The link still takes you to a notice that it was pulled
  13. I have a GeForce FX 5500 with 512 DDR. The game plays flawless for me. No texture/polygon issues at all anywhere in the game. Thus far I haven't noticed any graphical problems. Granted I haven't played to much of it, but what I've seen so far has been fine.
  14. Namco Museum plays 100%. Both graphics and sound. Crazy Taxi 1 plays 100%. Minor graphical glitches.
  15. Okie, I'm confused. How do you go about setting up the loader? The only thing I can get it to do is to just go into a game by using a command prompt command. But I don't know how to get it to display the front-end taht's displayed in the pic. *Edit* Nevermind. I didn't see the part that it was to be used in conjunction with the GameEX front-end. I got it all setup now and it's working great
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