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  1. What is the best program for capturing mini dv videos from your camcorder to your pc ...then to a dvd disc?. Keep in mind i have a PAL camcorder ...it's a Canon - MV960. I would like a program that let's me capture my home movies onto my pc and then convert it for burning onto a dvd without losing any quality.
  2. I have a mini dv digital camcorder. I play the dvd's on my dvd player. I use ulead video studio 11 to transfer my films from my mini dv ..to my pc.It makes them avi files.
  3. I have a Canon mini dv video camera that i use for home movies.I usually use Ulead video studio 11 to transfer my home movies from Camcorder to my pc. That is all ok.The picture quality is fine...just like when i filmed it. But when i convert the home movie avi files into dvd and burn it onto a disc.I notice a drop in picture quality.A slight blurriness to the picture when things are moving a little quickly in the shot. But if i watch the avi file on my pc after i just transfered it from my video camera (without converting it into anything)...it looks nice and clear...no blurriness. So i am losing quality in the conversion.Is there a program that will convert my home movie avi file into a dvd wihout loss of quality?. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. I woke up this morning and went to play an avi video file and got an error message saying something like "windows explorer encountered an error".Then the powerdvd program i was using to try and play the avi file shut down and i was sent back to my desktop. I can't even right clikc on the avi file and select windows media player to play it.As soon as i right click on it i get the same message as i posted above. Could my video codec files have been corrupted some how?. How do i fix this?.I can play mpeg,wmv and mp3 files without a problem.It's just avi files.
  5. What is the best program available for making photo slideshows?.Where you can create great menus,intro's,effects and clear Photo's?. Something that really makes your photo's look really clear as well. And of course where you can put your own mp3 files as audio.
  6. Thanks for that.It works well.I just had to create a folder called "VIDEO" in the root of my ms.And that's where i placed my clips.
  7. I recently updated to firmware 3.52 M33 now i can't play mp4 clips. I used psp movie creator like i normally do and transfered the movie clips with psp movie manager like i always do. Now when i go into my memory stick under movies...i get a message saying corrupt data. I looked in the root of my memory stick and i have a folder called MP_ROOT. And in it i have 2 other folders called 100ANV01 and 100MNV01. I have transfered the mp4 files into each of them just to see if they work and i still get corrupt data. What am i doing wrong?. I just noticed that it will let me play video files converted with the 3GP converter program. But not files created with psp movie creator or xilisoft or whatever it's called.
  8. Is there any major difference using vga compared to dvi for your widescreen lcd monitor?. And can you get graphics cards with dvi out?.
  9. I fixed the whole problem by installing IE 6 service pack 1. Thanks anyway. I just wanted to know if you guys think that mozilla's firefox is a good web browser?. Or do you recommend any other web browser program?.
  10. I am getting an error message whenever i go back to my desktop. When i am surfing the net and then decide to close all net pages to go back to my desktop i get an error message that pops up saying something about internet explorer. You guy know what might be causing that?.Here are pics of the error messages.I found out it actually happens when ever i close any net window that i get the error message.
  11. you are a legend it works perfectly!!!! Thank you very much!!!!.
  12. I recently formatted my pc because of a bad virus i got. Now all my "old word pad documents won't open.Only the new word pad documents i created after i re-installed xp pro. When i try to open an old word pad document i get a message saying "can not load word for windows 6.0" How can i correct this?.
  13. Are there any mame or snes emulators for ps2 like the xbox?
  14. A friend of mine has a psp verison 1.0 Can he upgrade to 3.40 with an easy installer straight away?...or does he need to first upgrade to 1.50 then 3.40?.
  15. Cool thanks. This is one of those switches right?. http://cgi.ebay.com.au/2-PORT-KVM-SWITCH-K...QcmdZViewItem#3
  16. Thanks for the info.You have been a great help. I just hope i can plug the thing properly in the bottom of my monitor.It's abit of a tight fit there because the base of the monitor is in the way.
  17. Is there some kind of vga adapter where you can plug 2 vga cables into 1 monitor?. I have an xbox 360 that i like to plug into my pc monitor for hd gaming. Problem is every time i want to do that i have to unplug my pc vga cable from the monitor so that i can plug in my xbox vga cable. It's a constant switching around thing.take one out put the other one in. Is there an adapter that lets you leave two vga cables plugged into the same monitor at one time?. I know i won't be able to use both the xbox and pc at the same time but i mean if i want to switch from one to another wiithout having to unplug anything?
  18. I got a program in .DAA format. I am supposed to burn it to a cdr. How do i do that?. Nero...poweriso....and even Alcohol don't recognize the file. It's weird because i thought .daa files were made for poweriso. It keeps saying unsupported file format.
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