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  1. I just checked the below website and it has listed a game called tekken_dark_resurrection_V_2_EURO_MULTI5. Is that a version 2 of the game?. Here is the link http://www.abgx.net/filename/?ch=2
  2. What is the difference between a 60hz and a 100hz lcd t.v.?. I want to buy and lcd t.v. It's 32 inches. I was told by the guy working in the store that with a 32" t.v. you wouldn't notice the difference if you had a 100hz or a 60hz set. What is he on about?.And does the difference between a 60hz t.v. and a 100hz one change your gaming experience with your 360?.How about when watching movies?.All 4 have an in-built HD TUNER. Ok i have a choice of 4. All have a 3 year warranty. Just don't know which brand is better....... 1) http://www.sharp.net.au/catalogue/products.asp?goto=LC32PD5X 2) http://www.thegoodguys.com.au/portal/page/...amp;mode=search 3) http://www.thegoodguys.com.au/portal/page/...amp;mode=search 4) http://www.thegoodguys.com.au/portal/page/...amp;mode=search
  3. God of war chains of olympus finished in 4 and a half hours??.This is a really short game.I am a little disappointed with the length of this game. It's a brilliant version on the PSP,it's just way to short.
  4. Anybody know where to download an instruction manual for a Sony Vaio laptop model VGN-B88GP for free?. I checked Sony's website and they no longer have the manual in PDF format to download.
  5. Just wanted to know how many different motherboards the 360 has.I know there is the falcon and the Zephyr.Anything else?.How do you know if you have the 65nm cpu?.
  6. Is there a site that shows pics of all the different 360 motherboards?.
  7. I can't wait for this game.I am a huge fan of Street Fighter.I would be good if they released Street Fighter 4 this year too.
  8. XBLA download limit causing SSF2T:HD Remix problemsBy Wesley Yin-Poole - 30/01/2008 - 11:19am GMT Could cramming 1080p graphics and remixed soundtrack within XBLA file limit lead to differences between XBLA and PSN versions? The man behind Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo: HD Remix has admitted that the XBLA game-size limit imposed by Microsoft is causing development problems, sparking concern that there may be differences between the XBLA and PSN versions of the game when it is finally released. Capcom is currently working on a HD Remix version of Super Street Fighter 2, to be released on XBLA and PSN at some point this year. Changes include a remixed soundtrack, character rebalancing and completely redrawn 1080p graphics. The game will also come bundled with the classic version of SSF2T for die-hard fans. Speaking exclusively to VideoGamer.com, SSF2T:HD Remix director David Sirlin revealed that developer Backbone is struggling to fit the new HD graphics into the 150MB Xbox LIVE download limit and admitted that including remixed music as well as the original music is proving "difficult or impossible". When asked whether the 360 download limit was causing any problems, Sirlin said: "Yes, it's difficult to store so many 1080p graphics in such a small download size. A lot depends on the specific shading that the final art will have, and how well that shading compresses. It also makes it difficult or impossible to include all the original game's music AND all remixed set of music. We're still doing our best to fit within the limit we've been given." Xbox 360 owners are sure to find Sirlin's comments worrying. It remains unclear whether there will be any telling differences between the two versions when the game is finally released. Tellingly, Sirlin did not mention any issues with PSN. In the same interview, Sirlin also detailed major misgivings with the d-pad of both the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation controllers, citing both as influencing factors behind the decision to make some special moves in SSF2T:HD Remix more forgiving. Sirlin said: "In my opinion, one of the worst ideas inflicted on the Shoryukening gaming public was Sony's idea to turn the d-pad into four buttons with no diagonal piece. I hated it on the PlayStation. I hated it on the PlayStation 2. I hate it on the PlayStation 3. Microsoft's d-pad has a much better shape (including the diagonals) and yet somehow, it isn't any better in practice. There's something amiss about the mechanism underneath the Xbox 360's d-pad that makes it mysteriously imprecise. My final tally is that both d-pads tie for badness. "This is at least part of the reason why some special moves are more forgiving in SSF2T:HD Remix. You should have an easier time using a d-pad in this game than in other Street Fighters such as SF2: Hyper Fighting, but if you really want to be a pro, my best advice is to get an arcade-style stick. I've been using the Hori DOA and VF5 Xbox 360 sticks throughout the development of the game." Be sure to check out the rest of VideoGamer.com's exclusive interview with David Sirlin, where he reveals the secrets behind SSF2T:HD Remix rebalancing and why he isn't "dumbing down" everyone's favourite fighting game. Are you worried Microsoft's XBLA game size limit will have an adverse affect on Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo: HD Remix? Tell us in the comments section below. Link : http://www.videogamer.com/news/30-01-2008-7377.html
  9. For people who haven't seen the inside of the latest 360's. Check this pic out.Better heat sinks.Better cpu.And a new motheboard.Just had it modified.Works well.The new Hitachi LG drive 079 runs alot quieter.And loads games faster.As well as runs the games alot better.Pretty happy with the purchase. I went to this website to find out what version i was buying before i picked it up... This site. http://www.360drives.com/list
  10. I just got a new 360 with hdmi support and a hitachi drive. Manufactured 2007-10-27 lot No 743 is it any good?.Is this the one with the new falcon+2 board or whatever it is and heat sinks?. And is the hitachi-lg drive any good for reading games and loading them faster?. Here is my drive....
  11. Is anybody working on a CPS3 emulator for the PSP?.I know we already have a CPS1,CPS2 and a NeoGeo emulator. But i would love to be able to play CPS3 games on the PSP.The Street Fighter 3 series are brilliant.
  12. I wonder when it will be released?And if it's coming out on Xbox 360,i would love a downloadable demo of it before the release date.
  13. How long does a normal 1600mAh battery last?.Fully charged that is. I just purchased a 3600mAh battery from Ebay and fully charged it. Now it says i have 5 hours and 26 minutes of play time left at 100% charge. Does that sound right for a 3600 mAh battery?.
  14. After reading the article i REALLY want this game more than ever.
  15. EGM STREET FIGHTER 4 ARTICLE JANUARY 2008 EDITION Credit goes to.......http://groups.google.com/group/rec.games.video.arcade.collecting/browse_thread/thread/dda7ec62cc044c35/c6fbb573a1befa59
  16. I am loving the graphics....i just hope the gameplay is ALOT better than the EX series. For example no "floaty" jumping attacks.The timing of the gameplay was also shocking in the EX series...it just didn't FEEL like Street Fighter. I am hanging out for actual video footage of the gameplay.
  17. I tried posting all the text from the article,and i kept getting a message saying something about MIME text not permitted or something.That's why i had to split the stuff up.Sorry.
  18. Here translation in French of the texts drawn from framed article of EGM on Street Fighter IV, and describing the innovations of the system of play: FULL ARTICLE... http://babelfish.yahoo.com/translate_url?t...mp;fr=yfp-t-501
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