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  1. You think your SF Anniversary copy is bad.How about this....... Mine won't even let me choose SF 3.When the dvd loads it goes straight to Super SF. I go into options and there is no way to select SF3 in the options menu. I have the xbox version and when that dvd loads up it lets you choose which game you want to play.My PS2 rip just goes straight to SSF.
  2. Just went to try it in safe mode.No luck.I can't even open REGEDIT in safe mode.
  3. no i haven't tried it in safe mode.
  4. When i go to run and type REGEDIT and try to access it. A black DOS box appears called C:\WINDOWS\System32\regedit.com. And another little box appears in front of it with the message The NTVDM CPU has encountered an illegal instruction. CS:8800 IP:bc16 OP:ff ff ff ff ff Choose 'Close' to terminate the application. I click 'close' and the whole thing just disappears.I can't bring up REGEDIT anymore. Can anybody help me restore REGEDIT?. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. I have FB Alpha XXX v0.2.94.98 installed on my Xbox.I started to play Fatal Fury 2 on it and found that after the first match, my character wasn't able to hit his opponents anymore.I could only throw them in the 2nd match.Because my punches,kicks and special moves were going right through them. Then in the 3rd match the timer started out on zero.Before i could even do a move it said time over. Anybody know why this is happening?.
  6. I am looking for a GTA SA Pal trainer.Is there one available?. All i can find are the NTSC ones.
  7. I checked my startup menu and i have the following files that i never had before: MEDIAACCK.EXE ISTSVC.EXE
  8. Can't run REGEDIT.Everytime i type REGEDIT in run i get a 16-bit MS-DOS subsystem error message. Just before this started i scanned for viruses and i got a message saying something like "worm_mugly".Since then i haven't been able to check REGEDIT. I typed REGEDIT in the run window and i get a message saying 16 Bit MS-DOS subsystem. It says windows is not configured to run the program. What is going on?.How do i fix this?.
  9. Is it backwards compatible with the current Xbox? If it is...does that mean as soon as a chip is released for it , we will be able to simply put in for example a mamedox dvd-r with games and play it?.Therefore using the extra graphics and ram capabilities of the Xbox360?. I heard it's 360 bit is that right? I read it comes with a single wireless controller.Do you guys know if it supports normal controllers too? How much will it be? Anybody know when the release date is?. Thanks
  10. I recently got a disc with the vice64 commodore 64 emulator on it. It has 6002 games on the disc.But when i installed it into my Xbox hdd.It only installed all the games up to the letter P. So i didn't get all the games in the roms folder. I know that a folder can only hold so many games.I know that i have to create another folder in the emulator and name it roms 2 or whatever and edit the ini file so that the emu searches for the roms in both roms folders. How do i edit the ini the correct way?. Here is what the ini file looks like....can somebody please tell me how to edit it , so that the emu searches both roms folders and detects all the games. [GENERAL] text_offset_x=0 text_offset_y=0 screenx=0 screeny=0 screenmaxx=640 screenmaxy=480 scroll_speed=10 skin=default_vice64x skin_dir=D:\emuskins rom_dir=D:\c64disks music_dir=D:\gamebase\music smbshare= smb_nameserver= rlxshare= favorites_see_path=1 software_filter=0 hardware_filter=0 screenshot_dir=D:\GAMEBASE\SCREENSHOTS save_dir=E:\SAVES\VICE64X show_screenshots=1 bgm_in_game=1 auto_load_save_state=0 capture_speed=4 I would simply like to call the folder i create c64disks 2 Thank you
  11. I recently got super monkey ball deluxe.And i found out that i can't play it off the dvd or off my xbox hdd.I have a PAL xbox...i switched to 60hz and the game still freezes on the evox sceen. Can anybody help me?.
  12. No html file in the folder.I used the spyware stopper program and i found heaps of spyware in my pc.Deleted it all.Now it seems to be working fine.
  13. Also how do i check up on my system resources with xp?.In win98 i used to right click on my computer and see how much i was using my cpu. Now i right click on my computer and i don't see system resources anymore.
  14. I have win xp pro. And for some reason every now and then when i click on a folder or even click on my computer...a box appears and says "opening port" and then it starts to dial up my net connection. I don't know what is going on...it never did this before.Is there some kind of setting that you can adjust that stops it from doing that?.
  15. "Have you got the full version or a cracked/warez version?" You just answered my question.I have the warez vesion.
  16. I switched it to win 98 mode.Now the game plays but the graphics are chunky (as if my 128 meg graphics card is not detected). And the frame rate is shocking. What could be wrong. Need for speed hot pursuit 2 works fine.Not need for speed 5 porsche unleashed.
  17. I have a copy of need for speed 5 porsche unleashed. I used to play it on my pc when i had windows 98 SE and a 64 meg graphics card, Now that i have windows xp professional and a 128 meg graphics card, i can't run the game anymore.It freezes on the games title screen. I found alot of my older games don't seem to work on xp. I have a 128 meg Geforce FX 5200 graphics card.I was looking forward tp playing my older games with their graphics maxed out. What might be the problem?.
  18. I recently put a new hdd in my pc tower and formatted it.I have windows xp professional.I used it's admin tools and formatted it through that.My other 2 hdd i have in my pc are FAT32.I formatted them when i had windows 98 se. But this new hdd i formatted with win xp only let me use NTFS when i was formatting it.I didn't have a choice of FAT32. Anyway i went ahead and formatted anyway.And i find that even though the new hdd has NTFS, and my 2 old hdd have FAT32.I could still transfer files from my older hdd's to my new one and use them...even though they are 2 different formats. I thought you couldn't do that.Is it ok to do that?.Will any of my files be corrupt if i transfer them from a hdd that has FAT32 to a hdd that has NTFS?. Or could it be that my older hard drives have somehow already converted the new hdd to FAT32 without me knowing about it?. Because my new hdd still says it's NTFS. Any help would be appreciated.
  19. I just have a simple question.I have windows xp professional.And when i am on the net opening web page after web page , the task bar on the bottom of my screen has little boxes showing each web page i have been to.If i haven't closed the page that is. What i don't like is the fact that after i open and shrink more than 3 pages to the bottom of my screen....the pages start adding up under one box.So when i want to go back to a page i minimised i have to click on 1 particular box....then it opens up like a list of pages i have been to. I would like to make this process like the win98 version.Meaning i would like to see every web page i minimised apear in little boxes next to each other on my task bar.Not in one little box that opens up a list of pages. How do i change this?
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