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  1. I now have capcom collection vol. 2.It's great that it has street fighter 1 on it. The only thing i have to complain about is that it's hard to pull off the special moves.I was getting blisters on my thumb just trying it lol.
  2. What brand of dual layered dvd+r is best for making Xbox 360 backups?. A friend of mine uses TKD,but they are like $6 a disc. I was told verbatim were good ...but i can't seem to find them here in Australia. Do you guys recommend any other brand that's reliable?.
  3. Is there any way you can find out what dvd-rom drive an xbox 360 has,just buy looking at the box for it in a store?. I heard the hitachi drives are alot quieter and load faster than the samsung drives.
  4. I just found out i have a virus in my pc called TROJ_DLOADER.FBI . I can't seem to remove it with trend micro.....does anybody else know how to remove it.Or what it is actually?. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks sf2mj
  5. Thank you so much for that.It was driving me crazy.
  6. I am having trouble with the menu that appears when you press control alternate delete. I used to be able to press it then get a menu showing what porgrams i have running.But i accidently pressed something on the keyboard whilst viewing it,and now i don't get the full menu anymore.Instead all i get is the menu in the pic below.How do i restore the previous menu of control alternate delete?.So that it shows what programs i have running etc?.
  7. A friend of mine wants to install a 250 gig HDD in his Xbox.I just wanted to know if the slayers evox v2.6 installer will format his HDD and partition it properly for him.Or does he need a different installer for a HDD bigger than 120 gig?. I heard somewhere before that it needs to be partitioned in a certain way if it's over 120 gig. Perhaps there is another evox installer that will do the bigger HDD?. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  8. My PSP is 1.50 trying to emulate GTA VICE CITY these are my devhook settings umd mode - iso any umd umd version - 2.xx 2.00 firmware - 2.71 cpu clock - 333hz boot select - reboot xmb autorun mod - disabled usb mod - disabled screenshot mod - disabled
  9. I have Devhook 0.46 . And everytime i try to run a game at 333 hz the emulator freezes up on me. How do you safely run your PSP at 333 hz? What method do you use to make the PSP run at that speed?. Thanks in advance.
  10. I am looking for a program that let's me manipulate photo images. Like putting somebody elses head on another body by copying and pasting it etc. And things like stretching certain features on someones face....or putting things in the background of a pic. What program is the best for those sort of things?.
  11. Nevermind i had to format my whole HDD.I couldn't even access my HDD with an evox boot disc.It still kept resetting.So i just formatted the whole HDD...and now everything is working again. I am never downloading a trainer ever again!!. I am positive the trainer folder had a virus in it.Since all this started after i installed it.Serves me right for cheating . Thank god i always backup my files for my xbox, emulators,games etc.
  12. I have evox 2.6 on a dvd-r. But the it's only an installer disc. It has an option in there to upgrade e and c drives....i was just wondering by doing that will it still allow me to keep all my saved games i have on the hard drive in f drive.
  13. The last thing i did was transfer some trainers into the trainers folder in my xbox HDD. Then when i turned off my xbox to refresh the trainer list.....i found that my xbox keeps resetting itself.It will load up the xbox logo then as it's about to load the evox dash....it then turns itself off then back on again. Going round and round in a loop and resetting itself. What could be wrong?. I just found out if i put a game into the drive just as it's starting up i can play a game.But as soon as i take out the disc and it tries to go back to the evox dash....it reboots itself all over again. I think some of the trainers i put it might have been corrupt in some way. Is their a way to get into my xbox hdd without having the evox dash running?.Maybe if i delete the trainers that will help.But i need to get into my xbox hdd without turning on my dash.
  14. Lately when i try to connect to distributions.xbins.org i keep getting a message saying "unable to resolve host : distributions.xbins.org . Does anybody know what that means?.Does it mean the server is full?....or am i doing something wrong?. I am using FlashFxp.
  15. Any word on arcade or console emulators for the Xbox 360?. That can just run off a dual layered DVD for now?.
  16. I just read an article at gamespots site that said street fighter and street fighter 2 turbo will be in the next capcom collection disc. Capcom Classics Collection Vol. 2. This a part of the article.... Only the Xbox version of the game is being shown at E3 this year and about half the games are currently playable. The playable games we saw were Black Tiger, Captain Commando, Magic Sword, Quiz and Dragons, Side Arms, Street Fighter, Strider, and Three Wonders. For the most part, all of these emulated arcade games seem just fine. The game will also have more arcade games, such as Speed Rumbler, Street Fighter II Turbo, and 1941. The games are selected via a notebook-like menu that's very similar to the one used in the previous installment in this series and should contain a few extras for each game, such as concept art. I CAN'T WAIT!!!! I like street fighter 1. Now i can play it without the ram upgrade for my Xbox.
  17. Does anybody know where i can download the hdd patch for the game brute force for xbox?. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  18. I just wanted to know if anybody has found a way to play street fighter 1 yet.Without having to get a 128 meg ram upgrade.
  19. I just tried out the new master system emulator called mekax_v1. It seems to me that it runs a little bit fast. Is there a way to slow it down abit?. I tried changing the settings to force it to go into pal mode.But that hasn't helped at all.
  20. Found out what the problem was.I had to set the region setting on my xbox to ntsc to play the game.
  21. I can't play Gauntlet: Seven Sorrows on my modded xbox. Not off the disc or hard drive. I get a message saying there is a problem with the disc. Do i need to patch the game?. Is there a patch for it?
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