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  1. Unfortunately the method they mentioned on that site didn't work.
  2. Well i usually read at 8x and burn at 2.4x . Unfortunately where i am they have stopped selling verbatim discs. So i have had to buy the TDK DL DVD+R discs.I was told they are ok. I did notice that i have had a few of them in different packs that are faulty. The other thing i would like to know is this ... i have noticed with some games when they are playing an FMV clip they will pause for a split second as my 360 drive changes speed or something as it's reading. I will hear the drive start to speed up as soon as the FMV in the game kicks in and then all of a sudden it will pause for a split second,then keep playing like nothing happened. Is that due to the way i burn the games?...the quality of the dvd+r?....or is my drive just having trouble reading the dvd+r?.I have a Hitachi drive.
  3. I just picked up this 3600mAH battery for $9.50. I know you guys mentioned Hong Kong batteries are crap.But i thought i would give it a go .... at only $9.50 that's not too bad. Here is the link http://cgi.ebay.com.au:80/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...em=320192656273
  4. I thought alot of games need 333mhz.Otherwise they run slowly or seem to miss frames. Do you set the PSP on default clock speed for the xmb and umd settings?. I know the GTA games run badly on less than 222mhz.
  5. I have had my PSP for nearly 2 years now.And just recently my battery is running out just after 30 minutes.Even though it says 100 % fully charged with 4 and a half hours left on startup...this is after i have fully charged it. I have custom firmware 3.71 running at 333mghz . Surely when it's running at 333 it should last longer than 30 minutes?. Is it time to get a new battery that's double the power at 3600 mah or whatever it's called?. They are going cheap on Ebay from Hong Kong.
  6. What happens if by some chance your modified 360 gets detected as having a burnt game in it on xbox live?. I know they said they ban you.But why is there warnings about playing burnt games on live?.Can Microsoft corrupt your modded firmware online if they know it's been modded?.I am a little confused about this issue.What's the worst thing that can happen?. And what are the benefits of the latest update?.Anything worthwhile?.
  7. Can installing the december 2007 dashboard update harm a modified 360?.
  8. Here are the new screen shots of street fighter 4. US, December 6, 2007 - Capcom officially announced that Street Fighter IV is in development and provided new details about the long-awaited next installment in the fighting series. Four Street Fighter favorites - Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li, and Dhalsim – will return, and new moves, locations and gameplay elements are in the works. The game will be rendered in 3D and played in the classic Street Fighter 2D perspective with additional 3D camera elements. The traditional six-button controls for the game will return alongside some new input features. Street Fighter IV is the first new game announcement for the series in almost eight years (Street Fighter III Third Strike) and 10 years since the last numbered game in the series (Street Fighter III). We'll have more info on Capcom's latest fighter as development moves along.
  9. Thanks for the info...that helped.It got rid of ctfmon in my msconfig startup menu.
  10. I don't have microsft office installed.So i can't uninstall ctfmon?.
  11. What is ctfmon?...and how do you disable it?. I have windows xp pro with service pack 2 installed.And i always have the program or whatever it is called ctfmon running in the background. I noticed it in my startup menu and everytime i untick it under msconfig.It keeps coming back when i boot up my pc after a complete shut down.
  12. I disabled the write caching feature like you mentioned...and it's still checking for errors.It never checks errors on my sata drive.Only my IDE drive that's connected to an IDE pci card i have on my motherboard.
  13. What is the best speed for reading 360 games,and dumping them on your pc with xbox back up creator?. 6x or 8x?. What speed does the 360 usually run games at?.
  14. What is the best program for creating home dvd's with pics and video?. I want to combine pictures i have taken and video footage from my mini dv camcorder...and put them on a blank dvd-r to view on my t.v. I want a program that let's you create a custom menu for your home movies as too. Apart from Ulead video studio 11 which i am using and which makes me lose quailty after capturing footage from my handycam.
  15. I recently upgraded my motherboard ect. I purchased a sata hdd and formatted it using NTFS. But i also had an IDE hdd from a previous pc that i installed into the new motherboard.The hdd is plugged into an IDE PCI card,because i am using the other ide slots on my motherboard for something else.Also the old hdd is in FAT32 format. It all works well but some days when i first turn on the pc my windows xp checks my hdd that's plugged into my ide pci card for errors.It never finds any and continues to load up my desktop....but it's just starting to get annoying when every now and then it will check for errors on startup. Anybody know why it might do that?...could it be because it's in a different file format to the sata drive...or could the hdd be on it's way out?. Another question i have is my sata drive was 160gb.I installed it into my pc and partioned it with xp pro....then noticed when i finally had everything ready to go 21gb was missing. I went into disk management in control panel and noticed it said i had 21gb unallocated. Is there a way fix this?.When i right click on the unallocated part...it only gives me the option of "new partion". Any help with these problems would be appreciated.
  16. I got around the validation process and installed IE 7 .Everything is working now.
  17. I woke up today to find out that certain websites i go to aren't dsiplaying properly. Some text and even graphics are all over the place. I have been using Internet explorer 6 for ages now without a problem.But today everything is messed up. Anyway i installed Mozilla's firefox and all the pages are fine when using that browser. So it definately is my IE6. Is there any way to fix this?.....i already have service pack 1 installed. I tried updating to IE7 but my windows xp pro with service pack 2 couldn't be validated. So i am stuck right now , unless you guys have any other ideas. Thanks in advance.
  18. My dvd drive won't ready any dvd data discs. I put in a dvd with data files on it that i burnt from another pc and i get a message saying the dvd disc is blank. Plus my dvd drive says dvd-ram drive on it. It won't detect dvd movies either. It only detects the windows xp disc.And it plays my music cd's. What could be wrong?.I checked the drivers and it says they are installed and the device is working properly. Any help would be appreciated.
  19. Why is there a very thin line on the right side of my screen when playing dvds through my power dvd 7?. I don't get the thin line when playing mpegs or avi files.Only vob files. The movie plays ok but there is a thin kind of white line on the right side of the screen.
  20. MY PC is having trouble detecting my HDD i put in a HDD cradlle. I recently updated my pc and installed a pci ide card into it. Now when i put my hdd in the hdd craddle which is connected to my ide pci card on my motherboard...it detects the hdd during the boot up sequence of my pc. But when i get to my desktop screen and go to "my computer" ...it doesn't show up in my hdd listing. So i went into control panel....into computer management...disk management and i could see all my drives listed there...but the one i put in the craddle says "disk 1 dynamic foreign". I can't access it at all .... but it's listed there. I clicked on import foreign disks...and i get an error message saying check error log. The error log said something about error in LDM and W32Time and Dhcp What could be the problem?.
  21. I can't install my audio drivers for my motherboard.I recently put together a new pc and when i got to installing the drivers for the motherboard,everything went in ok accept the audio drivers. It says i need Windows XP Service Pack 1 installed on my pc before i can install the drivers. I downloaded service pack 1a for my xp pro....and after it started to verify my operating system...it came up with a message ...your xp pro doesn't have a valid key or something. So i can't install service pack 1 therefore i can't have any sound. Anybody know where i can download a service pack 1 that doesn't try to verify your xp key?. The audio drivers are called Realtek ALC883 Audio Driver V5.10.0.5377 for Windows XP/2003 & 64bit I need to download those drivers without having to update to service pack 1. Or is there some kind of universal audio driver?
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