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  1. I can't seem to get Rotd to work on Kawa-x plus. I renamed all the files i had to rename. And still no luck. I even downloaded the Kawa-x Plus program from Novaserch.net And that won't even run rotd even though it's listed in it's games folder. What am i doing wrong?. And is it possible to get Crouching tiger to work on Kawa-x Plus?. Because i have the rom and i can't even get it to work on Neoragex.
  2. Is there a way you can run Street Fighter 1 on the Xbox?
  3. I have the Rotd rom for neoragex. But the version i have won't run on Kawa-x Plus. Where can i get a working ROTD rom for Kawa-x Plus?
  4. I right clicked and tried save as..........didn't work. Got up to 246kb then stopped. I REALLY WANT THIS PROGRAM!!
  5. I have IE 5.5 I tried downloading Kawa-x Plus again. The download got up to 245kb then stopped. I then used flashget and it wouldn't even start downloading at all. Does anybody else have the program?. Can they email to me or at least give me a link to where i can downbload it?
  6. Hi, I recently tried to download the new hacked program Kawa-x Plus from the website below...... It's supposed to let you play CVS Chaos and ROTD on your Xbox. But unfortunately the link for the download doesn't work. Can anybody who has this program email it to me?. Or at least give me a link to where i can download it myself?. I am dying to play CVS Chaos and ROTD on my Xbox. Can somebody please help me?. My email address is..... SF2MJ@CHEAP.NET.AU Thank you.
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