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  1. But the CS2 version should have the watermark remover section right?.
  2. Thanks. I will try Photoshop v9.0 What does the CS2 mean before the version number?. I see a CS2 V9.0 file
  3. I have version 7.0 I don't want to create a watermark .I want to remove one.
  4. i have photo shop...but that doesn't have any feature that removes watermarks.
  5. Is there a program that can remove water marks from photo's?
  6. Yes it keeps coming up with a message saying not a uha archive.
  7. I just spoke to Sony they said that i need to order a recovery cd from them.I can't download the files i need from any web site.They want to charge me $65.00 for the cd. Anybody know if i CAN download the recovery cd for a SONY VAIO VGN-B88GP laptop?.
  8. How do you extract a uha file?.I downloaded a program with a uha file extension but i can't extract it. I have tried a few uha file extracter programs but i keep getting a message that says it's not a uha file. What can i do?.
  9. I used the belarc program and it came up with multi media none and display none. I can't figure this out.It must have some kind of sound chip.
  10. Hi,thanks for link but for some reason the audio filter drivers would'nt install.I got a message saying i didn't have a sony vaoi compatible computer. But as you can see with the below pic, i do have a VGN-B88GP motherbooard. From the info in the pic can anybody help me find the motherboard audio,graphics etc drivers for my laptop?. Thank ypu
  11. I need help locating drivers for my laptop. I have lost the motherboard driver disc for audio, modem etc The model of my laptop is below. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Sony VAIO VGN-B88GP
  12. Ok i will ask him what the last program was that he installed. Maybe it has some sort of feature that automatically wants him to connect to the net or something.
  13. A friend of mine gets an error message on his desktop when he turns on his pc. There is a pic of it below. He just wanted to know how to stop it from appearing. He went into msconfig and unticked all the options in there...but it still comes up. What could it be, and how do you get rid of it?. He checked for viruses and found none.He tried to fix the problem by upgrading to internet explorer 7 but that didn't help either. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  14. I just tried to backup crackdown for the xbox 360 using the program.......xbox backup creator v2.3 Build:0185 By Redline 99. And when i clicked on start to begin making the iso file....i got a message saying "Unable to determine the current visibile partition". Anybody know what is wrong?.Why it won't read the disc?.
  15. Is there a program that scans your pc and deletes any unnecessary files that you don't need to clear extra space?
  16. I noticed just today that every game i put in my 360 seems to have skipping audio. And a couple of times the audio didn't only skip in the games....but it also skipped on the intro of the machine itself when you switch it on and see the logo. What do you guys think it might be?.
  17. Thanks we just called our local pc store and found it they don't stock cpu's for his motherboard anymore.They said he will have to upgrade his motherboard and cpu and ram.
  18. Thanks i got one.Flashed with the Kreon firmware as well. It works perfectly. Especially with the xbox backup creator program.It does the security sectors and everything all in one hit.Nomore trying to find the right security sector for each game...it makes an exact iso image file. I couldn't be happier.
  19. My friend has an ASUS A7V600 WITH A 462 SOCKET motherboard. What cpu is compatible with it?.
  20. Thank you guys for the advice you have given me. Floopy the codec didn't work ... BUT...the system restore DID work. It was driving me crazy trying to figure out what went wrong.That's something i will remember in case it happens again...doing a system restore. Thanks again.
  21. I woke up this morning ....started my pc and clicked on powerdvd to start playing some mp3's.And for some reason it just froze and became unresponsive. I tried wav files = fine dvd vob files = fine mpegs = fine For some reason it will play everything else accept mp3 files. Anybody else had this problem before or know how to fix this?. I have uninstalled it and reinstalled with no luck. I even tried an earlier version of powerdvd and it still won't play mp3 files. My windows media player plays mp3's so it can't be that my pc won't detect mp3 files. And i even checked the file associations and i have mp3 ticked. So i have no idea why all of a sudden it won't play them but it plays everything else.
  22. Anybody have a probelm with a slight frame skip when playing test drive unlimited?. I noticed when i reach a top speed while racing,the game skips frames every now and then.And the scrolling gets a little jerky. My copy of project gotham doesn't do that.Only test drive. Anybody else have this problem?. I should mention my copy of test drive unlimited is a back up. Maybe it's the brand of dvd+R (TDK)?. Or it's the speed the back up was burnt?. Any info would be appreciated. I was told verbatim dvd+r and mitsubish's were the best for the 360.
  23. What is the model of the samsung dvd burner that reads xbox 360 games and let's you create a 360 iso with xbox backup creator?. I spoke to a mod shop and they told me there is a Samsung dvd burner that reads xbox 360 game discs.Then let's you create an iso with xbox backup creator....without having to apply the security sectors or anything like that. It let's you make an exact copy of the disc with the security sectors and everything included in the iso.All ready to burn on a blank dual layered dvd+r. What model is the Samsung burner?.
  24. I have a dreamcast too...and i remember that was pretty loud when loading games as well. Like you said ...... i just have to get used to it.I am getting an s-video cable with optical audio out to connect it to my home theatre system. Hopefully with the 5.1 surround sound on, i won't be able to hear any noise at all lol.
  25. Just purchased an Xbox 360.Is it supposed to be loud when playing games? I noticed when i play a music cd or a dvd in it it's pretty quiet. But when playing certain games,it can be pretty loud. I have a Samsung drive in it playing backups. Do certain brands of dvd+r make the 360 run louder?.Or is it just the 360 in general?.
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