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  1. I found out i do have a dynamic ip address.Yet i was banned from a site with my firefox browser....but not my IE6 browser.Weird. I just had to create a new account with my IE6 browser.
  2. Never mind.....i went out and purchased a new HDD.My recovery disc worked straight away.Everything is fixed now.It was my old HDD dying on me.
  3. Well as for the windows xp disc is concerned,i did try and use one.It loaded up to the bit where it asked me if i wanted to install xp pro. I clicked enter to continue. Then it said checking hard drive.....and then froze on that screen. Could my laptop hdd have finally given in? Would it be a better option to just buy another hdd?
  4. I have a Sony Vaio laptop.Just recently i turned it on and got a message on a black screen saying "disc read error...press Ctrl+Alt+Delete to restart. Which i did....the laptop restarted and i got the same message again.It just keeps going in a loop. So i put in my recovery cd. It says starting recovery ... then i go to a blue screen which is the bit when i should start getting windows popping up asking me do i want to format c drive etc. But instead the laptop just hangs on the blue screen.No windows pop up asking me what i want to do next or anything.The recovery cd stops spinning.And that's it. What i wanted to know is this...is there a way i can format c drive without using the recovery cd? Is there a way to bring up a dos command screen during the start up process so the i can maybe type FORMAT C: and go from there?
  5. Change it with my isp. So that sites i visit can't see what my ip address is.
  6. Is there a way to change your ip address? And after changing my ip address would i have to re-register on all the websites i am already registered with?
  7. could be a virus or Trojan causing the errors. its not something that would come up often on a standard home network. Well i just updated my virus files....and scanned my pc with spyware doctor....it found 1 major viurs called... Trojan-Spy.Zbot Apparently it means somebody has hacked into my pc and started messing around with it.The thing that scares me is that it says it's used for gaining access to passwords such as online banking stuff. I was able to remove it. I just hope no major damage was done.
  8. I was having trouble with my pc and i checked my error reports under computer management-system tools-system...and got alot of errors with a thing called DCOM. Also errors with "schedule" and "Tcip" and "Dhcp" What are these and can they be fixed? Because i was having trouble with starting programs earlier.I ran hijack this.It seemed to fix everything.Then i shut down my pc.I started it again.And got DCOM error come up on the desktop.And a message saying my pc will shut down in 30 seconds. It then shut down and re-started again.And seems to be running ok for now.I have quickly backed up everything i had in C drive just in case something else happens.What could the problem be?...is it a virus?
  9. How do i find out if i have administrative rights on my pc? All i know is i have a log in thing with xp when i start my pc.
  10. Thank you so much for that advice....i downloaded hijackthis and installed it onto my desktop.The ran the scan and fix feature...and everything is working fine again. Does that mean i might have had a virus? Thanks again.
  11. I just tried to re-install one of the programs that wasn't working...and i got a message saying "desktop is not accessible".Access denied. What the hell is going on?Could it be some knd of virus?Then i tried to install the the program in c drive and i got a message saying "can't install all files!" "Please check your destination directory for free space!" I have over 9 gig free ....something is definately wrong here.
  12. I just restarted my pc and it's back to the whole not opening programs thing again.I don't know what is going on.
  13. Now for some reason everything is working again accept my AVG virus scan program and my cyberlink powerdvd player.I can't figure this out.
  14. I was just using my desktop pc when all of a sudden the webpage i was on disappeared and i was sent back to my desktop. I started firefox again and it asked me if i wanted to resume the last session which i did. From then onwards....i can access my hard drive etc.And even go into my program folders. But for some reason i can't start any programs at all....windows media player for example i click on and the little hour glass icon comes up like the program is about to start then nothing happens. It's the same with all the other programs. I can't even open word documents or start surfing the net. I click on the firefox icon or the IE6 icon and nothing happens. What could the problem be? Please i need help.And i don't want to have to format my hard drive and re-install windows and everything else.
  15. Well here is what GSPOT told me about the Avi file i downloaded from Vidgrabber....i have no idea what any of it means. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Then i looked at the codecs i had and needed and this is what Gspot said. Type ACM Base msacm.mpegacm **missing file : mpegacm.acm Type DSH DOLBY_AC3 AC3Filter **File missing c:\program files\Dariusoft\video to nokia converter\ac3filter.ax Type MPEG2_VIDEO WS Mpeg2 Dec **File missing c:\program files\Dariusoft\video to nokia converter\WS_Mpeg2Dec.ax Type DSH YV12 Nero Digital AVC Video Enc **File missing That #@%$# program Dariusoft vidoe to nokia convert was the last program i installed.And it stuffed up my codecs for playing avi files from vidgrabber. Any help would be great. I have had a codec pack called Combined-Community-Codec-Pack-2007-07-22.exe installed on my pc for a long time and that has always worked well.But even when i re-installed this codec pack it STill didn't help with the Avi issue. I just noticed there is a newer version of the Combined community codec pack now...dated 2008-01-24.I don't know if installing that will help.
  16. I recently downloaded a program that lets me convert video files into .3gp ones for my mobile. After installing the program i converted the files i wanted to convert and uninstalled afterwards. That all seemed ok...but... Now i am having trouble with files i download from vidgrabber. What i used to do was if i saw a clip on youtube and i wanted to save it on my pc.I would copy and paste the link in the vidgrabber site and download it with a .avi extension....then i could play it in my windows media player program when ever i wanted to. But after i recently installed that video converter program for my mobile....something has happened.Now when i go to play the .avi file from vidgrabber i get the following message on my windows media player. "the source filter for this file could not be opened" I then click on the error information and it says this.... 80040241:cannot perform the requested action. What could have happened to change all this? Is there a way to fix this? I can play normal avi files and mpegs,wmv etc ok with windows media player.It's just the files i get from vidgrabber i can't play on it anymore.
  17. Well like i said...everything else in my bookmarks is loading ok.It's just yahoo.com won't come up. It's funny i can go to myyahoo and all that.It's just the main web page that's the problem. I found out what it was....under page info for firefox i had to untick allow pop-ups for yahoo.ocm .now it works.
  18. I just got a new adsl modem.And for some reason firefox 3.01 won't work with it.What could be wrong? It was working fine with my old modem. My new modem is a .. Billion BiPAC 5200 series Internet explorer works pefectly with it...but firefox keeps giving me a message saying "Service Connection Error". Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Let me rephrase that.I checked my bookmarks and it IS working with my new modem.The only site that says serice connection error is yahoo.com. For some reason it won't let me connect to the main yahoo page. Any suggestions?
  19. What is the best program for viewing free online t.v.? I know there is TVU anything else?
  20. So like one of the posters above stated...if you do get some kind of image retention.It's usually only temporary.Meaning if i play anything full screen it should undo the retention or turn it off for an hour or two.
  21. I am new to all this lcd stuff.So as you can imagine all the nightmare stories about this sort of thing on the net had me stressing out. Especially say when i am playing a war game on my 360,and you have the map of your surroundings on the bottom left hand side of your screen.If i was having say a 3 hour session,i would constantly be worried that the map would be burned into the screen. Same thing when watching a movie in 4:3 format with borders on the right and left side of the screen.
  22. What happens if your watching a film..for example lord of the rings that runs over 2 hours,and during that time you have slight black borders on the top and bottom of your screen?. Can those borders lead to image retention?.
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