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  1. Have there been people busted for using limewire?.
  2. Well what do you guys recommend?.What program can i use that lets me do what limewire does.Without any risk of anything?.
  3. Why the hell do they put this in the front page of the manual.I can't understand Samsung.Are they trying to cover their a**?.The are making it sound like image retention is permanent...liking it to burn-in.
  4. Well some people tell you one thing and then you hear something else.
  5. Phew! thanks for that.I was abit worried.
  6. Does watching t.v. shows or playing video games in 4:3 format cause burn-in? How about watching dvd's that are in wide screen format but still have slight borders at the top and bottom of the screen? I am just wondering about it because on the front page of the manual of my samsung a550 full hd lcd t.v. it says watching shows in 4:3 or playing games with static images for example a map in the corner in a war game etc...can cause burn in. Yet i have found on these forums people saying that lcd t.v.'s don't suffer with burn in. So as you can imagine i am very confused about this. Is there a time limit as to how long you can watch a show in 4:3 before it burns in? Can the burn-in be reversed if you switch the t.v. off for a few hours?....meaning do the pixels reset themselves? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Does limewire have it? I recently updated my firefox. I also wanted to know if it's harmful in anyway.
  8. What does index generation mean? Every now and then when i go to shut down my PC i get a message saying "index generation" and a counter bar counting down next to it. I can click "end now" and it then proceeds to shut down my PC normally.I just wanted to know what it is?
  9. How do you remove an in-active red pixel on the touch screen.
  10. Is there a picture tutorial on how to disassemble an older nintendo ds?
  11. I just discovered 2 fighting games i didn't know about. Martial masters and martial champions.What emulator will run them.I have mameox and the new coinops thing.
  12. What is the hdd adaptor you can buy that lets you transfer game demos and downloadable content to a partition on your 360 hdd?.
  13. So basically if your guitar or your drum kit breaks.You have to go out and buy the game again?.
  14. Can you use the xbox 360 live headset as the mic,and the rest of the instruments as standard game controllers?.
  15. Thanks for all your help guys.And thanks Cinder for that file.I don't hve any image retention or dead pixels.I just wanted to be on the safe side and ask about those sort of things and how to avoid them.
  16. They say that lcd t.v.'s don't have what they call burn-in...but they do have something similiar called "Image Retention". So what you are basically telling me is that watching movies with borders and t.v shows in 4:3 format with the borders on the right and left of the screen won't cause "Image Retention" on my lcd t.v.?. Could the manufacturers have told me that just to cover their own back sides?.In case something DID happen.Because they told me if i get a permanent image burn on the screen my 3 year warranty doesn't cover that.
  17. I just purchased a 32" lcd t.v. It's an LG model number 32LB9D. I called my lcd t.v. manufacturers and asked them if watching certain shows in 4:3 ratio (the ones with black or grey borders on the right and left side of the screen) can cause image-burn of the so-called borders. They told me it can in the long term.They told me to just stretch the 4:3 shows to 16:9. Some shows are filmed that way and if you stretch them to 16:9 they look awful.The other day when i spoke to them they told me if the borders are "grey" and not "black"...then that means that part of the t.v. is still active and won't cause burn in. But today it's a different story.Do any of these people know what they are talking about?.What is the truth?. I also play the xbox 360 on mine.I know you shouldn't leave still images on there for too long,so i always turn off the t.v. if i have to pause the game for a long period. How long would you have to leave an image on there before it burns in?.Do lcd t.v.'s suffer from the burn in effect?. Can watching 4:3 shows on a wide screen t.v. eventually burn in the borders on the left and right side of the screen?. And is there a dvd you can get that you play through your lcd t.v. that white washes the screen to clear in possible image burn issues?.Like a maintenance dvd?. Is there a website with all this info i can look at?.I have tried looking for an lcd t.v. tech help forum but can't find any. Watching dvd movies that are filmed in wides screen still contain some kind of border at the top and bottom of the t.v. screen.Does that mean they will ALSO cause burn in,in the long term?.This all sounds ridiculous and confusing.
  18. What is the best program for spam filtering with outlook express on xp?.
  19. What's up with some games not working properly on lcd t.v.'s?.I know that guitar hero on my lcd t.v. has to be re-calibrated.So that the graphics blend in properly with the button presses.And the timing is right. And i recently played History channel battle for the pacific...and the aiming was awful.Is it just me or is the aiming in that game bad in general?. Anybody else notice any other games that you have to fiddle around with in the settings,to make the game run properly?. I don't have "game mode" on my t.v. But i do have my 360 plugged into an hdmi socket.Could using a vga cable in the rgb socket in my t.v. make a difference to the delay?.Compared to hdmi?.
  20. Thanks for the info.Either cable has got to look better than the component cables i have plugged into my older crt t.v. I can't wait to buy my new lcd t.v. this week.
  21. I have the newer model 360 with HDMI support.And the below link is the t.v. i am buying next week.That's why i wanted to know if the HDMI picture quality is better than vga etc.Because i already have a vga cable for my 360.Just wanted to know if it's worth getting a HDMI cable.I am using the optical out feature on my vga cable and plugging it into my home theatre system. http://au.lge.com/products/model/detail/tv...tv_32lc7d.jhtml
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