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  1. I am really excited about playing all the mame games.Especially street fighter 1 and a smooth playing mortal kombat 1.
  2. I just wanted to know if you guys think we will be able to run mamedox and all the other emus on the Xbox 2?. I heard it is going to have a bigger hard drive.512 meg of ram.And a 3 gig processor. If that is true and we CAN run emu's on the new Xbox 2....i presume with the extra ram and cpu power we should be able to play every single mame game as well as almost every working N64 and PS1 game. Am i right?.
  3. Is anybody working on a visual pinball emulator for xbox?.
  4. Hi , I just wanted to know what you meant by create another folder for the roms and add it to your mamedox settings. How do i do that?. Do i just create another folder and call it "roms2" or something like that?how do i create another folder in mamedox?.And what settings do i have to change to let mamedox scan all the roms in one hit?.
  5. I just received a few dvds with every single mame game on them.But when i tried to put all the games into my xbox hard drive , it only let me put 4096 games. I can't install more than that even though i have plenty of room left in my hard drive. Is there some sort of limit setting.... when it come to how mow many games you can put in the games folder in mamedox?. And can i change the limit? I should have installed 5353 games all together.Not 4096.
  6. Moonwalker is a great game. MJ is a legend!.
  7. I recently downloaded tekken 1 and mame 32 v0.95. The games runs well but i have no sound. Can anybody tell me what i might be doing wrong?.Is there a certain file i am missing?.
  8. Hi, I know your not permitted to post links on this forum.But could somebody send me an email or private message, letting me know where i might be able to download every c64 game in one zip or rar file?. I found a few sites where they have over 1000 games.But you have to download each file 1 game at a time. I am looking for all the games in one complete file. Any help would be appreciated.
  9. I found out what the problem is.....My anti virus software i just installed has some kind of firewall feature.And that was messing up my flashfxp. I deleted the anti virus software and now my flashfxp works properly again. Thanks anyway.
  10. I used to have windows 98 SE. I installed Flashfxp in it. then used it to transfer game folders or whatever i wanted from my xbox to my pc. Now i have upgraded to windows xp professional. And for some reason when i use flashfxp....i can't transfer a whole games folder in one hit from my xbox to my pc. It only allows me to transfer a part of my games folder from my xbox..not all of it. For example if i select my mameox folder.Then click on transfer, to transfer the whole emulator with the games into my pc...flashfxp starts to transfer the emulator...then stops halfway during the transfer.For some unklnown reason it just won't allow me to transfer the whole mameox folder in one hit. What am i doing wrong?.I never had that problem with windows 98 SE. It just started to happen when i installed windows xp professional. What can i do to fix this?
  11. Hi, I just wanted to know if there is an easy to use program or a guide that lets you make your own skins for MAMEdox?. Something simple. Thanks.
  12. I know your not supposed to post links on here.But can anybody email the links for mame v0.84 games?. I need galaga and violence fight for MAMEdox.
  13. The galaga rom i have says it has the following files missing. prom-4.2n prom-3.1c prom-1.1d prom-2.5c What galaga rom do i need?.Which version works with the new MAMEdox? Thanks SF2MJ
  14. I have a game called speed buggy on mame-ox.The game loads but doesn't play. Does anybody have it running on mame-ox?.
  15. Check the link out for the new MK1 handhled plug and play t.v. arcade emulator from jakks pacific. I wonder if it will be just like the arcade version.Or a watered down version. http://www.jakkstvgames.com/mortalkombat.html
  16. I noticed i can't run violence fight properly or galaga 81' on benders mame-ox. It runs fine on mame-ox 072. It says galaga has missing files. And violence fight starts playing smoothly then the frame rate drops drastically. Can anybody help me?
  17. Is there away to make MK1 run smoothly on mame-ox 0.72?. I still notice a little choppiness. I tried it out on the newer versions.For example MAMEoX_v0.84.b3. But it seems to run even worse on the newer versions. The mamex version runs smoothly but has borders.
  18. Is there a way to change the option for exiting games in kawa-x , so that i can go back to the games list without having to right click the right analog stick?. I have the Cosmo X-Fighting arcade stick.And it doesn't obviously have a right analog stick for exiting the games. The only thing i can do is reset a game or exit back to my dashboard with the L,R and black and white buttons.
  19. I just wanted to know if anybody has figured out how to run Street Fighter 1 on the Xbox without the ram upgrade?. I know with mame-ox you can somehow adjust the vm.But that still doesn't make the game run properly.
  20. If people aren't allowed to post any info about it here on the forum.I would appreciate a private message if that's ok. Thank you.
  21. I used to go to a website called And into it's forum section where they had game serials and cracks for gamehouse,popcap,real arcade etc games. Now for some reason i can't find the site. Does anybody know if the site has been shut down?. And is there another site that has the same sort of thing?
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