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  1. I also noticed the graphics of the fighters break up badly when the final knockout punch or kick is delivered.Anybody else notice that too?.
  2. I know alot of people are waiting for a modchip to be announced for the Xbox 360 before they go out and buy one. But nobody seems to be talking about making game back ups. It's one thing to have a modded 360. But what good is it if you can't even make back ups for it?. Will it ba as easy as putting a game disc in it and transfering files like you can with the original xbox to your pc?. What programs can you use to make game files into an iso?.Will there be anything like simple-x or any other iso creating program for it?. Then later... how about being able to put in a bigger harddrive and store games in it like the original Xbox?. Just wanted to know if anybody has heard or read anything about this.
  3. Anybody else experiencing crackly audio during gameplay?. I have this version of FBAXXX and the previous one.And i seem to be having problems with the audio.It's not just one or 2 games either...it's all the games. Anybody know how i can fix this?.
  4. I figured it out.It now fits on a normal dvd-r, and i still have all the movies in it and music. The only thing missing is the jap audio.I don't mind not having the jap voice-overs.
  5. I just wanted to know what files you need to delete in Dynasty warriors 5 to make if fit on a normal DVD-R?. In another forum a guy said this......... Basically what I did was created 2 empty ".txt" documents in a separate folder. then changed their name and file type to match that of the files mentioned above. Eg so the ".txt" file should be renamed "LINKVOICE_OUTOFGAME_JP.bin". Ignore any messages from Windows telling you that by changing the file extension it may make the file unstable.... Then simply swap the 2 new dummy files with the 2 original files and create your ISO. What i want to know is how you change a text file into a bin file?. Or does anybody have another method of backing up the game on a normal 4.7 gig dvd-r?
  6. I can't play Midway Arcade Treasures 3.The game freezes while loading. I can't play it off the Xbox HDD....or off the dvd-r. Anybody else have the same problem?.
  7. cpu menu cpu speed : 60 cpu type : musashi68k sound options low pass filter - no adpcm/pcm interpolation ? ( i can see wht that is set on) fm interpolation - hq mode sample rate - 22050hz
  8. I recently installed taito legends in my Xbox HDD.The game won't load up past the space invader icon. Anybody know how to fix this?.
  9. I installed the lastest final burn emulator "fba_26_08" into my HDD. I am finding now that the games i run on it have distorted audio. Anybody else have that problem?. Only the first final burn emu that came out ever had that problem.All the other releases didn't have a problem either.It seems this new one does though just like the first one.
  10. I recently started noticing that my Xbox is struggling to read some of my older games and backups. For example the very first Final burn emulator that came out for Xbox no longer plays.And lord of the rings the two towers is starting to have a problem too. I noticed that with my older games my xbox dvd drive makes a weird high pitched noise while reading certain discs. Do you guys think that maybe my drive is on it's way out?.Has anybody had this problem before with the high pitched noise?.The best way to describe the noise is like when you first turn on your t.v. and for a few seconds you get a high pitched noise.Imagine that going on and on while your trying to play a game. Any info would be appreciated.
  11. Does anybody have a scooby doo unmasked HDD fix ?. I installed the game into my HDD and everytimg i go to start a game it comes up with a black screen saying disc error.
  12. I go to one of my HDD installed in my PC and i click on the "view" tab...then click on "List"....then i click on "arrange icons by type". Everything is then put in the order i want it. After a couple of days or so, i return to the same HDD and find all my files are all over the place again.Like my PC reset the view option. What could be causing that?.And how do i make my view layout permanent?.
  13. Xbox Soundtrack Editor v0.97 lets you convert mp3's to xma files i think.
  14. I found out what folder they are stored in.It's in "/E/TDATA/fffe0000/music/0000/". Now if only there was a way to convert the mp3's into xma files.
  15. I just wanted to know if you can transfer mp3 audio files straight into your Xbox,so that you can use the audio for games that let you have your own music.Instead of ripping songs off your discs. And what folder are the audio tracks saved ?.
  16. Hi, A friend of mine went out and had his Xbox chipped with the Super Aladdin chip 2. I think that's what he called it.Anyway after he had the chip put in, he could play backups but the games wouldn't boot up from the evox screen where you click on "play dvd". The only way he can start a game is to put the dvd into his Xbox turn it off then turn it on again. The other thing to is when he ejects the dvd while playing it...instead of the xbox taking him back to the evox screen. A green service screen pops up and says he has to get his Xbox serviced. Could the guy who put the chip in his Xbox have connected some wires wrongly?. I noticed also when it boots up the green circle around the eject button flashes orange for a while.Then goes green. What could be wrong?. Any help would be appreciated.Should he take it back to the guy who put the chip in...because he spoke to him on the phone about it, and the guy said he would look at it but that's how it's supposed to work. He also mentioned about holding the on button on the Xbox for a few seconds to kick start the mod chip.That doesn't sound right does it?. We tried that and its' still doing the things i mentioned above. Thanks.
  17. I just downloaded SlaYers_EvoX_Auto-Installer_v2.6_FINAL. I went to install it into a folder and it asked me for a password first. The passwrod i have for it is: 1AD337204197F58200640D444D265974 But it didn't accept it. Does anybody have a different password that actually works?. Thanks
  18. I recently updated my net connection to adsl. And since i did that, i am having probelms downloading bittorent files. I click on a bittorent....i then save the "download file " file onto my pc.Then when i click on the download file to start downloading, a message pops up saying windows does not recognise this file.I then have to direct it to my bittorent program in my program files folder to start the download. I never had to do this before. I am running windows xp professional. I never had this problem until i upgraded to adsl. There is usually a box you can tick in the "open with" menu that permanently lets you associate a file with a certain program.But it won't let me permanently select the bittorent program for bittorent files.The box is greyed out. Can anybody help?.
  19. Nope...mine is a single dvd.It's around 1.35 gig. I can't understand how the guy just ripped 1 game out of the whole dvd.
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