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  1. Can you please try to emulate Martial Masters.I would love to be able to play that on mt t.v. instead of my pc.
  2. I have been banned too. My connection codes are........ W: 0000 - 000B X: 0000 - F001 Y: 00A8 - 6820 Z: 8015 - 190D Oh well....at least i have the new dash installed.I can still save games onto my 120gb HDD. I was really looking forward to downloading super street fighter 2 turbo HD remix next week. But i will just have to wait for street fighter IV now or buy an arcade pack.Since i have a spare 20gb HDD anyway. Anybody know if M$ will add their full install for the new dash on the xbox 360 site? I mean the full install with the avataar feature and divx codecs?
  3. I just spoke to microsoft about the new nxe update. I told them a friend of mine who was included in the preview program brought over his 360 hdd and plugged it into mine.And now i have the new dash.And i can't connect to live. MS told me not to worry about it and that on the 19th i will be able to connect to live.They said they have had alot of people call up with the same problem. So it looks like you won't be permanently banned from the 19th onwards,if you have the new nxe dash installed and your not on the preview list.
  4. If you install the leaked dash.Will you banned from live for good? Or will you be able to go online and get the full install with the avatars on the 19th? There seems to be abit of confusion about this.
  5. How did you guys get street fighter 1 and mortal kombat to work properly? What files do i need?
  6. Nevermind...i figured out that by going into the tdata folder and editing the mameox ini file.I could direct the emu to my second roms folder.
  7. What do i edit if i want to create a 2nd roms folder for the remainder of my mame roms in CoinOps? I can only put so many in 1 folder.I had to create a 2nd roms folder to put the rest of them in there.Now how do i configure CoinOps to recognize the 2nd roms folder too?
  8. Anybody emulated martial masters yet on xbox? That is such a cool game.Right now the only way i can play it is on the pc mame. Anybody have it emulated for the xbox yet?
  9. I found out what the problem is.I put in a new hdd and it worked.So my old hdd must be dying on me.
  10. Yes i have tried running it from a different dash.And even booting it up from the xbe file .It still freezes.Now i find my final burn alpha xxx emulator is freezing too.Something is seriously wrong with the hdd i think. How do i clear the cache?
  11. Now my final burn alpha xxx emulator is freezing on me.I have a feeling maybe my hdd is on it's way out. If anybody knows what could be wrong please tell me.
  12. I turned on my xbox today and my dash which is the xbmc booted up just fine. I have the MC360 running. Anyway i went into the games tab.....and tried to add a source for a new emulator i just installed onto my hdd and the xbmc just froze on me. I rebooted my xbox and tried it again....and again it froze on me when i tried to add a source in games. I even tried a different skin but still the add source feature under games freezes the whole xbox. Then i find out Mame0-x and coinops don't work anymore too.I don't know what is going on. They freeze on the title screen even when i try to play them off the disc. The other emulators and games work fine.But the add source bit doesn't work inthe games tab and the mame emulators won't load properly. It was all working fine before.I even went to extremes and formatted the whole HDD and i am still having the same problem.What the hell is going on? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  13. For anybody who uses the MC360 dash for the original xbox.... I have emulators and games installed on my xbox.I started using the MC360 dash earlier on today and noticed that when i click on games i don't have any game thumbnails at all.All that i see is the name of the game and an icon with a pic of a 360 hard drive. I know that some people have thumbnails for each emulator and game they have installed on their xbox hard drive. And when they click the thumbnail it boots the game straight away as if they were clicking on the xbe file itself. What i would like to know is how they set that up?
  14. I have never had to do that sort of thing before.I asked for a little help and this is what i get.
  15. It's ok...i found the settings for the mouse under control panel.You can adjust the sensitivity there.
  16. I having a problem with my new mouse. I plugged it into my pc and noticed that it's really sensitive to movement. You just slightly touch it and it shoots across the screen.Is there a way to adjust the sensitivity of your mouse with win xp pro?.
  17. Well i already have a modded xbox.And installed that slayer x software on it. How do i get the 360 skin?
  18. just watched a video on youtube that had an original xbox with an xbox 360 dash.How do you do that? Here is the link What king of fighters game is that as well?
  19. 1) Will you be able to switch back and forth between the new dash and the old one? 2)Will the dash update cause problems for people with flashed 360's? 3)Will it have new security checks that will stop people playing backups? 4)And will it allow you to store backup games on the HDD like the original ones? Just wondering if anybody out there knows anything about this.
  20. I need drivers for my Ultra 133 IDE RAID controller card. My driver disc is not working properly.I go to install the drivers from the disc and my pc can't find them. So i need to download and install the drivers from some place else. Anybody know where i can download the drivers? The driver disc has a manufacturers name on it called SYBA. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  21. I went to that site.Yes my ip address changed.So i don't know how the site i go to was able to ban me with fire fox but not IE6.
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