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  1. I went into safe mode and deleted all of them accept the one named sugemeha. I couldn't find it in the system 32 folder.And that is where it says it is located.Weird.Even in safe mode i couldn't find it. And no i am not getting all error messages. Is hijack this hard to use?
  2. Is there a program i can get that will remove spyware?
  3. I unticked them.Yet they still come back when i restart.I also went to run...and typed regedit...and located them under windows\current version\run. Then deleted them from that too.Yet they are still coming back.I used a virus scanner...avg...and even the online trend micro scan.....and both of them said i didn't have any viruses. But like i said ,they are still listed in my system 32 folder.I went into that folder and couldn't see them. I don't know what else to do.
  4. How do i get rid of spyware pop-ups? I checked my msconfig start up programs and saw these things ticked below.I know they are trojan spyware that are creating pop ups when i am online.How do i get rid of them?I know the first on the list is my avg virus program it's the other ones that are ticked i need to remove. [/url] By mjj581971[/img]
  5. What is a command window.And index generation? Today when i went to shut down my pc i got a message saying something about a commandwindow.Asking me do i want to end it now,before the shut down. What is a command window? And if i ever use limewire....sometimes if i decide to shut down my pc,i get a message saying index generation do you want to end now. I just would like to know what these things are. Thanks
  6. Thanks man i will try that.Helpful as always dude.
  7. I am already using flashfxp for transferring emulators or whatever straight onto my xbox via Ethernet cable. What i would like to do is not have to use flashfxp to gain access to my pc with my xbox. I would like to be able to just turn on my xbox ...go to my xbmc.And just click the videos tab and gain access to my pc and stream videos from it directly. Anybody have some kind of step by step guide on how to do this? Thanks.
  8. Michael Jacksons Moonwalker won't run.
  9. I sorted it out.Just before i got your message i found the mameox.ini file to edit lol. Thanks alot for all your hard work. Only problem i am having is getting the raiden games to work. The only one that works for me is raiden 1. Also my mortal kombat 1 game seems to run in slow-mo. As for the wide screen thing...it seems to look good on my lcd as it is. What is the video enhance feature all about? Does it change the graphics to 720p or something?
  10. I tried to create a roms2 folder to fit the rest of my 5000 roms. I did that .But it still won't recognize all my roms.I looked for the ini file in the hopes that i might have to edit it so that it can see the second folder.But there is no ini file. What am i doing wrong? Why won't it detect all my roms?It only adds just over 3000 of them.Alot of games are missing.
  11. I will never play a burnt game on live.I just wanted to know if my 360 was modified can MS detect it on live. Is having a modified machine bad enough?
  12. Can a modded 360 be detected on live? Or is it only when you play a back up game on live?
  13. Any idea on when it might be released ?
  14. Was SAMURAI SHODOWN VI ever released in the arcades? I just got the Samurai Shodown Anthology game for the PSP,and noticed that it had Samurai Shodown VI on it. I love to be able to play it on my xbox through a mame emulator if it was released in the arcades. It's brilliant.Has practically every SS character ever released in it.As well as 7 new ones.
  15. Can you install custom firmware on a 3.73 psp? A friend of mine has one with the official firmware of 3.73. I just want to modify it so that it can play iso files. Is there an easy installer for his psp?
  16. Anybody know when the final release will be available? Also i have always noticed that violence fight has never worked properly.
  17. I have never used any of those programs before.I wouldn't even know how to use them.
  18. Well i have been trying to play a divx file from a flash card.And it keeps saying i need to update the codec.
  19. I already have the new nxe dash with the avatar feature.I just need the video codecs.Is this the whole nxe dash again?
  20. Any way to download the divx codecs for the nxe dash?If your banned from live? My friend let me attach my 360 HD to his 360 which isn't banned.I put in a thumb drive with a divx film on it and it prompted us to update the video codecs. We connected his 360 to the net with my hdd attached and updated the codecs. Then i put my hdd back onto my 360 and tried to play the divx film and it still asks me for a codec update. I presumed the codec update would have been installed on my hdd not my friends 360. Is there any other way to get the codecs?
  21. Doh i am using s-video cables.I DO have a component cable.But when i plug that in...i can see faint wavy lines on my t.v. screen. Sorry i should have known without the hd cables i wouldn't be able to get an hd signal from the xbox. Is zsnes emulator better than xsnes9x? And where can i get the latest versions of all the emulators? Can somebody email me a link if your not permitted to post links on here for that sort of thing.
  22. Where can i find the latest emulators? I have things like xsnes9x v1.42 .Is there any newer version of that? I also noticed some of my emulators have a 720p,1080i resolution setting.But for some reason i can't set them to that.Even when i am running them on a full HD lcd t.v.
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