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  1. I have a problem with storing certain games in my xbox. For some reason when i go to store "toca driving simulator 2" with px hdd loader v1.2a, i get a message saying a file name is too long. And it won't let me store it in the hdd. The same thing happens when i go to install the xsnes emulator with a whole lot of snes roms. It says the same thing. I had to rename some of the roms to smaller names for it to let me install it in the hdd. Why is this happening? I was told px hdd loader v1.3 might overcome this problem. Or dvd2xbox. I tried getting them off mirc but it's virtually impossible.The queues are soo long. And another reason why i don't like going to mirc. Everytime i go there a get a virus called BKDR_IRCFLOODER.X Which i have to delete with trend micros online virus scan. So can somebody please email PX HDD LOADER V1.3 and DVD2XBOX if they have them?. My email address is SF2MJ@CHEAP.NET.AU
  2. Is there an updated version of Mame-x released that will run the new mame games. Games that were released in the 90s?. The Mame-x i have is beta 6. I recently placed new game roms in there, and they won't even show up on the Mame-x games list. I suppose the newer games run on mame versions higher than beta 6.0 Is there a way to upgrade Mame-x. Or a more up to date version out there?.
  3. I have a cheat.dat file for mame on my pc. That helps me cheat on many games that run for mame. But i can't seem to get it to work on mame-x. Does anybody know how to make it work on mame-x?. Thanks.
  4. Is there a way to include all the new neogeo games like.....sam 5....crouching tiger...rage of dragons etc with the old games in the same kawa-x plus program?. I have added the new games with the old games...and for some reason kawa-x plus won't add the new games in the games list. Is there a way you can have the old and new games in one emulator ?. I already have the games running on the emulator by themselves. But as soon as i add the rest of the neogeo games i have, they won't work or even appear on the games list. All i need to know is how to make Samuria shodown 5 Metal slug 4 Crounching tiger Kof 2002 Matrimelee and Rage of dragons all appear and work on the games list for kawa-x plus. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. I heard if you have Evox you can change the green xbox logo that appears when you turn on your xbox to the color blue. How do you do that?.Is it simple?. And can it stuff up your xbox or Evox?.
  6. I just recently formatted my HDD on my PC and reinstalled all the drivers for all my cards including my network card. I have always used Flashfxp for transfering files back and forth from my Xbox HDD.And I always leave my Xbox always connected to my PC with my crossover cable. But for some strange reason.......if my pc is off and i switch on my Xbox. It automatically turns on my PC as well. I can't figure it this out since it never used to do this before. Now if my PC is turned off i have to disconnect the crossover cable from the back of my xbox before turning it on, otherwise i end up turning on my PC too. Is there a way to fix this?.
  7. Does anybody know where i can download the commodore 64 emulator vice64x version 4? Thanks
  8. You can also check out this site www.emu-russia.net/roms_en.php......... There are over 500 N64 roms there. I have downloaded over 100 games from that site and they all work for me on surreal64.
  9. Has anybody heard of an impact emulator being developed for Xbox, that will run all the capcom 3-d games like Street Fighter EX 1 and 2 and Rival Schools?. Not to mention Namco's Tekken games?.
  10. I am looking for a list of working roms for the new N64 emulator Surreal 46 for Xbox. Anybdoy have the list of the roms that will run on it? Thanks SF2MJ
  11. Thank you soo much for the advise you gave me about the Xbox GBA emulator. The xboyadvance_v9.zip is awesome. It works with alot of my new games.But some games are still not working....like prince of persia, and gekido. Oh well you can't have everything.
  12. I am looking for an Xbox Gameboy advance emulator that will run the latest GBA roms on the Xbox. Can you guys recommend one?.I have the following emulators already but they won't run the latest GBA roms. GBAX001 gba01
  13. Hi, Can anybody please email me an updated Default.xbe file for kawa-x plus SE, that supports Metal slug 5?. And i also need a pic of how the game files of Metal slug 5 should be renamed. Thanks in advance.
  14. Hi, I used the new Default.xbe file kawa-x plus.The rom showed up on my neogeo games list in Kawa-x plus. But it won't load. It comes up with a message that says "can't load kf99n_c1.rom (b3d88546) What do i do now?
  15. Can somebody put samurai shodown 5 on supernova.org?. Like they did with crouching tiger for kawa-x plus?.
  16. I heard it's available to download somewhere on the net. Anybody know where that is? I have searched and searched but no luck yet.
  17. Also you will have to download a small program called "Bittorent 3.3". Just install the program and go to the link i gave you above and start downloading.
  18. Sorry i forgot to add the link...here it is enjoy......
  19. Here is a link to the Kawa-x Plus program with all the working roms included. That means you get Rage of dragons, Metal slug 4, Matrimelee, Kof 2002 and CVS Chaos. All of them working, and all of them already installed into the roms folder. All you have to do is convert the whole program into an xiso file and burn it onto a disc. Or transfer the files into your xbox HDD. Nomore looking for particualr roms.It's all here for you!!!.
  20. Gouki......How did you get it to work on Kawa-x Plus? It won't work for me on Kawa-x Plus or Neoragex.
  21. I made the mistake of not pressing X to rescan the roms i placed in the roms folder in Kawa-x Plus. That's why they never showed up on the neogeo games list. Now i have CVS Chaos, Rage of dragons, Matremilee,King of fighters 2002, and Metal slug 4 all running properly. Thank you N3oGhost, Gouki and all the other people involved in the development of this awesome emulator. Fingers crossed you guys will have Samurai Shodown V up and running soon too. Thanks for all your hard work!!
  22. I have renamed the files to what they were supposed to be name 254-c1.bin etc Just like it said to rename them in the "screens " folder in the kawa-x plus program. But the game won't even show up on the games list under neogeo, let alone let me play it.I got the PandM files for rotd from the PandM folder and placd them with the other game files.In the process replacing the previous 254-p1.bin,254-p2.bin,254m1.bin files. I zipped up all the files after renaming them and named the zip file rotdndp.zip Then installed it into my xbox HDD in the roms folder for Kawa-x Plus. But the game still won't run. So to hell with it i give up.
  23. I renamed the rom files on both games, zipped them up, changed the name of the zip file like the tutorial for Kawa-x plus stated. Then dumped the roms into my roms folder on my xbox HDD. But the games don't even show up on the Kawa-x Plus neogeo games list. The only games i have running are Matremilee, metal slug 4 and CVS Chaos. Can anybody help me with rotd and kof2k2?. Thanks
  24. Thank you N3oGhost and gouki.You guys are great.
  25. Does anybody know where i can download the new Samurai shodown V game?. I am looking for the rom that plays on neoragex or winkawaks. And is somebody working on running it on Kawa-x Plus?.
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