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  1. I've noticed : I did an error* in the data files I posted in the preview page : bngbeadn & kof99nd m1 roms should be named respectively 259-m1.bin & 251-m1.bin instead of 259-m1d.bin & 251-m1d.bin. * I've updated CM & RC data files, posted 'em in the preview page to fix this stupid error.
  2. Listen, man ! Indeed, this P rom is P1 crc32 D99C035C (fully decrypted, bankswitching removed) whose HappyASR's tag was deleted. So, U 've just to open Ur P1 with an hex editor, roll until the end of the file & remove the tag in replacing it with 00... Now, tell me U don't get the same P rom crc32...
  3. U'll find ClrMame & RomCenter data files there : Kawa_X_mod_RC_CM_dat.rar
  4. Not been out since december 6 2004 ! My PC 's my friend. No job ATM.
  5. In this case, the full list of the latest games released should be : jockeygp jockygpd (decrypted C) vliner vlinero (alternate set) kof2001 kof2k1nd (non encrypted P, decrypted C) kof2001h (alternate set, AES version) kof2001b (bootleg) kf2k1pls (bootleg set 1) kf2k1pa (bootleg set 2) cthd2003 (bootleg) ct2k3sp (bootleg) mslug4 mslug4nd (non encrypted P, decrypted C) ms4plus (bootleg) rotd rotdnd (non encrypted P, decrypted C) kof2002 kof2k2nd (unscrambled P, decrypted C) kof2002b (bootleg) kf2k2pls (bootleg set 1) kf2k2pa (bootleg set 2) kf2k4spe (bootleg) matrim matrimnd (unscr
  6. This unofficial release of Kawa-X supports the following sets : svcnd, mslug4nd, matrimnd, samsh5nd, kof2k2nd, mslug5nd, pnyaan, ghostlop, rotdnd, kof2k3nd, ss5spnd & progear. kof2k3nd, svcnd & mslug4nd 512 K S1's 'R not added yet. rotdnd matches Kawaks 1.53 set, except the P1 rom. bngbeadn, androdun, kof99nd & kof2k1nd sets now match Kawaks 1.53 sets. * Removed games 'R just 6 glitched games + 1 CPS-2 game : neocup98 (Glitched), ridheroh (Glitched), ridhero (Glitched), ssideki2 (Glitched), ssideki3 (Glitched), ssideki4 (Glitched) & mpangj. Sets added in detail : ProGe
  7. OK, I'll do it. I'll add support for samples 06a & 06b too.
  8. Kawa-X has Winkawaks 1.46 core. It isn't open source & won't be updated... the project status's officially discontinued. The unofficial hacks like N3oghost's Kawa-X Plus, Kawa-Hex, Kawa-X SE etc 'R outdated : no update since the last year. Btw, the last hex edited version recently updated (11.20.04) supports the latest Neo*Geo decrypted C-Roms sets : www.1emulation.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=10226&st=10 The best emu stays FBA-XXX, it's constantly updated.
  9. for what? Mr. X already told you what to do if you want the game to run <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Yeah..it's beyond easy to do..basically...just rename the roms in progear to match the roms in mighty pang...then rename the progear zip file to mpangj..and that's it. It took me all of five minutes.. btw Mr. X..I noticed that the sound effect of the coins/gems being leeched is missing..would that have to do with the two extra sims you have to rename in the progear file?? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> To recover the missing sounds due to missing samples : in the xbe file, U 've to edit t
  10. Just rename progear set name archive as mpangj's one, then rename each progear rom image & xor as mpangj's ones. Or edit the xbe file to rename mpangj set name, roms images & add pga-sim.06a & 06b roms images support in accordance with progear set.
  11. U 'R right. But ProGear works fine with Kawa-X if U replace Mighty Pang (Jap) with ProGear. @Sammaz : I'm not the only man to do that. This 's due to the fact Kawa-X dev status 's discontinued.
  12. pg1 is the name used for the alternate vers. P1 from MVS set. There 'R some other infos : aodk Aggressors of Dark Kombat / Tsuukai GANGAN Koushinkyoku [May/24/98] These proms are taken from the Arcade version. - alpham2 Alpha Mission II / ASO II - Last Guardian [Nov/15/2000] ASO II - Last Guardian - / Alpha Mission II ©1991 SNK NEOGEO MVS Redumped 007-P1.BIN [5b266f47] 524,288 007-P2.BIN [eb9c1044] 131,072 007-S1.BIN [85ec9acf] 131,072 007-M1.BIN [28dfe2cd] 131,072 007-V1.BIN [cd5db931] 1,048,576 007-V2.BIN [63e9b574] 1,048,576 007-C1.BIN [8fba8ff3] 1,048,576 007-C2.BIN
  13. Indeed, U'll notice there's no diff between 'em. the complete sound driver bios data 's 64 Kb, but it's doubled with 64 Kb in the real cart. This means U can use m1d U want, both 'R correct.
  14. Thanks Amigo Hotaru. But, what's Ur viewpoint about the following romsets ; could U confirm if they come from aes or not ? 1/ 2020bbh 2/ aof2a 3/ bakatono 4/ burningh 5/ 8man 6/ fatfursa 7/ fightfva 8/ fbfrenzy 9/ kotmh 10/ lbowling 11/ maglordh 12/ minasan 13/ mutnat 14/ ncombata 15/ ncommand 16/ pbobblna 17/ rbff2a 18/ ridheroh 19/ roboarma 20/ sengokh 21/ shocktra 22/ kof95a 23/ kof96h 24/ kof97a 25/ lastblda 26/ tpohunta 27/ wh1h
  15. It would be nice if some1 list all the NeoGeo dumps from aes carts currently supported by the active emulators.
  16. Logiqx released Mame & Crystal System CMP & RC dats : http://logiqx.com he has also updated NeoGeo dat which now shows kof2003a MVS crc & samsho5h Home version crc.
  17. NeoGeo games 'R now supported until kof2002. matrim & bootlegs 'R not added, except kof97pls.
  18. Yes, it has been released, but Xor's aren't released yet. Hyper_Street_Fighter_2_-_Asia_-_040202.zip hs2.01 131,072bytes C1A13786 hs2.02 131,072bytes 2D8794AA hs2a.03 524,288bytes D50A17E0 hs2a.04 524,288bytes A27F42DE hs2.05 524,288bytes DDE34A35 hs2.06 524,288bytes F4E56DDA hs2a.07 524,288bytes EE4420FC hs2.08 524,288bytes C9441533 hs2.09 524,288bytes 3FC638A8 hs2.10 524,288bytes 20D0F9E4 hs2.11 8,388,608bytes 0E15C359 hs2.13 8,388,608bytes A6ECAB17 hs2.15 8,388,608bytes 10A0AE4D hs2.17 8,388,608bytes ADFA7726 hs2.19 8,388,608bytes BB3AE322 Hyper_Street_Fi
  19. Also, KoF Special Edition 2004 Plus has been released : System: NEO RomName: kf2k4spd Game: The King of Fighters Special Edition 2004 Plus (fully decrypted) Parent: kof2k4se [Program] 2k4-p1pl.rom,0,100000,388C5CBA,0 2k4-p2d.bin,100000,400000,698679a7,0 [Text] 2k4-s1pl.rom,0,20000,348686DD,0 [Z80] 2k4-m1.bin,0,20000,5a47d9ad,0 [samples] 2k4-v1.bin,0,400000,8991f6e9,0 2k4-v2.bin,400000,400000,511e4d2f,0 2k4-v3.bin,800000,400000,1dd8b53a,0 2k4-v4.bin,C00000,400000,63bb5462,0 [Graphics] 2k4-c1.bin,0,800000,7a050288,0 2k4-c2.bin,1,800000,e924afcf,0 2k4-c3.bin,1000000,800000,959fad0b,0
  20. Shinryu Senki : The Warlocks of the Fates seems to be a nice beat'em-up. I guess Xacrow'll refuse to release his set.
  21. Is any1 actually planning on adding MAME 0.90u1 core, especially Model 2, to MAMEoX ?
  22. Kawa-X has Winkawaks 1.46 core. It isn't open source & won't be updated... the project status's officially discontinued. Btw, the last hex edited version (11.20.04) supports the latest Neo*Geo decrypted C-Roms sets : www.1emulation.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=10226&st=10 The best emu stays FBA-XXX, it's constantly updated.
  23. Which BIOS do U use ? Normally, after removing the media check, it should work.
  24. U needn't any patches. When I meant "patch", I meant "DVD2xbox can apply a patch to remove media check". Just launch DVD2xbox on Ur X-Box, select the default.xbe of the game, then press "start" to remove media check from.xbe. That's all.
  25. IGR = In Game Reset. Check if they'R enabled in Ur Dash config. Normally, they shouldn't cause any probs like irregular reboots.
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