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  1. I can't post in the proper section, the access is denied when I try to post. From : http://haze.mameworld.info
  2. KoF 10th Anniversary All Team Battle (bootleg) is released on a chinese forum too. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Btw, Xor's for CPS-2 game Puzz Loop 2 'r released. KoF 10th & Puzz Loop 2 'r now supported & fully emulated by Winkawaks 1.54.
  3. It looks like this ; it should have about 60 charas selectable...
  4. Decrypted Kof2002 V roms Former Jap M1 Fix Team decrypted kof2002 M1 Encrypted P Scrambled Cx MAME incomplete driver (Cx 're not descrambled here) :
  5. KoF 10th Anniversary All Team Battle (bootleg) is released on a chinese forum too.
  6. I don't want to blame U, coz U want to help other members, but my recommendation is : to remove the link, coz direct link to illegal unsigned xbe is stricly forbidden on this forum ! Btw, MAMEdOX is heavy (125 Mb) & was already seeded @ xxxxsky. Could any1 make a patch to get & compare MAMEoX.xbe, default.xbe & tnb ? I don't want this release, I just want to compare it.
  7. It's an exe patch, not xbe. Re-download it, if there's a prob.
  8. No ! Just apply this patch to Ur ss5spnd m1d 128 Kb crc32 B5ABDA07.
  9. Except sngokun P1 & kof95 V1 & sets update matching MAME 0.80, U needn't any other changes. Btw, samsho5sp & ss5spnd correct m1d 512 Kb was released, crc32 : 203D744E. As the 3 last segs of 128 Kb 'R the same ones & have minor diff with the 1st seg, I only post a patch to get the 128 Kb one : 271_m1d_128_Kb_crc32_B5ABDA07_to_271_m1d_128_Ko_crc32_654E9236__first_seg_from_512_Kb_m1d_crc32_203D744E_.rar
  10. cthd2k3a Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon 2003 (Bootleg, set 2) is released on a chinese forum.
  11. also for sengoku3.zip? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Sengoku 3 (encrypted Cx) isn't supported. Btw, if I update all the sets, I 'll have to update all the Neo*Geo sets to match MAME, Winkawaks & FBa indeed : 3countb aof3 blazstar goalx3 kabukikl kotm2 lastblad magdrop3 mslug neobombe neodrift ninjamas pulstar ragnagrd rbffspec samsho3 samsho4 shocktro sonicwi3 ssideki4 turfmast twinspri tws96 wakuwak7 whp wjammers
  12. androdun set Ok bngbeadn set Ok sngoku3n P1 crc32 E0D4BC0A Ok U can use kof95 V1 matching Winkawaks 1.53 set ; no modif in the xbe is needed to support it.
  13. Lots of those bootleg sets require adding alot of extra code to descramble the C ROMs and such. I really don't think enough ppl use them to make it worth the effort of trying to get them all working. Personally I don't see the point in any emu supporting bootlegs that don't change the game at all. I very much doubt that we'll see these kinds of sets officially supported by MAME (since matrimbl isn't). I won't remove the ones that are already there but I certainly don't want to add any more. svcsplus uses decrypted roms simply because they work just as well and load alot quicker and (as I said above) I don't want to spend time trying to get the svcboot descrambling code working. I could add an svcplus if ppl really wanted it, but it also would have to be based on the decrypted C ROMs. Thanks for letting me know about the problem with matrimnd's P ROMs. That was an oversight on my part. I'll upload a fixed patch and DATs soon. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Yeah, I know svcboot Cx 'R scrambled, but there's the possibility to add only Px, M & V to get svcboot, svcplus, svcplusa supported (Btw, U'll notice the bug of Ryu's face at the beginning of the intro with those decrypted Cx ). kof2002b & kof2k2pa 'R supported by Winkawaks 1.53.
  14. Andro Dunos needs only 2 Cx, coz C 3 & C4 were garbage. Bang Bead (decrypted Cx) formerly uses Cx from the prototype, but indeed Cx data from the prototype R the same ones that in the decrypted Cx set merged into 2 Cx + dummy (C1 & C2 both : 8 Mb). U've to use the updated sets (matching Winkawaks 1.53). Sengoku 3 P1 has to be changed, coz the one required by Kawa-X is a bad dump. U've to use the one matching the set (decrypted Cx) supported by Winkawaks 1.53. No modif is needed in the default.xbe to support the true P1. PRican already answered about Neo*Geo BIOS.
  15. Logiqx updated his Neo*Geo dat. Btw, why don't FBa-XXX & FBa-XXX Pro support secondary bootlegs such as svcboot, svcplus, svcplusa, kof2002b & kof2k2pa ? Why R the roms assigned with svcsplus decrypted ? R matrimnd Px decrypted ? Coz Px crc32 'R the same ones as in the parent set. Lastly, I thx Gogo Ackman, Manto, the FBa-XXX Team & + T + to spend their free time to add drivers & implement new functions.
  16. Indeed, the set 's named rotdND (decrypted Cx), coz P1 8 Mb hasn't bankswitching & is already descrambled. It has only to be patched to enable console mode. Someone told this P1 could come from a bootleg MVS cart.
  17. Which V roms crc32 mentionned ? Do U mean P roms ? 4 Mb & 8 Mb ?
  18. To make it, just fill it with junk (dummy file of 64 Kb : FF or 00 values).
  19. The P1 is not up (Ultra Plus features), but it comes from kof2003 Px roms decrypted & patched to remove bankswitching.
  20. 271-v1d.bin crc32 dd6c6a85 & 271-v2d.bin crc32 0e84f8c1 come from unwatermarked V1d 16 Mb crc32 2964f36e splitted into 2 segs.
  21. Just open Ur P1 rom with an hex editor to apply the values above or select 'em to make a.pat file usable with FEP soft. Btw, the patch should be already added in BenderMAME0X driver.
  22. Author : HappyAsr Release : 2004.03.xx crc32 : 3B0BC22B SHA-1 : 0F5097304D834A0F32DC22519F52E473060AD89B size : 4194304 bytes Explanations : - Based on p1 crc32 B8CC969D (to be precise the first 6 x 512 Kb segs) ; - Useless data removed (10 x 512 Kb segs) ; - Console mode enabled ; - Some timing issues fixed.
  23. On Ur pic, U point on offset 176. Go to offset FFFF0, U'll find string "yBH paypSA". Just erase it in typing 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 from offset FFFF0 to FFFFB.
  24. Indeed, samsh5sp set was dumped from an AES cart "recalled" : that means fatalities were removed to apply the censor causing some bugs. Due to the pressure generated by the customers to own a genuine product, SNKP released some samsh5sp AES carts with fatalities unlocked & bugs fixed. Btw, if U don't use Unibios, U can apply the patch made by Wesker from Fightchina to enable fatalities : 990 : FF -> FC 991 : FF -> 33 992 : FF -> 02 993 : FF -> 00 994 : FF -> 10 995 : FF -> 00 996 : FF -> 10 997 : FF -> E0 998 : FF -> F9 999 : FF -> 4E 99A : FF -> 04 99B : FF -> 00 99C : FF -> BA 99D : FF -> 61 461B4 : 7C -> F9 461B5 : 35 -> 4E 461B6 : 7D -> 00 461B8 : 14 -> 90 461B9 : 00 -> 09
  25. Like Winhex, Hex Workshop, Cygnus Hex editor, Hedit...
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