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  1. 1. SvC 2. KoF 2002 3. KoF 2003 4. KoF' 98 5. RotD
  2. lol MAME 0.97 is out ! & mslug5 unwatermarked C's ROMs images 'R available...
  3. Yep, U can do it with an hex editor if U can translate from japanese...
  4. Accurate samsho5sp ROMs images : samsh5sp Samurai Shodown V Special / Samurai Spirits Zero Special (AES ver. recalled) 272-c1.bin size 8388608 crc 4f97661a 272-c2.bin size 8388608 crc a3afda4f 272-c3.bin size 8388608 crc 8c3c7502 272-c4.bin size 8388608 crc 32d5e2e2 272-c5.bin size 8388608 crc 6ce085bc 272-c6.bin size 8388608 crc 05c8dc8e 272-c7.bin size 8388608 crc 1417b742 272-c8.bin size 8388608 crc d49773cd 272-m1.bin size 524288 crc adeebf40 272-p1c.bin size 4194304 crc 9291794d 272-p2c.bin size 4194304 crc fa1a7dd8 272-v1.bin size 8388608 crc 76a94127 272-v2.bin size 8388608 crc 4ba507f1
  5. New clones added in MAME 0.96u3 : Dungeons & Dragons: Tower of Doom (Euro 940113) Alien vs. Predator (Hispanic 940520) X-Men Vs. Street Fighter (Asia 960919) Street Fighter Zero 3 (Asia 980904) Giga Wing (Asia 990222)
  6. Yep, SF2CE13 was dumped 1 year ago... CTHD2k3 Ultra Plus seems to be dumped...
  7. It should. Just save the decrypted Cs from kawaks or convert2 and then read the readme.txt that's included. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Yes it can, because matrim S1 is stored in C7 & C8 too... but it's a 128 K segment, the 3rd one after getting that 512 K S1 if I'm not wrong... Btw, you 'll be able to notice a weird thing : the 4th segment is mslug4 128 K S1... Why ?
  8. Current MAME ver. is 0.95u6...
  9. The homebrew Feat Frog wasn't added...
  10. It should be possible to put DDR tracks instead of the original ones, but U 've to know if the tracks 'r encoded or not & the format of these ones. If U succeed in getting tracks under the same format, U can play 'em instead of the original ones in Ur HD or after reburning the game in a CD.
  11. How old was he ? Did he live as = as most of human beings not makers of peace ?
  12. RiP J-Paul II, Maker of Peace...
  13. Is that actually working? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Yeah, it runs perfectly ; btw, FBa-XXX src isn't available yet. Gfx issues have been fixed, even after validing on "continue" screen.
  14. Yeah, U 'R right ; some older emus load no more 128 Kb in M1's & S1's.
  15. Indeed, all the 128 Kb S1's 'R 1 segment from the true 512 Kb (here svcchaos) or 1 Mb S1 (kof2003). 128 Kb S1 fixed & descrambled 'R used with emus supporting fully decrypted (bankswitching in P ROMs images removed too) sets like NRX or crappy loaders.
  16. Yes, it does have fake transp. effects emulated. for example, kof2003b has a S1 of 1 Mb crc32 04B902B9 which has transp. effects, this S1 is stored in C5 & C6 ROMs images of 16 Mb (indeed 512 Kb x 2 + junk). Same thing with svcboot, it has a S1 of 512 Kb with transp. effects easily perceptible on charas lifebars.
  17. Yeah. But to avoid suppressing ProGear, U can copy & paste Mighty Pang! matching driver (ROMs images detail) instead of another CPS-2 game clone to use it with Puzz Loop 2.
  18. I know why U got an error. Ur error is due to Ur P1 + P2, coz samsh5nd P1 is fully decrypted & has no bankswitching. Also, I 've noticed why U used P1 + P2 instead of the true required P1n (non-encrypted) 8 Mb crc32 E67F3EE2 ; this is due to the fact, it's mentionned P1 + P2 encrypted in the dat files for samsh5nd (as for samsho5d indeed). So, U 've to use this P1 : 270-p1n.bin 8 Mb crc32 E67F3EE2 to solve Ur prob.
  19. U get mslug4nd S1 in decrypting matrimnd Cx with Winkawaks coz S1 data is not located into the 2 last 64 Kb segments from C7d & C8d respectively. To get Ur mslug5nd P1n, just replace the sig with "octets zero's" : 00 00 00... Garou 512 Kb S1 crc32 be2ba1a5 should be posted in RS forum.
  20. Samsho5 M1 crc32 49c9901a 512 Kb is the true M1 from MVS cart, but it isn't released yet. U must wait. Mslug5nd P1 fully decrypted fixed by HappyASR crc32 d99c035c 1 Mb & P1 crc32 24ea2e4d 'R indeed the same P1 ; just open P1 crc32 d99c035c, roll down until the end of the file & erase HappyASR's signature in string, then U'll get Ur P1 crc32 24ea2e4d. About Matrimnd S1, I haven't Ur 128 Kb S1 crc32 c4f4ed0e to make a patch.
  21. Today, I 've learnt SF2 Turyu has no alt ver. Flycboy corrected my error & explained : SF2 Turyu (Bootleg) is different from SF2 Toryu (hack) whose alt ver set is SF2 tory2 (hack) [see MAME Plus extra sets supported] SF2 Toryu & SF2 Tory2, both of them, need SF2CE13 as parent.
  22. Flycboy, admin of EZ emu-zone.org forum has confirmed & proved mslug5b (Bootleg) is sold in commerce. He has even shown bootleg cart chips. I want to thx + T + for this release, & especially about updated CPS-2 conventional ROMs renaming & updated Neo*Geo drivers : svcboot, svcplus, svcplusa, kof2002b & kof2k2pa. Congratulations ! Btw, I dislike mangling (i.e : King of Fighter, The) ; but this is my personal viewpoint.
  23. I have not done that yet Is there any chance I can see your driver for the P rom ? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I use the same one posted @Iq's page :
  24. P rom was already done in the driver. Btw, which Cx crc32 do U get in selecting blocs after launching kof10th with Winkawaks & doing a RAM dump ?
  25. U can notice KoF'97 Team (Billy Kane, Ryuji Yamazaki & Blue Mary) appears twice (the former & the newer). @James : Have U figured out Cx scrambling scheme ? I still get an error with C8a rom.
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