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  1. U've 2 alternatives if U don't want to intall a modchip to launch unsigned xbe with Ur X-Box : TSOP flash ; installing an exploit. I recommend U to read the tuto to install UXE @ http://xbox-scene.com
  2. EasyMAMEFE seems to be the only FE updated to run : www.mameworld.net/easymame/mamemark.html
  3. Delete all the lines except the headers into 1822 text files *.txt. The headers 're the 8 first lines, I want to keep them & delete the rest.
  4. Loan Maui I prefer this one : a nice Barbie doll :
  5. Karin Taylor 's a famous jamaican model Karin Taylor Karin Taylor Karin Taylor
  6. Victoria Silvstedt Vs. Tila Nguyen http://img370.imageshack.us/img370/5953/vic0np.jpg Victoria Silvstedt Tila Nguyen Tila Nguyen
  7. In this bootleg, U 've the possibility to change the fighter during a round (that's the reason it's called "Magic" lol)...
  8. Hi ! Does any1 know how to delete in mass a lot of lines (from line number to line number [blocks]) into numerous files in the same path at the same time ? I know Perl could do it, but if it exists another mean (easier) under Win XP. Thx
  9. Sorry I've no GF, but I'm looking for 1 & more...
  10. My job : informatic initiation to children (but I'm not a teacher). In my dream, I'd like to become a photographer to take pin up babes between my arms.
  11. The brunnette 's Karen Mc Dougal... The 1st blonde 's Buffy Tyler... & the blonde at the bottom 's Lorrie Stewart.
  12. Yep nice but a bit slim. PS : About my best friend : after learning his beginning of hair loss, is it normal that his GF wants to do a break ?
  13. U may use encypted P or C ROM's with the wrong Fix or Gfx value at the end of the Dat file. This could explain Ur crash.
  14. KoF 2002 Magic Plus (Bootleg) released...
  15. KoF10th decrypted P1 released around the Net has always bankswitching code. KoF10th Unique decrypted P1 has no bankswitching.
  16. I know Xor's not released @emufrance cps2shock mirror, but this one works fine (unlike the preview ones made). Yes, check the attachment (excluded : Pochi and Nyaa ini's, CTHD 2003 ini's, KoF 10th ini's, KoF 2004 SE ini's & all the Plus bootlegs ini's [exception for SVC Chaos]) kof2001.ini ; kof2001h.ini ; kof2001b.ini ; kof2k1nd.ini ; mslug4.ini ; mslug4nd.ini ; rotd.ini ; rotdnd.ini ; kof2002.ini ; kof2002b.ini ; kof2k2nd.ini ; matrim.ini ; matrimbl.ini ; matrimnd.ini ; mslug5.ini ; mslug5b.ini ; mslug5nd.ini ; svcchaos.ini ; svchaosa.ini ; svcboot.ini ; svcnd.ini ; svcplus.ini ; svcplusa.ini ; svcsplus.ini ; samsho5.ini ; samsho5h.ini ; samsh5bl.ini ; samsh5nd.ini ; kof2003d.ini ; kof2003a.ini ; kof2003b.ini ; kof2k3nd.ini ; samsh5sp.ini ; ss5spnd.ini. FBA_cheats.rar
  17. Do U mean it could be made by EGCG member Creamymami ?
  18. progeara (Asia 010117) 's now playable.
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