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  1. Hello I have a question about the XBOX and PC versions of FBA-XXX and Final Burn Alpha and I was wondering could someone help me out with what I want to do (if it is even possible.) What I wanted to do was record a Neo Geo game replay in FBA-XXX for the XBOX (i.e. King of Fighters 95). Then take that replay and use it on Final Burn Alpha for the PC. But I have ran into a bit of a problem, when I use the recorded data from the XBOX on the PC, it crashes and gives me an illegal output method (this is coming from the FBA-XXX version 26/08 recorded data.) I also went back some and found the 30/07 version of FBA-XXX which mentions that it can "now record game replay compatible with fba PC (not if recorded with autoboot unibios activated or CPU not at 100%)." I made sure that the unibios wasn't activate and that the CPU was at 100%, but when I used the replay data from that version of FBA-XXX on the PC, FBA for the PC tells me that this data is ment for input replay only. So if anyone has some idea on how I can playback replay data from the XBOX to the PC, it would help out so much.
  2. Hello I recently got ahold of Rage of the Dragon (28.5 MB) and I am having trouble trying to run it on Final Burn Alpha XXX (latest version). The problem that I am having is with that scratch sounds being made. When I go to insert coin, it's perfect for that sound effect, but any other sound or music effect comes out all scratchy. I followed most of the help that was offered previously in past posts. I also checked my rom against that of the DAT's that came from FBA XXX (I deleted and retstarted FBA XXX to generate new dats and had them checked against Rom Center) and from what RomCenter could tell me was that everything was correct. Is there another patch I need for sound or whatnot to have it work correctly? Also in the link below, it shows you the CRC's in which RomCenter gave me, so if someone could tell me fi they are wrong or not, could you help me out? http://www.geocities.com/kazemakase_ran/rotdn.jpg Edit: Since the first day this message was posted, there have been zero reply's but 29 people viewing this message. I know one person out of the 29 or at least someone knows how to solve this issue.
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