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  1. I think it's ridiculous to die in these circumstances & there's no interest to play more 1 day without pausing.
  2. From : www.cnn.com/2005/WORLD/asiapcf/08/09/game.death.reut/index.html
  3. Useless & superficial... I don't mean I'm looking for a superficial lady, but meeting ladies causes troubles & avoid getting independancy...
  4. Only KoV 2 's added, actually... no more news about PGM improvements ? Is El Semi planning to add more PGM games such as Demon Front or Do Donpachi 2 Bee Storm ?
  5. I know this guy, he looks like K'. But with blonde hair instead of white.
  6. Is any1 working on an update to 0.98u2 ?
  7. What is this other stuff? Sitting on your ass all day talking to people on some site called 1Emulation? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> True... I've to go out more often...
  8. The ladies don't come to me, coz I 've other stuffs to do...
  9. Nice style ; let's see : www.molvania.com/video_medium_2.html
  10. Yep, U 'R right, I've just checked, it's a PGM game ... PGM 'R not officially supported by FBa but the main CPU is a 68000 too : )
  11. It would be nice to add Do Donpachi - Bee Storm (aka Donpachi 3). The game works with MAME but has some slight sprites issues.
  12. I forgot to say : check U use "nNeoTextROMFixType" instead of "nTextBankswitch" for S ROM in Ur drivers. There : "nNeoTextROMFixType = 5" is for S decryption method used by svcsplus, kof2k3up & kf2k2spr S ROMs.
  13. // The King of Fighters 10th Anniversary Unique - All Team Battle 2005 (bootleg) static struct BurnRomInfo kof10thuRomDesc[] = { { "kf10-p1u.bin", 0x800000, 0xDD135FB6, 1 | BRF_ESS | BRF_PRG }, // 0 68K code { "kf10-s1u.bin", 0x020000, 0x7612E182, 2 | BRF_GRA }, // 1 Text data { "kf10-c1a.bin", 0x400000, 0x3BBC0364, 3 | BRF_GRA }, // 2 Sprite data { "kf10-c2a.bin", 0x400000, 0x91230075, 3 | BRF_GRA }, // 3 { "kf10-c1b.bin", 0x400000, 0xB5ABFC28, 3 | BRF_GRA }, // 4 { "kf10-c2b.bin", 0x400000, 0x6CC4C6E1, 3 | BRF_GRA }, // 5 { "kf10-c3a.bin", 0x400000, 0x5B3D4A16, 3 | BRF_GRA }, // 6 { "kf10-c4a.bin", 0x400000, 0xC6F3419B, 3 | BRF_GRA }, // 7 { "kf10-c3b.bin", 0x400000, 0x9D2BBA19, 3 | BRF_GRA }, // 8 { "kf10-c4b.bin", 0x400000, 0x5A4050CB, 3 | BRF_GRA }, // 9 { "kf10-c5a.bin", 0x400000, 0xA289D1E1, 3 | BRF_GRA }, // 10 { "kf10-c6a.bin", 0x400000, 0xE6494B5D, 3 | BRF_GRA }, // 11 { "kf10-c5b.bin", 0x400000, 0x404FFF02, 3 | BRF_GRA }, // 12 { "kf10-c6b.bin", 0x400000, 0xF2CCFC9E, 3 | BRF_GRA }, // 13 { "kf10-c7a.bin", 0x400000, 0xBE79C5A8, 3 | BRF_GRA }, // 14 { "kf10-c8a.bin", 0x400000, 0xA5952CA4, 3 | BRF_GRA }, // 15 { "kf10-c7b.bin", 0x400000, 0x3FDB3542, 3 | BRF_GRA }, // 16 { "kf10-c8b.bin", 0x400000, 0x661B7A52, 3 | BRF_GRA }, // 17 { "kf10-m1.bin", 0x020000, 0x5A47D9AD, 4 | BRF_ESS | BRF_PRG }, // 18 Z80 code { "kf10-v1.bin", 0x800000, 0x0FC9A58D, 5 | BRF_SND }, // 19 Sound data { "kf10-v2.bin", 0x800000, 0xB8C475A4, 5 | BRF_SND }, // 20 }; STDROMPICKEXT(kof10thu, kof10thu, neogeo); STD_ROM_FN(kof10thu); // kof10thu decrypt code by IQ_132 - http://neosource.1emulation.com static void kof10thuDecrypt() { int nBank[] = { 0x06, 0x01, 0x02, 0x03, 0x04, 0x05, 0x00, 0x07, }; int i,ofst; unsigned char *pTemp = (unsigned char*)malloc(0x800000); for( i = 0; i < 0x800000 / 0x100000; i++ ) { memcpy( &pTemp[ i * 0x100000 ], &Neo68KROM[ nBank[ i ] * 0x100000 ], 0x100000 ); } for( i = 0; i < 0x800000 / 2; i++ ){ ofst = BITSWAP08( (i & 0x0000ff), 7, 6, 2, 3, 4, 5, 0, 1 ); ofst += (i & 0xffff00); memcpy( &Neo68KROM[ ofst * 2 ], &pTemp[ i * 2 ], 0x02 ); } free( pTemp ); } static int kof10thuInit() { nNeoTextROMFixType = 5; pNeoInitCallback = kof10thuDecrypt; return NeoInit(); } struct BurnDriver BurnDrvkof10thu = { "kof10thu", "kof10th", "neogeo", "2004", "The King of Fighters 10th Anniversary Unique - All Team Battle 2005 (bootleg)\0", "Bootleg of \"The King of Fighters 2002\"", "Bootleg", "Neo Geo", NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL, BDF_GAME_WORKING | BDF_CLONE | BDF_BOOTLEG, 2, HARDWARE_SNK_NEOGEO, NULL, kof10thuRomInfo, kof10thuRomName, neogeoInputInfo, neogeoDIPInfo, kof10thuInit, NeoExit, NeoFrame, NeoRender, NeoScan, &NeoRecalcPalette, nNeoScreenWidth, 224, 4, 3 };
  14. Is kof10thu aka The King of Fighters 10th Anniversary - All Team Battle 2005 Unique (Bootleg) added ?
  15. Is Street Fighter Zero (Asia 950627) [see MAME 0.98u2] added ?
  16. To enable the Crystal games in MAMEDoX, just use Perl to update mame.vcproj (not needed with MAMEDoX) & XBESectionUtil.cpp from MAMEoX/Sources folder to register Crystal drivers & SE3208 CPU. Or simply replace the older XBESectionUtil with this update, then compile : XBESectionUtil.rar
  17. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Btw, I got them working with MAMEDoX, I found the problem.
  18. Why 'R Crystal games not readded in MAMED0X ?
  19. This bootleg 's ennoyed, everyone dislikes crappy bootlegs. Much other versions of kof10th 'll be dumped : KoF10th Magic Plus ; KoF10th Extra Plus. kof10thu (decrypted P & S) works with crappy older emus NRX & Nebula.
  20. What do U think about her sad life ? Mary Carey : "I was born June 15, 1980 in cleveland Ohio. Both my mother and father were mentally handicapped. My mother was adopted by grandparents so no one really knows for sure what it is, although she is a diagnosed schizophrenic. My father was pulled out by forceps so that caused him to be slow and have a speech problem. After living with my mom and dad until I was 3 months old, my grandparents took over. My mom and dad got a divorce and my mother and I moved in with my grandparents. They provided a wonderful life for me. My grandfather stayed home with me while my grandmother worked as a secretary for general motors. I was in dancing lessons and got everything I ever wanted. When I was in 2nd grade, 7 years old, my grandmother retired and we moved to Ft.Lauderdale, Florida. The following year my grandparents legally adopted me from my mother. I continued with dance lessons and excelled in school. I received straight A's and was on the honor roll. I was also in girl scouts and I bowled in league. When I was 12 years old I performed in the Miami City Ballet's Nutcracker. That was when I decided I love to perform and wanted to be a ballerina. My life became focused around dance. My grandparents decided to send me to the prestigious Pine Crest School in Ft. Lauderdale. It was $10,000 a year but I had Financial Aid and great grades from public school, so I was able to go there; my grandparents used all their savings to send me. Life was great. I was getting scholarships for dance everywhere in the country. I was the lead in my school ballet productions. Then tragedy struck. My grandfather was diagnosed with lung cancer and 6 months later passed away. I was only 16 years old. At the same time my grandmother's Parkinson's disease was getting much worse. She had it since I was 13. On top of all else my body was starting to change. I did not get my period until I was 16 so I was still thin and flat chested but then I got it and my body was changing and my boobs were starting to grow. Senior year of high school was great though. I was the lead in my school's ballet and I received the highest honor, the Founders Award, for dance. I received scholarships for dance to numerous colleges, and chose to attend FSU over the summer. While I was away, my grandmother's condition worsened. I transferred home to FAU but they had no dance program. I attended Ballet Florida and chose a major of Theater. By this time I had lost the ballet body. I was told to lose 20 pounds and get a breast reduction. I decided to hang up the tutu and try out for my college dance team. I made it and did that for my sophomore year of college. By now my grandmother was even worse. I would go home from school in between classes to check on her. Also all of her savings were gone and we sold our house and moved into a small condo. I decided I needed a part-time job but couldn't find one that had good pay for a few hours. I had very little time to work since I on the dance team as well a full time student. I decided to take a job as model for an adult internet site. Doing that, I met strippers who told me how much more money I would make dancing. I decided why not and started strippin' at the end of my sophomore year. I quit the dance team and danced at the strip club instead. I saw feature dancers come to the club; they actually did shows and I thought I could do that, too. So I called an agent that I saw listed in a mag. He told me to make my name big I should do porn. So I went out to LA and worked my butt off. I called everyone and went to all the studios and did polaroids. I also went on the Howard Stern show and developed a relationship with Playboy TV by simply mailing my pics to an address on the back of a movie box cover I saw at Blockbuster. Then I met Kick Ass Pictures' owner Mark Kulkis and signed an exclusive contract. He said, "Run for governor," and I did. Tragedy struck though just as I started to run, My grandmother and best friend for years passed away. I was heartbroken but continued campaigning. My goal is to keep doing this and to do some acting, try to cross over to mainstream and live a happy life."
  21. kf2k1pls & kf2k1pa released 'R not confirmed as true bootlegs, but they exist in bootleg carts. mslug5b true bootleg P1 is P1b crc32 D05853EA, dumped by Mr Lee. Released bootlegs (according to Flycboy, abb & EGCG) : pbobblnb - Puzzle bobble / Bust-A-Move (Bootleg) ; kof97pls - The King of Fighters '97 Plus (Bootleg) ; kof97pla - The King of Fighters '97 Plus (Alt bootleg, bad dump fix version) ; cthd2003 - Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon 2003 (Bootleg) ; cthd2k3a - Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon 2003 (Alt bootleg) ; ct2k3sp - cthd2003 Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon 2003 Super Plus (Bootleg) ; kof2001b - The King of fighters 2001 (Bootleg) ; ms4plus - Metal Slug 4 Plus (Bootleg) ; kof2k4se - The King of fighters Special Edition 2004 (Bootleg) ; kf2k4sep - The King of fighters Special Edition 2004 Plus (Bootleg) ; kof10th - The King of fighters 10th Anniversary : All Team Battle (Bootleg) ; kof2002b - The King of fighters 2002 : Challenge to Ultimate Battle (Bootleg) ; kf2k2pls - The King of fighters 2002 Plus : Challenge to Ultimate Battle (Bootleg) ; kf2k2pa - The King of fighters 2002 Plus : Challenge to Ultimate Battle (Alt bootleg) ; kf2k2sup - The King of fighters 2002 Super : Challenge to Ultimate Battle (Bootleg) ; matrimbl - Power Instinct : Matrimelee / Shin Gouketuji Ichizoku Tokon : Matrimelee (Bootleg) ; mslug5b - Metal Slug 5 (Bootleg) ; ms5plus - Metal Slug 5 Plus (Bootleg) ; svcboot - SVC Chaos : SNK Vs. Capcom (Bootleg) ; svcplus - SVC Chaos Plus : SNK Vs. Capcom (Bootleg) ; svcplusa - SVC Chaos Plus : SNK Vs. Capcom (Alt bootleg) ; svcsplus - SVC Chaos Super Plus : SNK Vs. Capcom (Bootleg) ; samsh5bl - Samurai Shodown V / Samurai Spirits Zero (Bootleg) ; kof2003b - The King of Fighters 2003 (Bootleg) ; kof2k3up - The King of Fighters 2003 Ultra Plus (Bootleg) ; kof2k4ex - The King of Fighters 2004 EX Hero (Bootleg).
  22. KoF 2004 Special Edition 's not only a simple crappy hack but a bootleg... The cart was even sold @eBay...
  23. Ok, I forgot to say KoF 2002 Super (Bootleg, decrypted P-ROMs) was out last time... Patches to apply to P1 & S1 : kof2k2sup.zip
  24. Uni-bios update : Uni-bios 2.1 : -Link removed until this issue is solved-
  25. SF2CE13 SF2 Champion Edition 1.3 (bootleg) : System: CPS1 RomName: sf2ce13 Game: Street Fighter 2 - Champion Edition 1.3 (bootleg) Parent: sf2ce [Program] 222-040.13,0,80000,ec6f5cb3,0 196-040.13,1,80000,0e9ac52b,0 221-010.13,100000,20000,8226c11c,0 195-010.13,100001,20000,924c6ce2,0 173-16V.13,200000,b9b,24fa6d45,0 176-16V.13,200001,b99,1761e57d,0 177-16V.13,300000,b99,2800dd28,0 198-16V.13,300001,b99,446baf0b,0 [Graphics] s92_01.bin,0,80000,3B0D852,0 s92_02.bin,2,80000,840289EC,0 s92_03.bin,4,80000,CDB5F027,0 s92_04.bin,6,80000,E2799472,0 s92_05.bin,200000,80000,BA8A2761,0 s92_06.bin,200002,80000,E584BFB5,0 s92_07.bin,200004,80000,21E3F87D,0 s92_08.bin,200006,80000,BEFC47DF,0 s2t_10.bin,400000,80000,3C042686,0 s2t_11.bin,400002,80000,8B7E7183,0 s2t_12.bin,400004,80000,293C888C,0 s2t_13.bin,400006,80000,842B35A4,0 [Z80] s92_09.bin,0,10000,8F6B60E,0 [samples] s92_18.bin,0,20000,7F162009,0 s92_19.bin,20000,20000,BEADE53F,0 [system] LayerControl: 66,2,4,8 BGHiControl: 68,6A,6C,6E Stars: 0,0 Banks: 2,2,2 BoardID: 0,0 Multiply: 40,42,44,46 ButLayout: B Fix: 0
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