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  1. My purpose : to meet a cute girl (my next & serious GF for a while).
  2. Totally right (I hope), cuz there's no other form of entertainement around Space. But the problem is : now, we 're + conscient, + intelligent & we don't want to die w/o meaning !!! Death is useless...
  3. Mr Daniels allows to become thin w/o doing sport
  4. svccb P1 comes from svcboot P1 or it's again another hacked/fixed decrypted P1 ?
  5. Very nice, Skythe ! But if U drink or smoke to stay emotionnally stable, U won't keep Ur health... So, replace drinks & cigarettes with video games or a cute girlfriend... This 's just a "fake" as recommendation for X-Mas...
  6. The meaning of Ur life 's to expess our creativity to make History.
  7. Has any1 gotten svcchaosa unscrambled P1 w/o bankswitching ? Does "svcbl" P1 (fixed [playable like svcchaos PCB, no bosses enabled], decrypted, w/o bankswitching) originally come from svcboot P1 or svcplus P1 ?
  8. Even if it's down, there 're some mirrors still active with working torrents files. That's weird.
  9. G19, Suprnova is not dead at all, it only has a simple problem of updating. Btw, I read : the RetSpan association files a complaint against the suprnova web site. From : www.retspan.info/
  10. This 's so true, most of the guys 've an athletic exaggerated body & women look like top models.
  11. Heavy... & abnormal tumor ! We 'll see that in the next Guinness Book of records.
  12. Hi ! I 've read this news about these criminal barbaric acts on CNN World : From : www.cnn.com/2004/WORLD/europe/12/20/france.decapitate.ap/index.html
  13. Yeah, charas bios & origins 're fine, very creative, there 's a new edition of the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe (OHotMU). Link to 1 cover of the new edition of the OHotMU Book of the Dead : http://www.marvel.com/comics/onsale/covers..._0image_big.jpg
  14. I bought my 1st comic book when I was 6. I still continue to buy & read them : Alpha Flight, Fantastic Four, X-Men etc. & you ?
  15. Yes, if you let the correct Cart ID 269, the game 'll freeze. But if you change the Cart ID (a number before 269), the game won't freeze.
  16. To run SVC (Bootleg hacked P1 w/o bankswitching), you 've to change the cart ID of the game in opening P1 with an hex editor. If you don't do it, the game 'll freeze before the comments of the charas.
  17. There would be less sexual weirdos but the epidemic wouldn't be eradicated. Infortunately, prostitution stays a very profitable business in the countries affected by the poverty & can't become legal.
  18. Indeed, you were right in your previous post ; even with educated people, the epidemic won't be eradicated, coz lots of mothers or future mothers 're already infected, the prostitution won't disappear in the countries affected by the poverty & in certain countries, tourists will continue to use children as sexual slaves.
  19. I know it's sometimes difficult to masterize our emotions, but this's a nice solution to avoid the viral spread. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Do you really think that an epidemic of the scale of aids in africa will be stopped by telling people not to have sex? No, the virus won't be eradicated easily coz it comes from SIV & it will stay transmittable by blood transfusions. Also, the minority of uneducated people will refuse to believe in safe-sex recommendations or in condom use measures.
  20. I know it's sometimes difficult to masterize our emotions, but this's a nice solution to avoid the viral spread.
  21. Thx for the link, Gryphon. In Ur 2nd article they mention what I've said in my previous post : This 's worrying :
  22. In Ur article they only say they can't contract it : In Africa, HIV appeared the 1st time in 1956 in Belgian Congo when the poliomyelitis vaccine campaign started. HIV was present in the vaccine they inoculated to people.
  23. Interesting. They 'R immune to HIV, but can they transmit it by sexual or blood way ?
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