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  1. Why can't great arcade shooters like Raiden II, or Raiden JET, Raiden Fighters, Brave Blade, Espuglade work on Final Burn???? Anyone working on them or will try too??? These are must haves...
  2. Guwange ESP Arade PROGEAR (GODLY ASS GAME) Mars Matrix Giga Wing Donpachi DoDonPachi DoDonPachi (Black Label) Dimahoo Raiden 1 and 2 (if only 2 would work on Mame If all these can run on FBAx, that would be awesome.... Sol Divide Raiden Fighters Raiden Jet Giga Wing 2
  3. okay so how do i get these games to work??? Do i just increase the VMM to it's max from the options or Do I actually need to do a ram upgrade?
  4. You try downloading it from Thraxen's forum site... Try there he has the updated mamedox with the more recent vm.txt.
  5. Good to know... Thanks... But basically your saying that it won't run on the Mamedox
  6. I have the latests mamedox.... But, how do I do either of those things....? I thought the VMM propogates by itself... I'm lost...
  7. Any one know what this error is..? It's like some sort of memory error that I get when I try to run MK3, UMK3, Spallter House and Primal Rage... Which I do not understand because these are complete working roms and they work on Mame32 on my pc... Anyone know what's going on?
  8. Since this is game runs Jamma, can it be run on emu like Mame or even better FBAxxx Pro?
  9. Thanks Thraxen... I replied in my mamedox thread on your site... Please check it out... I hope my roms work... but if any of the Raiden Games could be ported over it'd make Mamedox even godlier..
  10. I'd love to have one of those cabinets, but I wanted all on my little xbox so everything is portable... lol besides, that'd would take up a lot of space.... Think of the countless hours of fun though...hmm it's something to consider.. Alos, + T + games such as Gunbird 2 and Brave Blade is on the list of supported roms... Which I should have mentioned.... I haven't really seen it run on any emu... So no one wants to try to emulate the naoimi board eh?
  11. If brave blade is being supported on Mame, then it should be supported by FBAXXXPro and Mamedox... Right? These are great games that we shouldn't miss out on... Also, the Raiden games should be a must on Mamedox... Anyone?
  12. Okay, so I am a huge fan of Acrade Shooters... I'm dying to play Sol Divide, GunBird 2, Giga Wing 2, Do Don Pachi Black Label, and any of the Raiden Games.... I saw on the list for FBAxxx Pro that GunBird 2, Sol Divide and Brave Blade are supported, but it doesn't work on my emu... BUt does anyone one know when these great shooters will be supported?
  13. Maybe I can assit you. PM me about it.. unless you already got it.
  14. + T +, thanks for the advice. I'll give it a try to night. I'll update you on the status. Until then, i'll keep my fingers crossed.
  15. I have the new FBAxxx Pro... I have via torrent the some awesome neogeo roms (Thanks to Thraxen)... Martimelee, Rage of the Dragons, Kof 2000, 2001 and 2002, Metal Slug 1 - 4 and X all work for me. However, the ones that took me over a year to find like Samurai Showdown 5 and Metal Slug 5 will just not show up on my roms menu list. I'm not as elite with all this emu stuff. I know how to trouble shoot the little things, but if someone can help me I would greatly appreciate it. These are the files I have for FBAxxx Pro King of Fighters 2003 kof2k3nd.zip 38,866kb kof2k3plus.zip 40,315kb (i know this works It ran on Neo Geo Rage X on pc) kof2k3up.zip 38,845kb kof2003.zip 42,624kb kof2003b.zip 38,954kb Metal Slug 5 mslug5.zip 79,207kb mslug5nd.zip 29,955kb Samurai Showdown 5 samsh5hd 25,856kb samsh5nd.zip 39,192kb samsh5sp.zip 80,979kb samsho5.zip 81,104kb samsho5h.zip 2,474kb Thanks in advance for any help you can provide...
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