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  1. It should be in the latest NXE update, you pop your game into the drive, and then you navigate to Game Library, click the game, and move down to "Install to Hard Drive". It should be under, "Play Game".
  2. Goodbye threads are never worth it, at least not in my case.
  3. Link us to some of your more interesting posts/threads you've been apart of please. http://www.vgboxart.com/forums/showthread.php?t=13670
  4. http://www.vgboxart.com/forums/index.php
  5. I would never leave you guys. It isn't this forum, the forum that I am trying to leave is filled with seemingly immature teenagers who stick one mistake to your name and refuse to take it away, I'm just fed up with the community as a whole and me posting there at the moment is completely futile.
  6. I've run onto a bumpy road with one forum in particular, but I still keep catching myself returning to the website and logging back in constantly, what are some good methods of leaving a forum and never returning?
  7. Why do you think that is? us old dudes remember the glory days and want to relive them through emulation. I don't know on many 13 year olds who are excited to play arcade and console games from the 80's. oh yeah I am 34. That's cause most kids these days are spoiled trash. They think the internet has always existed (And NOBODY has dial-up anymore), 3D graphics are the way things have always been, games and movies aren't cool if they don't have guns and titties in them (I like me some guns n titties, but FFS!), your car isn't cool unless it has 65HP and tries to sound like it has 500hp and a stereo that makes the trunk vibrate louder than the music playing. I hate today's kids........most of them that is. You forgot to mention, you get a complimentary cell phone at birth nowadays Yes, and no one finds it odd that children think that they are adults at the age of 11.
  8. I prefer forums with an age group such as this, rather than a bundle of teenagers.
  9. "Thread title" And if the answer is, "yes", then that is a good thing.
  10. Dragon Ball: Evolution I just finished watching this movie, the movie is actually very bland. It uses way too many cliches and the movie overall was completely predictable. It didn't anger me that the movie's storyline didn't correspond at all with the original plot, I watched the movie expecting it to go off on a complete tangent. They presented Piccolo to be way more sinister than he actually is, of course everyone's attire was off, the Oozaru was misrepresented. The Oozaru cannot be disabled by emotions, it can either be stopped by the cut of the tail, or the absence of the moon. The Oozaru was also very small and was a small disappointment, none of the characters followed their manga sources, the High School moments were extremely generic. It reminded me of Goku Jr. from the DBGT special, or some type of karate movie. All in all, the movie didn't make me as angry as I thought it would. On it's own merits, the movie is a mediocre waste of time, and if watched while disregarding DB altogether, it can be laughably horrible.
  11. I would be more than happy to use either, considering how much lint and paper clips are in my wallet at this point. Cash and Plastic has it's flaws, I'd rather use a sophisticated touch screen hologram to withdraw and deposit my money.
  12. I can never understand why Microsoft makes new demos temporarily exclusive to XBOX LIVE GOLD members.
  13. Hand sanitizer is complete rubbish. I'm surprised that people have actually overlooked the common and effective washing of the hands with hot water and soap.
  14. http://www.vgboxart.com/author/mf29/
  15. Same here. I will be pirating both of these games without hesitation, along with Final Fantasy XIII: Agito.
  16. They need to remaster this similar to how Street Fighter II HD Remix was done, otherwise this game means nothing to me.
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