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  2. I forgot all about the PSP version. We are also getting a Soul Calibur.
  3. How close is Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion?
  4. You nailed it, thank you very much for that lesson.
  5. I just don't believe in the formula of, Extremely Hard Game = Good Game Now, I'm not saying that difficult games like Megaman, Contra, and Ninja Gaiden are bad games, I'm just saying that the difficulty prevents me from enjoying the game. Rather than appreciating the game for what it is, I have to deal with the ridiculous difficulty. Either I'm a complete wimp, or I am right. I'm a wimp.
  6. I don't believe that overly difficult games are good games, they just make me hate the game even more.
  7. Same here. Jesus, Act 6-3 is literally raping me, even savestates do not help.
  8. I'm still waiting for my Mortal Kombat II XBLA remake.
  9. Well, not really, I'm actually reading my reviews that I made on this website. I can't really put emotion into voice overs because if I do, I'll stutter.
  10. I managed to get to Act 6-2, the game's difficulty is becoming very cheap. Around Act 5-1, the enemies started to spawn more, with an increase of re-spawning from the same exact spot upon death. The birds, bats, and jet pack ninjas are really out of place, not only that, but they are extremely annoying, nevertheless. Enemies who shoot projectiles are unfortunately placed on platforms that cannot be jumped on and attacked simultaneously, all enemies are conveniently placed to the point where I can't really navigate the stage because of their never ending projectiles. It's amazing how wonderfully aggravating this game is, I'm surprised of how close to each other, Ninja Gaiden, and Ninja Gaiden for the XBOX are in difficulty.
  11. I actually downloaded a NES emulator and busted out Ninja Gaiden for the first time ever. Playing a NES game provides a gaming experience like no other. This is my chance to play a system that I missed out on during my childhood because of my age.
  12. I have done and re-did some video reviews over at Gametrailers, under the name of Bootlem. However, I don't really plan on making much more in the future. http://bootlem.gametrailers.com/gamepad/index.php
  13. It isn't that drastic since I am actually making progress in abandoning forums. Those other five-six forums that I posted the same thread in, aren't forums that I visit on the weekly basis.
  14. Hera persuaded me to stay at, VGBOXART. I actually posted a duplicate of this very thread in about six other different forums, and got very useful feedback. I have successfully left two forums that I have been wanting to leave since 2008, for about three days so far. Those forums are not even in my cookie jar, and I abstain from typing them in the address bar.
  15. you're a good kid, just a bit to hard on yourself at times it seems. Give me some examples.
  16. I'm eighteen years old, people. I still have the mission to become mature.
  17. I have the latest version of MAME, recently I attempted to run, Ninja Gaiden (arcade), but the emulator states that "the game is missing one or more of the required ROM or CHD images". What can I do to fix this problem?
  18. Understood but you did you not say before that even if you had "0" it wouldn't change the fact that you're a talented artist? Stick to what you do. You don't have to acknowledge the foolish. Just leaving would show them you're interested in what they have to say. Consider them childish and do your thang chicken wang. Thanks sister.
  19. People have already set a mission to never acknowledge any of my work, good or not, just because of my past mistake, so therefore, I don't see it as a reasonable or respectful community to interact in.
  20. If you read that entire thread, you will see that I stood to my point, and kept emotions out of the situation. Also, I can't delete my account.
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