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  1. War is a Pretty Good Movie. It wasnt ZOMG GREAT, but its def a good watch.
  2. Unleashed is GREAT! Im watching WAR as we speak. lol
  3. Really? I went and Bought WAR and i saw that movie on the shelf, didnt know if i shoulda bought it or not. after the recent troubles with the suicide bomber over in pakistan believe me when you watch this it really hits home.i really rcommend it. iight man, il give it a purchase. Thanx for the heads up. Im a big Movie Buff. lol
  4. Really? I went and Bought WAR and i saw that movie on the shelf, didnt know if i shoulda bought it or not.
  5. I will keep this Thread alive because im always watching movies. so heres the first. Had to Re-watch, i completely forgot how much of a good movie this was. Some may disagree, but it was hella fun to watch.
  6. Were you thinking more of an evil, devious dictator? If so, my avatar will change back to the original tomorrow. This is just for new year's pleasure. I vote THIS!
  7. Its better, but it isnt what Gamecop has imprinted in my head!! o_0;;
  8. I stopped eating Mcdonalds long time ago. No more Chinese food either. Altho i have gone to burger king when i go downtown brooklyn.
  9. LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EPIC WIN!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. As long as the icons are organized ina way where its not bothering me, doesnt bother me. Also that many icons doesnt seem like much on the 32 inch
  11. no need. everything looks great now i just need to upgrade my Video card so i can play NFS:MW more often
  12. my TV can go that high via DVI-HDMI but for some reason the Image looks like crap that way. I can only get perfect quality through the VGA-VGA. EDIT: For the Record, i cant stand 50 cent, but i still had to hear the album.
  13. yea i got em cheap. And thats a Nice TV. THe only Problem i have with My TV is the Lack of a DVI Port =\, Which that one has. fr the same price Everything. Its the center of my whole "Media Center" I gotta Take an updated Picture to show you guys how it has grown. lol
  14. http://shop.bjs.com/Sharp-32--34--16-9-Wid...1VVviewprod.htm I caught it on while it was on sale for $649, so in total, 710 was all i paid. And with the resolution at 1366x768, everything looks great. PS2 gmes with the composite cable on 480p look EFFIN GREAT! Especially Tekken 5. It seems big at first, but after a while, its gonna seem normal. Thats a good TV, My sister has it. My only beef with that TV is that its ugly. lol and the Controller Response has to be the worst ive ever seen in my LIFE! http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...Tpk=olevia%2b32 ^^Thats the one my sister has but in silver. Good price. Heres a Cheaper one for those who want to buy big and still save money http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16889022039
  15. GC< your new Avi is HORRID!!! Its disproportioned and i just cant get used to you not being Evil Ryu.
  16. I only paid $710 USD in total for my 32'
  17. Thats because you may not have seen Tekken five in Progressive mode! *drools*
  18. 1. Black Zombie - Nas 2. Nas is Like - Nas 3. It aint hard to tell - Nas 4. Shame on a nigga - Wu Tang 5. Da mystery of Chessboxing - Wu Tang 6. The What - Notrious B.I.G & Method Man 7. I Gave you Power - Nas 8. Im back - Eminem 9. Mo Money Mo Murda - Az & Nas 10. Wu Tang Clan Aint Nuttin to flock wit - Wu Tang 11. Shadowboxin - GZA 12. Lifes a biatch - Nas & AZ 13. Juicy - Notorious B.I.G 14. Machine Gun Funk - Notorious B.I.G 15. Thieves in the Night - Blackstar 16. RE:Definition - Blackstar 17. N.Y State of Mind - Nas 18. Still dont give a flock - Eminem 19. Hot Dog - Limp Bizkit(2000 was teh release date but i love that whole album) 20. 16 Chambers - Method Man & Ol Dirty Bastard
  19. It doesnt REALLY bother me what others say about my likes/dislikes, but my bigger point is, that this is one of the bigger things thats making this forum lose quality posts. I just used My Hip Hop as a good example. Generally, its difficult for an opinionated thread to NOT get Locked.
  20. Not even, 1Emu has Literally become more of a competition rather then a place to chill and Talk. Instead of enjoying other peoples presence here, ppl are attacked for what they like. I couldve EASILY made a list for that, but i listen to Hip Hop, so i KNOW i wouldve caught Flak for it. Just look at that, they are going at it because one is more "Diverse" then the other. As if one has to cater to another persons opinions in order to enjoy music. Once again 1Emu...........Heads out of asses!
  21. Oh Really? http://www.1emulation.com/forums/index.php...c=25158&hl= Point Proven
  22. I said it before, and il say it again, Opinions on this forums have become obsolete. There is no space in this forum to say "I dont not like" or "i love" something without someone coming at you for it. The forum is Making NO MOVES. Awards?? They were Ok, but nothing worth going for, because even those started some wierd Speculation of what certain members thought about each other. Instead of a place to sit and chill informally, this place has become a little competition between who is smarter and whatnot. The only place on the forums where this is Null, is on the Spam forum, Hence why ALL of the interesting stuff id found there now. And even so, in Recent mis-haps(Fatal vs Mooney) You just cant say what you want without being put in Check for no reason. Now im not saying we should be able to say ABSOLUTELY whatever we want, but the board has proven to be somewhat intimidating to post about something others deem as "Stupid" i.e. Hip Hop. When the rest of the Forums takes its head out of its a$$, then we will have things rolling again. Until then, you might as well give us all Lifebars and a time limit so we can verbally kill each other.
  23. That Ps3 List is Trash. Games 8-10 are Just Fillers, and Skate is Boring, just like every other Tony Hawk Game after 2 for DC
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